Manley Panel on Afghanistan: dig in or bug out

January 22, 2008 – The Manley Panel recommends Canada remain in Afghanistan until the local government can maintain its own security, contingent on NATO providing additional troops and equipment in Kandahar.

Stephen Harper appointed former Liberal Deputy Prime Minister John Manley in October to head the independent panel considering Canada’s future role in Afghanistan.

Despite the report, Stéphane Dion holds to his position that Canada should end its combat role when it expires in February 2009.


11 thoughts on “Manley Panel on Afghanistan: dig in or bug out

  1. Manley is a member of the Trilateral Commission. So is Bill Graham. This means they have absolutely no interest in what is best for Canada. Rather, he is more interested in what is best for his globalist masters.

  2. I Don’t Understand Why We Can’t Have An Open 1 Hour Debate Between Profesionals On TV About This. We Are A Prowd Country. If Other Countries Won’t Stand Up & The People Of Afghanistan Still Welcome Canada, I Believe We Should Stand On OUR Own Feet & Delete The 2500 Troop Cap If More Soldiers Are Needed. Then Open The Reserves. We Are A Volunteer Army. Lets Do Our Job, Do It Right & Leave. Afterwards Lets Review The Whole NATO Alliance.

  3. The public does not know enough about Afghanistan and it’s history and it’s people. We need to see a graphical interpretation of the Afghanistan plan and what is the solution. Not just words from political puppets.

  4. 19Feb08.Afghanistan is an American Adventure.USA has 50,000 men in Japan doing DIDDLY SQUAT..Japan, hosts some 50,000 U.S. troops under a security treaty.GET THE USA to send men to control Afghanistan!

    Nothing is gained by Canada staying in Afghanistan…….Why in GOD’S NAME should our taxpayers support KARZAI who is EX UNOCAL employee and is the USA’s puppet. Karzai will certainly not get re-elected!! Notice none of those talking up the WAR are at any risk!!

  5. amen. except for Rwanda, the liberal gov turned their head on that one. We could have backed the battalion we had there at the time, made it a nato mission and prevented the genocide.

  6. Manley has a lot of solid common sense points. If we pull out where is our integrity going to be when kandahar is over run and its people further opressed/killed. Theres always grey area not just black and white and missions change and ocasionaly need to be extended.

  7. Manley represents the Liberal Party of Old, one that wasn’t the infeminite-pinko-lefty party of today. I’m a Conservative ’cause frankly I like where they stand especially on foreign policy issues, but Manley has pleasantly suprized me by showing me that not all Liberals in this country are retarded.

  8. Manley seems like a solid guy. Dion is an idiot and I dispise him entirely. I’m a Reservist that’s signed up to go on tour to afghan, and I’m good with manleys recommendations, etc, but someone please shoot Dion… my god..

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