Harper calls public inquiry into Mulroney-Schreiber affiar

November 13, 2007 – Prime Minister Harper called for an public inquiry into recent allegations by Karlheinz Schreiber that Mulroney was still Prime Minister when he accepted $300,000 in cash payments as part of a private business deal for lobbying services.

The move comes as Mulroney calls for a public inquiry, and the RCMP launches their own review of the recent allegations.

8 thoughts on “Harper calls public inquiry into Mulroney-Schreiber affiar

  1. If this is true Mulroney I hope you get yours. Your gov’t screwed 9 canadians suing the CIA. Our Lawyer went on the fifth estate progam accusing you of trying to undermine our law suit

  2. Con’t:

    – The Lie-berals under Trudeau, Chretien, and Martin freely giving away the taxpayers’ money to third world shit holes.

    – Martin and the Lie-berals attempt at hiding around 40 million dollars in surplus money.

  3. Con’t:

    – Chretien firing the head of the FBDB simply because that guy would not lend money to one of Chretien’s friends.

    – Chretien’s (and the Lie-beral Party’s) ties to China.

    – Chretien supposedly selling his shares in a golf course and hotel in Quebec before becoming elected PM. An obvious lie since Chretien’s receipt for the sale was written up on some toilet paper.

  4. “Why ? The liberals were responsible for 200 million in the sponsorship scandal..”

    That’s just one of hundreds of crimes committed by the Lie-berals. There’s also the following:

    – Chretien, after getting elected in 1993, buying 2 brand new planes for government usage when there already was a new, unused plane sitting in it’s hangar.

  5. Schreiber has safely left the prison….I’ll only be convinced he’s safe after he makes it to the inquiry and says his peace. His whereabouts is classified….I think the RCMP are protecting him.

  6. Ummm…no PM in history of Canada has been found to have pocketed any money…Mulroney is being accused of lying to investigators, failing to report the transaction, and pocketing money in relationship to the Airbus affair. He denied taking money. He’s a serious criminal probing.

  7. Why ? The liberals were responsible for 200 million in the sponsorship scandal..
    They had their chance to get the former PM..but they couldnt so they waste a further 20 million…
    Now the liberals are trying to make this into some momentum…but Dion will cancel any of it out. He will be the 2nd Liberal leader to NOT be elected PM….

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