Liberal whipped abstension preserves Tory government

October 19 – 24, 2007 – Liberal leader Stéphane Dion addressed the House of Commons and announced his intention to abstain from the vote on the government’s Speech from the Throne despite previous threats and objections to the proposed legislative agenda.

The tactic is known as a ‘whipped abstention’ because MPs are compelled to abstain from the vote or be expelled from the party caucus.

MacKay Editorial Cartoons: Laughter rains down on Dion

10 thoughts on “Liberal whipped abstension preserves Tory government

  1. And the Liberals are any better right now? Just yesterday, the Ottawa Citizen reported that the Liberals are STILL the party with the highest rate of missing votes, absent for 12 % of them, 4X as many as the Conservatives.

    Yet Iggy was the one who said his party was, and these are his EXACT words: “tired of sitting down.” And yet they still miss tons of votes, and even voted with the Tories 79 % of the time.

    New leader, (supposedly) new ideas, new rhetoric, but same pathetic results.

  2. Hmmm…the Conservatives are not immune either. This is John Baird’s structure for his responses to opposition questions:
    “This gov’t in taking action Mr Speaker in [this matter] the Liberals did nothing in [this matter] and we are getting the job done…”
    Rarely does he ever answer the question…

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