The Manley Panel on Afghanistan: Good policy is good politics

Prime Minister Harper appointed former Liberal deputy Prime Minister John Manley to head an independent and non-partisan panel of 5 prominent Canadians to review the Afghan mission, and Canada’s future involvement in Afghanistan after the current mission expires in February 2009.

The panel will deliver its report in January 2008.

Good policy is good politics.

-Hon.  John Manley
former Liberal deputy Prime Minister

Liberal leader Stéphane Dion welcomed the creation of the committee but insisted the combat mission should end by February 2009.

NDP Leader Jack Layton dismissed the panel as a partisan delay tactic, saying Canadian forces should withdraw from Afghanistan immediately.

23 thoughts on “The Manley Panel on Afghanistan: Good policy is good politics

  1. don’t need to read it…because of the false flag operation called 911, proved beond a reasonable doubt. Harper is a puppet.
    Stop the false war, it doesnt take 8 years to train an army…We throw our troops into war after six months!

  2. John Manley has already sold his soul to the American corporate world with his free trade negotiations and he is prepared to try to get us to sleep with them all over again. The whole report is a disgusting sham.

  3. As soon as we heard John Manley was going to head the panel for Afghanistan, we knew what the results would be: extreme right wing corporate-driven militarism posing under a veneer of “make it palatable for the peace-lovers” rhetoric. No doubt, having proved his value to Stephen Harper, Manley will now go as special envoy to Washington to find out how to build a school while killing children and how to build a hospital while harvesting poppies!!!

  4. Not true. The rules have changed since the Accountability Act, and we do in fact know who gave the money this year.

    So far 115,000 people gave the Tories $12 million, while 23,000 people gave the Liberals $2.6 million.

    Confidential donations made during leadership races before the law changed are not illegal, but the Tories offered to reveal theirs if the other Parties would do the same. The Liberals refused, having fought hard to keep the old rules until their leadership race was over.

  5. And the Conservatives’ offer to open their books the minute the Liberals open theirs is still on the table…
    If the LIBERALS wanted the donor info, all they have to do is show their donor list.
    What are the LIBERALS trying to hide, Gillhoolee?
    Come on. Answer. Answer us now. Come on.

  6. We are still waiting to see where all yours comes from? As stated earlier Election Canada is on it. The public doesn’t even Have Harpers contributors list from his run at the ALLIANCE leadership? This is OPEN GOVERNMENT at it’s best. Typical, do as I say not as I do Tory’s

  7. The Liberal Party has about 1/6 the financial contributions as the CPC, so they don’t have any money for TV ads. Otherwise we’d be seeing “Troops in the Street” TV ads for sure. However, the Liberals did produce the “I’m a Liberal” online ads that accuse the Conservatives of a hidden agenda. As for the current Tory ads, they walk a fine line but so far have only drawn attention to the ridiculous positions Dion and other Liberals have taken. The truth hurts, especially when its in your own words.

  8. I don’t see ads attacking Harper on TV PRIME TIME by a “Liberal Smear Machine”, I do how ever see the TORY Lowlife hard at work, without even an election call. “Oh that’s not a smear machine, its just confronting the Media Bias in which we find ourselves’lol

  9. On what basis would I call you a racist?The Liberals don’t have to defend their position. It is the party in power that is held accountable. Now in their second year This Government is still pointing fingers as an excuse for poor management on their own part.Harper is a mere’Bench warmer’, and he is maxed out at that.

  10. Anyone reading these exchanges can see you have lost your arguments. Isn’t it time to use the usual lie-beral argument when you know you have lost and call me a “racist”? How pathetic lie-berals have become in trying (unsuccessfully) to defend their position. Please, please—black coffee and a good night’s sleep should help you.

  11. Can’t figure it out????? ,lol, Try replacing the ‘s’in’finsings’ with a’d’. I sure hope that helps.
    Now that it makes sense, be a good Tory and just ignore it.

  12. STALL Tactics, ……Rebuplican style! …..Baker-Hamilton Commission was a ten-person bipartisan panel appointed by the US Congress,(then Republican led) that was charged with assessing the situation in Iraq and the US-led Iraq War and making policy recommendations.
    Of Note, their finsings were ignored.

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