Prime Minister responds to Opposition election threats

Prime Minister Stephen Harper challenged the opposition parties to either give the minority Conservative government a mandate to govern, or force a general election.

Both the Liberal Party and Bloc Québécois have threatened to reject the government’s Speech from the Throne on October 16, unless it meets their demands. The government will fall and there will be a general election unless it can win the support of at least one opposition party.

The government is unlikely to agree to all of Stéphane Dion’s demands, or all of the Bloc Québécois’ conditions. NDP Leader Jack Layton said he will wait and see whether any of his concerns are addressed.

27 thoughts on “Prime Minister responds to Opposition election threats

  1. Shake your head- or at least open a book on Parliamentary democracy.
    Check your facts and you will see 1. A prime minister is not elected, either is a government. The party with the most seats is asked to form a Government and is appointed by the GG with the understanding they can win the confidence of the HOUSE.That is Democracey.The largest group has the RIGHT at first “at bat”- and that is all. So don’t be pulled in by lunatics that would attempt to rework HISTORY to cover their gaffs.

  2. Gillhoolee – leadership of what? Debt ! Some figures on a database? That’s all we are in the Liberal database , that now threatens to take our side by exposing legislation that even questions the existence of an elected Prime Minister & his party’s right to govern. Coming from the Liberal camp , while their lantern went out long ago , it is to be expected that they couldn’t figure it out , never mind wouldn’t.

  3. VvredknightvV – the Greenshift started in the 80’s , and has stuck since. The Liberals are just looking for better pastures to create more International scandal on top of what they have already planned to lose. Our Country. They only care about making money along the way for themselves through government.

  4. RICK360000 – it’s far worse than Bush could ever do. Take a look at the US equivalent to the Canadian Liberal Party in Ottawa by googling : obama campaign linked to chechen terrorism

    At least Bush had something , Obama is going to take , and take , and take some more. He took money from a 14 Million Dollar Government Grant to build up his area’s housing & schools. While the schools still sit boarded up now ! Rezco and his associate took $855K from it without doing anything but talk.

  5. What is happening in Ottawa is nothing short of criminal! Canadians, by majority elected our Conservative government less than 8 weeks ago – WE, THE PEOPLE elected OUR government and thus, OUR prime minister. Period. There was NO COALITION PARTY ON THE BALLOT!!!

    The coalition is nothing more than a cheap attempt on behalf of 3 bumbling morons to serve their own personal political agendas.

    This coalition is not in the best interest of our nation at all…nor are the motives of it’s leaders.

  6. dont vote conservative, he thinks like bush and canada dosent need that.
    the liberal greenshift will have to be done, sooner or later might as well be sooner when its cheaper

  7. We all need to expose the bankers NAU and SPP take over of Canada’s Soverienty and bring our kids home from what the British General on ground in Afghanistan says is an unwinnable situation. Save our public resources and crown land! for canoeing and fishing with our future generations! We are smarter than this!

  8. save a nation, vote harper conservatives. Dion doesn’t even know how Greenshift is going to work, but he does think he can buy farmer and trucker votes with cash he doesn’t even have yet. c’mon canadians, show that little scumbag we don’t trust liberals.

  9. The C.S.I.S. have me in a subversive bank.They do not have a single legitimate reason other than my suing the CIA andthe Cdn’t which is not a reason. Please talk to Hedy Fry about it she is not getting anywhere
    She said in a letter to me that the Harper gov’t is so secretive and controlling they wont even write to MP’s

  10. Dear Mr Harper your Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day does not respond to MP’s or individuals. I wrote him twice my MP Hedy Fry wrote to him 3 times and also the review committee . I find this insulting, rude, inconsiderate

  11. Gillhoolee’s “TWO PRONGED” approach to commentary…..
    1. Support the “Liberal” party in all actions.
    2. Lie and then repeat, then repeat, then repeat.

    Avoid thinking about the LP record on the environment, curruption, imagration tax, income trust, softwood, bribery, foreign ownership, sovereignty, Education cuts, GST, wipped abstention…
    All addressed with “L”P spin.

  12. lol there has recently been two instances exposed where the conservatives have laundered money from the canadian tax budget for ‘lavish personal expensese’ (I think one was for $250 000, the other for $100 000).
    Face it, all politicians are dity, greedy liars.

  13. Revisionist history much? This is the game plan of Trudeau and Chretien…
    National Energy Program, GST, Hep C victims, shall I continue?
    The only snake’s tongue here is your continual perverting of history and outright lies.
    Yup! You’re a liberal!

  14. My goodness–the Liberals can’t catch a break! Manley accepts his new committee position and informs Dion, “the night before”. (!?). It shows how little Dion is thought of in the Liberal party.

  15. I don’t think they have the money to pay it back. They had to borrow millions because their fund raising is dead now that the Accountability Act has made donations from corporations, unions and special interest groups illegal. They’re also fighting a Bill that would close a loophole that lets big money lend cash with no expectation of repayment. Typical Liberals.

  16. The situation with the lie-berals has become so sad! Say what you want about the Conservatives; but, the lie-berals still owe Canadian millions from the money they stole. Please pay it back!!! Why won’t you pay it back???

  17. The Tory “TWO PRONGED” approach to leadership…..
    1. State what you intend to do
    2. Do the exact opposite…

    Environment,Death Penalty,Gay Marriage, ‘don’t want an election’, income trust, softwood, Foreign ownership,Sovereignty, Tax reduction, EI premiums,, votes of Confidence…
    All addressed with Harper’s Two Pronged approach,…. like a snakes tongue.

  18. Waffle.waffle, may I have some waffles?
    Mr, Harper would have difficulty running against an inookshuk.
    He is more fortunate than the Liberal Party in that the Tories have a ‘shallow gene pool’ from which to draw a leader.
    It is his leadership that will be in question after the next election.

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