Dion claims Harper has hidden agenda

September 26, 2007 – Stéphane Dion held a press conference to claim Stephen Harper has a hidden agenda.

Since Dion’s election as Liberal leader in December 2006, he has frequently described Harper’s government as secretive, ideological and having a hidden agenda.

18 thoughts on “Dion claims Harper has hidden agenda

  1. If you believe this crap your mad. The LIEbrals need to talk about this stuff because Harper is doing a good job. He doesn’t even know what means to be a liberal. Dion is socialism at the heart. Damn commies are going to ruin the country. Are justice system is no existent

  2. Umm, the west is far from right wing.. They simply could not stand being excluded by the fibs any longer and had to make a change..

    If they want real change, I say we vote a new party in.

  3. Is it really too much to ask that I want a government with conservative fiscal policies and liberal social policies.

    I don’t want god to govern my life but I don’t want Quebec marketing firms getting a free ride on my taxes. Stupid Canadian politics!

  4. Unfortunately I think you are wrong! I think the Conservatives will win again because Quebecers seem not to like Dion. If Quebec goes Bloc, the right-wing west will put Conservatives back in power.

    Why the hell did the Liberals put Dion in power? Stupid idiots! It’s just like the democrats in the US, how will they loose it for themselves this time?

  5. Wow i see Harper is payin a lot of people to come on here and support him. i guess thats all he knows since Bush pays him to lick his A** all day. Liberals will win the election, all u have to do is look at the Ontario elections where Liberals destroyed Conservatives and Harper knows that hes not gona win thats y hes scared to have a federal election. PM Harper man up and use your own brain instead of bush’s brain (the 1 in his pants). The world is tired of these money worshippers in the world!!

  6. Very true jmay2002! For too many people Left vs Right has become good vs evil with no understanding of the underlying political philosophies. In Canada so-called Conservatives are actually “classic liberals” favouring small decentralized government, laissez-faire economics, natural rights and individual responsibility. While the Liberals are actually “progressive social democrats” favouring big centralized governments, interventionist economics, and the primacy of social groups over individuals.

  7. Remember rule number 1 of politics. Its okay to have a left wing agenda. But if you have a right wing agenda you are nothing but a trouble maker to soceity lol!!!!!

  8. This is the best example of Liberal demagoguery. They have done a good job in misleading the public about the true Conservative agenda – cutting taxes, reducing government, and addressing personal accountability. The Liberals don’t want this to happen because they’re addicted to power and absolution.

  9. I’m not Conservative, NDP, Liberal or other. I am a concerned human being and if one takes the time to thoroughly research what is happening in Canada, the U.S. and around the world you’ll begin to see the image of a scary “secret agenda” indeed. Say good bye to Canada and say hello to tyranny.

  10. Exactly, its just fear mongering that encourages an irrational hatered of Conservatives. I assume Dion persists with these tactics because most people don’t really pay attention, and it worked for the Liberals for so long. They’re always telling us what Harper is thinking, or intending to do, instead of responding what he actually says and does. I’ve seen no evidence of a hidden agenda, yet the Liberals persist in making that claim to score cheap points.

  11. of course Harper has an agenda. It’s to win a majority by all means required, and then try to find a way to make that majority permanent. There’s going to be a flood of recently-unemployed Republican political advisors from the US looking for jobs over the next year.

  12. I’d like to see him as Prime Minister, he seems like a genuinely good guy. He’s got a very weak public image though and his party is in shambles so, realistically, I can’t see a liberal government resulting from the next federal election.

  13. I need to get up to speed on Canadian politics. I spend more time watching US stuff that I’ve lost perspective on the Canadian scene.

    Dion seems convinced and sincere in this video though. I can’t say I’ve approved of a lot of Harper’s actions lately.

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