Stéphane Dion’s ultimatum

Stéphane Dion says the Liberal Party will vote to defeat the government unless the Speech from the Throne addresses four key issues. The government will be defeated if it loses the Throne Speech vote in October.

Dion says that in order to guarantee Liberal Party support of the Throne Speech, the government must:

  1. Immediately inform NATO that Canada’s combat mission in Afghanistan will end in 2009
  2. Table the Clean Air and Climate Change Act in the next Parliamentary session
  3. Put forward a “real” economic plan
  4. Put forward a credible plan to address poverty

Stephen Harper has already committed to a vote in the House of Commons on extending the Afghan mission, and he unlikely to commit the government to any policy beforehand, putting him at odds with Dion’s first demand.

If we don’t have these 4 priorities, we will not be able to support this Throne Speech.

All three political parties must vote against the Throne Speech in order to defeat the government.

Like the Liberal Party, the Bloc Québécois has also promised to defeat the government if it doesn’t commit to ending the mission in Afghanistan.

The NDP also want the government to pull out of Afghanistan, but so far have not threatened to defeat the government over the issue.

Update, September 16 – This video has received a several hundred views from the Small Dead Animals blog, not to mention dozens of interesting and insightful comments from regular readers of the Roadkill Diaries.

226 thoughts on “Stéphane Dion’s ultimatum

  1. You are soooo sad! People from coast-to-coast demanded Dion’s/Iggy’s coalition obey the will of Canadians!!! Remember, power must be EARNED, not TAKEN. How shameful the lie-berals look (or, are exposed) in their lust for power. Thank god we have Stephen Harper protecting us against the Lie-beral/Separtist Coalition. All Canadians are now shouting for us to, Stand up for Canadanot, sit down for the lie-beral lust party.

  2. Everyone that defends the Conservatives I will be pointing and laughing when his propoganda fails and people see Adolf Harper for what he really is, a tyrant. Anyone who doesnt subscribe to fauxnews and isn’t influenced by repetitive propaganda knows this, thats why everyone commenting in favour of the conservatives is so damn ignorant in the way they talk and in the way they view our democracy. THIS IS NOT AMERICA, WE DO NOT ELECT A PM, WE ELECT PARTIES.

  3. 3-1/2 years is all the Liberals planned on this taking to make excuses about , but they were obviously wrong about that too. Their latest solution – a coalition government smacks of some kind of foreign event gone astray. Since when were the Conservatives ever in Government long enough to make any sort of changes? They have although , taken blame alot of the time , and on the spot. Good thing the Liberals didn’t do anything with open eyes , it would make things worse now.

  4. Not to vurry my dear comrades , Ed Broadisbent has arrivid wit he’s Russian brain plug to save us all asses. Vit a little more money , everyting will be just fine , don’t you vurry no more about dis.

  5. I could make Dion look good , even though he would not like the bridle he would have to wear , and the food would be deplorable. He belongs in a stable , not a suit. He’s a freakin’ goat boosted on cow’s milk.

  6. Dion is a scared rabbit running for his hole. Meanwhile , he expects that he , or any Liberal will never have to answer any questions that way. I’ll give Dion full points for having seen this type of participation before and taking full advantage of it – but being amongst the Federal Liberals , what else is there?

  7. I have a good suggestion for Stephane , he should maybe fund and operate the entire training facilities “from his own” income , not Canada’s. When will these cowardly bastards ever learn that running away from a fight by promissing future beneficial outcomes , is seen as a complete inability to do anything? Then , when any of our leaders visit other countries , we are practically laughed out of any possible fair negotiations. Doesn’t this existance explain what is now a hypocratic society?

  8. Do you believe Dion representing his party’s position by talking about soldiers leaving “combat” to take an active role as recruiters or trainers? Why not just tell the rest of the world’s countries , that we are at their service as “employees”. Geeez , you’d think he was speaking a foreign language that nobody understands. This is exactly why the Liberals need to take a back seat to the Conservatives and stop putting themselves in a losing position “for Canada”.

  9. Looks like the best person won!
    Now, it seems, Stephane hasn’t even earned the votes of the lie-berals as the knives come out! Remember how disgusting Dion was treated during the next election before you ever again vote lie-beral!

  10. Dion and Harper are both bilderberg group meeting attendees, the Bilderbergs are some of the richest people in the world and they are trying to control us by holding us in debt and this is how the federal reserve in the USA has a control over the citizens there. $11,000,000,000,000 trillion reasons, tell me what the heck is my politicians doing in secret meeting and with shadow government. People what the heck are you doing backing horses own by other countries bought stock and barrel.

  11. people this is bullshit, smoke in the eyes, we are not looking at the real issues, carbon tax, bogus tax. global warming is due to the rotation of our sun around the the central sun in the galaxy called Alcyone, not due to pollution and population. the earth is about 4.5 billion years old and our sun as well. Every 26000 years it does a full rotation around this central sun (Alcyone) and at it’s Alcyone in it’s cycle will send magnetic effects to our sun as it is doing now and like the high tides arrive on the our planet due to the moons attraction. This is why Kenya had snow and this is why till about 2012 and then in our life time start slowing down. Carbon tax, bogus tax and Liberals and Conservatives are alike in there lies, they are just full of shit both of them. At least Layton picked up on it. simple science and simple tax to give to the UN, why should we give more to the UN they decide where Canada hard earned money goes now????????????????? Wake up people. Enough bullshit to get money from there little slaves us. Ask your self this people, why are the bilderberg creating more taxes

  12. Dion is a whining piece of sh!t. You know those dollars greenshift were going to take from industry, he’s already spending them buying votes from farmers and truckers. Wait a minute, weren’t those dollars meant to reduce tax on low income households? Another liberal lie? If we can expect more liberal lies, we can expect more liberal overspending, scandal, tax increases.

  13. Stephane Dion can say whatevery he wants, he will never the next electoin and continue to vote with permanently economy damaging bills as long as Canada lives until the day it dies.
    Don’t get fooled with Dion has to say. (I’m not supporting the conservatives)

  14. ahahahahahahaha wow ultimatum we extended it to 2011 and I didn’t see any vote to defeat the government. Right know he can’t do shit against the conservatives if there was an election he would get his ass kicked.

  15. Maybe because they are fair, and they do the same for harper when hes on… However, harper just shouts and is a bully…

    The reason why dion looks good to you, is probably because he actually IS a good man… as opposed to Harper who IS an elitest…

  16. Uhhhhh…still getting confused aren’t you? Our own military commander called the lie-beral years the “decade of darkness”. This is a fact.
    Please drop the expletives—why do lie-berals get so angry—is it because they know they cannot debate their position on facts and therefore become very emotional? Just wondering…

  17. I know you like to change the subject (obviously you have 2 tools to debate with…a shovel to dig yourself into a hole or a paint brush to paint yourself into a corner). Are you disgusted with the lie-berals and their 3-1/2 years of inaction on this issue?

  18. Since lie-berals admit they lost control of government (Mr. Martin and Mr. Dion did their, “I didn’t know what was happening during our corruption in Quebec” line). I’m sure you agree, all Canadians are glad to have a government now it control. Lie-berals admitted they couldn’t it.

  19. Is that what you have in Mr. Puttin…OOPS, I mean Mr. Harper- It’s getting harder to tell those two apart.
    I’ll try and remember, one of them seldom speaks in public, the other one is Vladimir.

  20. I think the Supreme Court may blame him, wrongful dismissals, ah but we are rich whats a few more dollars squandered? It can’t be easy managing the biggest expenditures ever, giving away our loot to foreign companies on 20 military maintenace contracts, doling out to the Americans because they want us to…and because they are an empire to Fry & Harper doesn’t have to look far to find his defeatist

  21. Wow, I think you are still in the dark. Why don’t you wonder on back to the Mulroney years and his HYPE about ice breakers etc,etc, Military this & Military that,lol.
    Then admire those ‘Distinctive Uniforms’ he brought in for his BIG photo op. Once you do that, then wonder why the f*** he cut the consecutive defense budgets when the lights dimmed. flip/flop/flip/flop/flip/flop

  22. I wonder how many troops are dying because Chrétien wanted a new 747 for his private jet rather than supporting our troops with new equipment during the “decade of darkness”? Just wondering….

  23. Gillhoolee,
    I agree! You must be disgusted the lie-berals ignored this Canadian for 3-1/2 years! That Mr. Harper has been busy cleaning up lie-beral corruption for the last 1-1/2 years–certainly no one can blame him.
    Let us all Stand up for Canada!

  24. Boy, Gillhoolee, you are really “hung up” on the fishing vest (btw Mr. Martin’s favorite attire). Maybe it is time to go “fishing” for a new lie-beral leader. Sorry, I forget, a leader–you don’t have one right now!

  25. Dug a hole you can’t get out of…eh? You are the one that raised Harper’s clothing to divert our attention from Mr. Musing (or does he prefer Mr. Liz May? Mr. Dithers II?–Dion certainly has many names he answers to). Question: Will he ever be a leader?

  26. Uhhhh…you did not answer. Uhhh read the first line, then read it again- or have someone read it to you. Your BS about wearing a fishing vest to an economic summit versus a goddam war zone is hardly comparable. The economic summits are even known for the goofy photo op in which the dress in the same attire. Do you even think that referring to Paul Martin will divert attention from the MESS that this Government is now swirling in? Not a chance!

  27. Again, you’ve stumbled! That the vid is 11 months old and he is “musing” (he normal mind state) about going and that he just went, shows you about him lack of leadership. Lie-berals should put pressure on Liz to make up her mind more quickly; afterall, Dion only makes up his mind, once she tell him what to do.

  28. Uhhhh…you did not answer. You raised the fishing vest and I truly “smacked” you down with the exact comparision to Martin. Waiting for your thoughts of asking Martin to learn how to dress (like you said about Harper). Moment of truth….

  29. No smack down, just you and Fry trying to deflect prying eyes away from the current fiasco youboth call a Government.
    Since you seem given to wondering, wonder this. How is it that Judge Gomery sees the flipflop in the Tory open government concept? How is it that Mr. Harper has high praise for the very people that eventually rip him to shreds.Wonder about the Manley report and why he sights the weakness in the Afghan file as…OTTAWA, then wonder why?

  30. Not only a fumble; but, you didn’t even pick up the ball! Martin wore a fishing vest when he was PM to the summit, US, Mexico and Canada. Now, the only way you save yourself here is to beg Martin to pleeeese learn to dress himself. A little bit of a “smackdown” here isn’t it??? Just wondering…

  31. At least Harper does not hide behind the apron Elizabeth May makes him wear! Agreed?
    Peter on the video had it right…for something you say is important; but, you don’t go there…shows your just a barking dog with no bite….ask Dion to pleeeese be a leader.

  32. Does that change the fact that when he was ableto go he was denied? NO. Does it change the reality on the ground in Afghanistan-NO. Let us be very clear, Harper has failed on this file as he has on so many others.
    To try and spin the Manley report into a glowing endorsment is a farce.Harper hides behind a ‘security apron’, when every other nation has no need to. Our Military deserves better representation- that part Manley got right.

  33. Yes , it speaks volumes that he would have to wait that long for the area to be secure enough that Foreign Affairs could then sanction his visit.
    It also speaks volumes as to how well received he was. I guess up to that point the Military had been misrepresented, then again thats nothing new for this government.

  34. As usual, you provide the “ammunition” against yourself.
    That the vid is 11 months old–and that Dion was embarassed about his not going–and that he just went–says it all!
    Ready to stand up for Canada? The Conservations have many lie-berals who realize the error of their ways.

  35. and this is LEADER LOYALTY?….
    Whether Canada ends up as o-ne national government or two national governments or several national governments, or some other kind of arrangement is, quite frankly, secondary in my opinion.
    Stephen Harper

  36. Is it a bad tumble to speak openly about his trip prior to him going on it and being put in jeopardy as a result, as well as the soldiers assigned to his detail?
    This is a question that the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs should answer.
    Your ‘vid’ is 11 months old not that a Tory would notice that situations evolve even though they seem not to.

  37. Afterall–Dion is a French citizen…while some Canadians are demanding that a PM have loyality to only one country, I understand that France is also considering asking Dion to drop his French citizenship. Seems they are embarassed by him…hmmmm…says alot doesn’t it? Just wondering…..

  38. Oh my…very bad fumble on your part! YouTube has a video of Peter Mansbridge and Dion where Mansbridge challenges Dion on why he hasn’t gone there. Dion does not reply about any resistance by Foreign Affairs; but, that, “he will try his best to go there”. Yes, very embarassing for lie-berals, Canadians and the French about this wimp.

  39. Dear Mr Dion The C.S.I.S. have me in a subversive group bank for NO NO Legitamate reason.Stockwell day does not answer letters from me or Hedy Fry I want the minister or
    The CSIS Review Committee to take a 2nd look at the 7 Blacked out pages the CSIS sent me I have a preview of my video up it’s called You Killed Your Mother These words played over and over while i was asleep. Paid for by the CIA and cdn’t govt brainwashing exp

  40. Dear Mr Dion I wish you would ask a question during question period. Why is Stockwell Day not answering 2 letters from me and 3 letter from Hedy Fry. Subject me being in a csis bank ask Hedy what it is all about thank you

  41. Count the number of LIBERAL MP’s who’ve shed family blood…
    And THEN, count the number of LIBERAL MP’s who’ve ever actually been in the military.
    Bubba, you and the Liberals have no credibility here.
    And funny you should mention Sudan, as MANY LIBERALS don’t want us in Afghanistan, but want us in Sudan.
    Once again, you’re all mixed up.
    Seriously, you can’t be this immoral or stupid without being paid.

  42. Yes, we can blame it on the Liberals. Since Chretien took office, all of a sudden NATO couldn’t count on Canada. The Liberals weren’t sending troops or as many, or supporting them fully, or giving them robust mandates.
    NOW we come to them and say “We need your bodies” and you expect them to just forget about all those Liberal years?
    You can’t put this on our Foreign Affairs Minister.

  43. How dare you state that the Conservatives are the only reason anyone is listening to Canada.

    Count the Tory MP’s that spilled their blood our lost their son or daughter to the dirt of Afghanistan..

    You’re not worthy to represent
    the memory of the People we have lost,
    and you should God Dam know better than to post such CRAP!!
    Shame on you!

    Read it and weep then think long and hard about trying to successfully engeeneer a socity with Military force. Whereto next Sudan

  44. You can’t hang that on the Liberals,Peter Mackay is your top man by choice.
    He is a Daddies Boy, and worse one that can’t stick to a deal, hence his apeal to Mr. Harper.
    Peter MacKay can play hardball about as well as Stanfield could play football…not at all.

  45. I think you have us confused with your real Completion for that Military affection you so desire…
    You mean TIM HORTONS, they are ‘trying to cut your Grass”.
    As for the Villan Status,that’s fine,cause we know where nice guys finish now don’t we?

    Better hold “your Gal” closer, I here she likes her men Firm,Fair & Friendly, and your just not cut out for that now are you Squash Head ?

  46. You’re making alot of noise, and yet you’re still saying nothing of value. The Conservatives are doing what they can to get the other NATO nations to do their share, but they are hamstrung by years of Liberal neglect of international relations.

  47. Your right! More Troops,Troops that are not allowed out after dark.
    Don’t try and spread Peter MacKay’s horseshit around here.
    Your Party has done little or nothing to address the inequity our troops face.
    Some Very Large players could put more boots on the ground but until the restrictions of no Combat are lifted what good are they?
    Oh what’s that Gen. Hillier?…You better clam up as your already on notice.

  48. Again, fuck yourself.
    The Conservatives are the only reason anyone is listening to Canada anyways.
    If the Liberals were in power, we’d slink off, once again shaming our national history.

  49. Fuck off!
    Once again, you seem to want believe that Canada should be dictating to NATO.
    The US, UK, AND Canada – along with Belgium – have been pressing for more troops.
    How you can turn this into a personal attack against our foreign affairs minister is little more than Liberal gobbledygook.

  50. This is not appropriate or acceptable in times of War. And if that is what we are in someone had better tell the GERMANS, the ITALIANS, The French and the rest of the Political dog fuckers that.
    That Someone is not “marble mouth”,Peter MacKay & it doesn’t appear to be “can’t make a decision so I will stall”Mr. Harper.

  51. “Shock troops”,better ease up on those SOF mags PJ.The people were losing are men & women,alot middle aged with kids Nothing can cover the stark reality that our Foreign Affairs “team” are a bunch of “Fly weights”. They continue to ask our Military to take up the slack their slack assed political double speak generates.

  52. The Liberals – and you, as a supporter – have tried, and continue to try, to rebrand themselves as friends of the military. But all the revisionist double-speak cannot change their “villain” status.

  53. That’s what is happening now. Canada is running its ops as best it can, and serving notice to other NATO countries where there is some “slack.”
    That said, Canadians always have had a “shock troop” reputation, and you use shock troops in the most dangerous areas, so it’s doubtful anything would change.

  54. What we are saying is very clear, fufill our contractual obligations.
    Give notice where and if required. Run the operation as a MILITARY ONE, ROTATE YOUR FORCES in a manor that benefits all NATO soldiers not the politicians.

  55. This Government must be made aware that the Canadian reputation must be beyond reproach in regard to torture. Harper has previously demonstrated all the savy of a lap dog in regard to foreign affairs.
    NATO in it’s present configuration SUCKS and sucks badly at the expense of Canada.
    The Liberals rebrand nothing, as any GOOD Military is impartial, The TORY Party should stop trying to patent a LEGACY that simply is not theirs, be it Diefs cut ups or Brian’s cutbacks.

  56. You’re very dellusional. If anything, the positions should be reversed. You see things only through a “Got Ya Conservatives” lense. You never acknowledge Liberal failings, and yet demand perfection and instant gratification from the Conservatives. Your shrill “Mark Holland” comments only serve to further weaken the Liberal Party’s standings.

  57. …..and you allow your emotions to cloud your judgment. The Irony, an emotional Tory vs a “these are the facts” liberal. One will succeed,one will not. The lives of many of our soldiers hang in the balance.
    Harper continues to be NAIVE,first trusting Canadian Security to a Dictator next door and second, to think the Components of NATO will act without a boot shoved up their arse!

  58. The way you “monitor” is to accuse them of being war criminals.
    The way you “monitor” is to blame the Conservatives for every decision NATO makes that you disagree with.
    The way you “monitor” is to attempt to rebrand the Liberals shameful past with the military.

  59. You can not continually refuse to address the FACT that it is POLITICS that sent them there, and it is POLITICS that will bring them home. I feel the same pain you do, except I am more willing to act on it and push for constant monitoring of our troops, our enemys and our ‘Alliies’ until OUR troops are brought home from harms way, WE OWE THEM THAT.
    The Maple Leaf Forever.

  60. Dion has not yet been to Afghanistan because Elizabeth May has some kitchen work for him to do. (Something about making finger sandwiches for her girl friends.) We all can agree, this Dion is just not worth the risk!

  61. “Didn’t change the FACTS”?!! A case was brought about by liberals and adjudicated by a liberal appointed judge (as, sadly, most of them are) and even so, the case still failed with the gov’t paying compensation . Sounds like sour grapes and mud-slinging (typical liberal ploys).

  62. Bottom line (something lie-berals hate because it sums up everything so perfectly)-Liberal Corruption-Proven! Chretien’s vendetta on Mulroney-Failed!and Canadian taxpayers paid $2million (Most Canadian’s still don’t understand why the lie-berals should not be forced to pay this.)

  63. Harper ,not satisfied with Sheila Fraser’s work did hire a Separatist(at public expense!) to probe Chretien’s background, nothing yet but a waste of our Tax dollars on a personnel vendetta. I guess the Auditor General is a Liberal
    They should stop looking at Shenanigan and start looking at Switzerland….Right

  64. I can’t say…, but I have heard Mr. Harper has ordered a life size “pink pearl eraser” at public expense!, in some weird attempt to erase Mr.Brian Mulroney from his side as well as his speech contributions.
    I can’t imagine why, Can You?

  65. The “problem “, as you put it is not something you can land on any party as it is both municipal but also nationwide. What it should make us re visit, is what level of privatization and in what areas should we tolerate post 911. I’m not interested in pointing fingers as it does nothing to solve a problem that may now exist rather than when it was initiated. I am interested in knowing why it is allowed to continue and what if anything is being done about it?

  66. “You keep getting Afghanistan and Iraq mixed up!”.
    I don’t feel badas I’m not alone.There is this group called ALQUIDA and they do it all the time.
    Oh and there is this other group called the TALIBAN and get this! they think they own Pakistan and Afghanistan…Go figure? ….dude
    Our job there is to insurre our security, if that means killing Taliban then so be it. Afghans can wipe their own ass, it is not our job.What’s next we go and free Burma?

  67. I’m just replying to a comment that you made about the PUC being solid in Ontario. That was not the case. Their dissolution began in the early ’80s when they started to segregate water and electricity due to conflicing duties. So, it was really an NDP and PC problem.

  68. Ummm, dude. We’re not talking about Iraq. That’s what’s always so funny about you jackass loser lefty liberals… You keep getting Afghanistan and Iraq mixed up!
    Not to mention you won’t comment on democracy, freedom, education, and health care being good enough for us and not good enough for the Afghanis…

  69. “Yes, and imagine “….STOP IMAGINING,GET REAL!
    I’m sure the people of Iraq feel the same way having lost their family breadwinners and left to “piss in a ditch” by the pro democratic “we know best” Neo Conservative Alliance.

    Give you head a shake man.Go Lay your diatribe on some other unsuspecting fool,Canadians have had their fill.
    This Government doesn’t know if its ass is punched or bored, on Afghanistan or much else for that matter.

  70. Yes, and imagine how many more lives would be at stake if racist, pacifist, lazy, greedy, and self-indulgent Liberals or NDP’ers were in charge.
    Democracy and freedom are good enough for us, but not good enough for Afghanis, eh Gillhoolee? You racist.

  71. We can see what HONESTY gets you in the Harper Government….The Threat of REPLACEMENT. A week ago there was a rumor of replacing the CDS(Gen.Hillier) as he was upstaging Peter MacKay.
    This week we find out, the 2 year Afghan extension in the Throne speech is perhaps more like 10, as the CDS said it could take as many as 10yrs for Afghanistan to have a viable military that can stand on it’s own.
    I’d Check their record before Trusting a Tory,lives are at stake

  72. Tories seem partial to that term”The Woman of the House”. If they get their way we will see it more often.
    Their policy of cutting Child care, and literacy for young adults is any indicator.All this from a Government who spends more than any previous one. The rich get richer and the poor get seen off.

  73. You are Right!,you never mentioned the word ‘femininity’, but I did use the word “eluding” in the sentence… …elude
    1. To keep away from: avoid, burke, bypass, circumvent, dodge, duck, escape, eschew, evade, get around, shun. Idioms: fight shy of, give a wide berth to, have no truck with, keepstaysteerclear of. See seek/avoid.

    Now square up!,
    ‘ll bend over and you can kiss me on my HARPER!
    (notice how I didn’t use the word ASS?)lol

  74. Isn’t it funny? I never mentioned femininity and the kitchen about Dion wearing an apron; yet, you immediately ceased this thought! Doesn’t it say alot about the lie-beral viewpoint? The hypocracy is amazing!

  75. I do not attend cabinet meetings–how could I possibly know this answer about a cabinet minister that even the lie-beral bias media says is doing a good job?
    You must agree that Liz is keeping Dion in the kitchen wearing an apron while she writes his speeches. (Please, Dion asks that you don’t get her angry!)

  76. Your antiquated remark eluding to femininity and kitchen is greatly appreciated, please tell us more as it’s not often we get the real Tory viewpoint.
    Something to do with the ‘cone of silence’ that has fallen on the Conservatives Party of late.

  77. That is a tough question? You do realize that if I pose the same one to you about Mr. Harper it would be referred to the person who selects his clothes ,(@public expense)as he can’t seem to do it on his own.
    Simple question: , yes or no, Has he been diaagnosed with Ass burgers yet?

  78. Your Party hasn’t the guts or the intellect to realize they can’t ride the excellent economy they were handed indefinably.
    They have already screwed things up for the elderly(income trusts)with their lies. Who is next? My guess is the poor,or does Mr. Harper keep a list of those in his office to send greeting cards to?

  79. Setting priorities? why do that(income trusts) when it is much easier to say on thing(income trusts) and do the exact opposite(income trusts), after the votes are counted,(income trusts) of course.

  80. Anybody out there. (Gillhoolee hasn’t got the guts to answer.) Is a pink or blue flowerly apron right for Dion. He is very afraid that Liz will get angry. Will this guy ever be a leader? (At least in the kitchen.)

  81. Don’t worry–Dion told Liz that “It’s not fair–do you think it’s easy to set priorities”. She said that he could wear a pink flowery apron rather than blue. Nice of Liz–right?

  82. She may be representing Peter Mackay after the next election as he is a lack luster Minister. Poor Harper , surrounding himself with a slew of mediocre Ministers in a vain attempt to shine.

  83. If Dion needs an apron (we hear his boss, Elizabeth May, tells him he needs one) let us know. Before we buy him a flowery one we want to know if Liz says it’s okay. (Dion is afraid to ask.)

  84. You don’t seem to want to answer questions. Why, are you so unsure of your position? (Is Gillhoolee a code name for Dion, or Mr. Elizabeth May, or whatever he is called now-a-days?) If you don’t answer “Yes” or “No” to lie-beral corruption, your silence will be deafening.

  85. The only person I see “Standing up for Canada ” is the De fence Minister….of Holland. Our Leaders are silent and remain satisfied with the status que as it takes the least effort. An important factor when you are a one man operation.

  86. Consider “AA”–I hope you find comfort. In the meantime; please allow adults to chat in this room. (Or, at least, someone sober.) Although, I guess if I was a lie-beral, I’d probably be drinking as well!

  87. Have you, “Passed out”? Don’t worry-lie-berals will be spreading their lies tomorrow and forever more as they care about themselves and the lib-eral party rather than Canada. Time to “Stand up for Canada”.

  88. Criminal wrong doing should not be tolerated in any party. This the Liberals have to acknowledged, So why is it that the Tory Party is refusing to acknowledge it’s own wrong doing during the last election campaign?

  89. The only response I can provide is: “???”.
    Have you been drinking? (Your grammar is not coherent.)
    Answer previous questions; or, sober up, and you can attempt a response tomorrow…deal?

  90. I suggest we combine these responses (I know lie-berals are not keen on efficiencies). Please read your responses, “truth will come out”, “veiled threats”, “perhaps do the same”–these are all soft and weak statements–here is one for you to address, “The lie-berals were convicted of the biggest corruption sandal in Canadian history”. Yes or No? Please respond.

  91. I suggest we combine these responses (I know lie-berals are not keen on efficiencies). Please read your responses, “truth will come out”, “veiled threats”, “perhaps do the same”–these are all soft and weak statements (Mr Dion is learning from you)–here is one for you to address, “The lie-berals were convicted of the biggest corruption sandal in Canadian history”. Yes or No? Please respond.

  92. Yes, and The Supreme Court should perhaps do the same when they throw it back in Harpers face.
    Lets not forget Mr. ‘Smiley’ has a MINORITY and without support does not have the Will of most Canadians.
    Gee, and to think they accused the Liberals of arrogance.

  93. Despite Tory efforts the truth will come out, unless Mr. Harper can find an excuse to replace the head of Elections Canada.
    Lord knows he continues to try by making “veiled” threats on how to intemperate more of his flawed legislation from as far away as Australia,lol

  94. You are getting very confused. Your comment of “may have knowingly” as opposed to the fact of the lie-berals being convicted of committing a criminal offence says it all!! Agreed? (Pleasssse, be honest.)

  95. We have now (very quickly, by-the-way) have come to the time where I am embarrassed for you! If the crime bill is simply re-introducing legislation that has already passed, the lie-berals should simply shut-up and pass it. If it is different, just vote against it and explain to Canadians why in a general election. Why do lie-berals always want to make everything so confusing? (Unless, of course, they have a hidden agenda.)

  96. I see a difference in that as many as 60 Conservative MP’s may have knowingly taken part in this scam and not one had the morals to see that it was wrong(except onein Quebec).
    All this while running ads to discredit the Liberals. Just more ‘Harper-ocrisy’, have they no shame?

  97. Whats refreshing about a party that wants so badly to commit Hara-kiri, but wants to blame someone else for it’s suicide? So much so they come up with Silly ideas like reintroducing Crime legeslation that has already passed the House. In some bizarre BS charge of stalling by Liberals? This from a Party that actually produced a BOOK on it,lol..How gullible do you think Canadains are?
    .Oh by the way I hope the PM and his ‘sheep’ enjoyed his extra month off this summer.

  98. “Painted himself into a corner“–you are used to the liberal method of loving the liberal party ahead of loving Canada. Harper did what is right for the country, not what was right for the Conservative Party by setting fixed election dates. Wonderfully refreshing isn`t it.

  99. A sad attempt to defend. I understand all Tory expenses were recorded, audited and available for public scrutiny and that the case is being appealed. (No envelopes full of public money being passed to fellow liberals in dark restaurants.) Please, be honest—surely you can see the difference. (Time to stand up for Canada.) By-the-way, you can accuse someone of corruption; but, I believe for one particular party, we proved it!!!

  100. By all means examine my “body of work”, but please keep in mind that it is in fact mine.
    I don’t think I would examine MontralMans comments and attribute them all to a “Conservative”,…. although I have yet to see one Conservative vlogger take him to task for such remarks.
    I guess that in itself speaks volumes?

  101. I guess you didn’t see (or choose to ignore) the TORY Ad scam during the last election? The Conservative National party gets to run its National ads on TV,the local MP claims them as ‘his’ expense and we the TAXPAYERS pays him 60% of the costof running them….”At least you can’t accuse the Conservatives of corruption”, Kinda looks like I just did.

    Ignore it at your own peril.

  102. Long ago, I had a boss who had many bad qualities. His method of covering his issues was to accuse everyone else of having them. Here we see the lib-eral hypocracy for what it is. At least you can’t accuse the Conservatives of corruption–the lie-beral method of government.

  103. Gillhoolee: I don’t know if you believe your own bullshit or not, but its a waste of space.

    Everyone else: Examine Gillhoolee’s Youtube comments to learn all you need to know about Canadian Liberals: They project their own faults on their opponents, and then whip themselves into a frenzy of hypocritical fake outrage and indignation.

    Its DION who painted himself into a corner, and flip flopped on his ultimatum, Afghanistan, the Anti-terrorism Act and whether we can meet the Kyoto targets.

  104. Harper has painted himself in a corner. He obviously didn’t think fixed election dates through and expected Dion to get him out of his self made ‘jam’.
    Now he has to Flipflop once again making everything a confidence vote after arguing in opposition that votes of confidence be limited to finance bills and the throne speech. lol, well done Mr CZARPER, well done.

  105. Oh my! How can anyone defend this guy? Please liberals, for once, please care more about Canada then your sad, corrupt party–let us join together in voting Conservative with Stephan Harper as our PM.
    Make sense, right?

  106. I wasn’t defending him; I haven’t heard an intelligible comment come out of his mouth since he became “leader” of the Liberals; I was however, attacking your juvenile comment. I’m sure you would’ve written it in crayon if the option was available. I just want to hear actual IDEAS not moronic grunting which cavemen delivered far more articulately.

  107. Well, you’d be farther ahead if you did think like me manteats6. Dion threatens to call and election, he rips the Throne Speech. All he has to do is vote against it and we would have an election. But no, he wimps out. Like the wimpy wimp he is. I can’t recall a wimpier leader in Canadian history. He makes Joe Clark look like Winston Churchill.

  108. Wow! You win. Your argument is so well thought out; your eloquence so overwhelming that I bow before you in submission. From now on I will think just like you. Wait a minute, I’m not actually a brain-damaged third grader juicing himself with bull hormones while spitting on ethnic people from the safety of a penthouse apartment.

  109. From the onset,Who kept him from the Vimy Ridge Ceremonies?Who kept the the House of Commons from sitting for an extra month? Who paid for adds to malign his character, with out an election even looming?
    You are right, HARPER HAS CREATED A SITUATION and it, like most Tory Policy will soon be debunked.

  110. Its not Harper’s fault that Dion can’t articulate a policy or lead his party. The only ones making false accusations or pointing fingers are the Liberals, as usual. Harper has just created a situation that demonstrates Liberal hypocrisy by forcing them to do their duty as the Official Opposition and either support or defeat the government.

  111. Dion’s agenda has been somewhat hidden, not by him but deliberately by the HarperRegime. Not for much longer, as the Liberals begin to role out their policy initiatives, Harper’s single mouth, bulling tactics, finger pointing and false accusations will not work this time.
    If he wants to fight a campaign, he will realize that his “LOCK DOWN” tactics will backfire this time.
    It will be like dropping Spanish troops into Kandahar, it should have been done sooner but they chose to sit on their ass.

  112. Seems its Dion that has painted himself into a corner. Dion has a difficult choice – support the government or go for an election – either way he loses. Harper says he doesn’t want an election until 2009 (video P8TiIQ8GXrE), while Dion is threatening to defeat the Throne Speech. Both Dion and Harper have to be lying for you to be correct – is that what you think?

  113. No Government has fallen on a Throne Speech. Does that not speak volumes?
    No PM has ever given up his right to an election in a minority situation until Mr Harper came along.
    Does that not say something?
    He has painted himself in a corner,and may have to wait for the ‘paint’ to dry. He deserves as much.
    Only a hypocrite would say he doesn’t want an election and work in the background tooth and nail for exactly that.

  114. What do you mean, Gillhoolee? You’re not making any sense. The Throne Speech is, by definition, the time to defeat the government. If the Liberals think Harper’s agenda is so bad for Canada then they have a duty to defeat the government on the Throne Speech or on any issue of confidence. Otherwise they’re just a bunch of hypocrites, like you.

  115. My point is The Throne speech is not the issueon which to take down the Government and give Harper an easy out.
    It is Harper that wants an election, he just doesn’t want to be seen as wanting one.
    I site the Clean Air Act asit is a single issue, not a group of ‘fuzzy may happens’. If the Government fails then the voters will want to, and deserve to know exactly why, that is my point.
    Harper wants it and Canadians must see that he wants it.He should be made to work for it.

  116. Example of WHAT? What flip flop? Try thinking before you type Gillhoolee – or are you just a hack? Yes the Throne Speech is a confidence vote. Yes the Clean Air act requires spending and is therefore a money bill and therefore a confidence vote. Yes the government needs the support of the Parliament in order to govern. What’s your point?

  117. Example : Canadians support the changes to his Clean Air Act, if he or his Party doesn’t then it’s off to the polls.The voters then get to decide who acted immaturely and caused the election.
    I laugh at the FACT that while in opposition Harper fought for ‘Confidence Votes’ to be limited to matters of Finance and the Throne Speech.
    He is about to embark on another Flip Flop, and should be seen as doing so by all of Canada..

  118. If Canadians don’t support Harper’s agenda as you say, then how is it wrong for the Liberals to vote against the Throne Speech?

    You can call Harper names if you like, but in our democratic system the government must win the confidence of Parliament in order to govern, or it must stand for election. So which is it, a new mandate or a new government? You seem to want no mandate and no election, just like a Liberal to hope for a situation where NOTHING GETS DONE!

  119. The Lib’s would be wrong to bounce Harperon on the throne speech. He should be seen as having to Orchestrate his own demise, as he screwed up by devolving the PM’s right to call an election.
    His ego has figured out that his predecessors weren’t stupid after all, and hindsight is now about to bite him in the ass. Harper is a myopic bull, who in his 2nd year can’t convince Canadians to buy what he is selling.If he loses he is gone too, big stakes for he and Dion.

  120. So what exactly are you saying? Will the Liberals support Throne Speech or not? The Throne Speech is specifically about getting a mandate to govern, that’s WHY its a confidence vote, and losing the vote absolutely IS sufficient to topple the government, in fact that’s the point. You’d have to be living in a fantasy world to say otherwise. But if the Throne Speech is too vague for you, I guess you support Harper’s move to make the resulting legislative votes matters of confidence too?

  121. The Throne speech has never brought down a government. Harper in his “infinite wisdom”and arrogance,put himself ahead of all previous PM’s by not retaining the right to drop the writ. Now he wants the Lib’s to get his ass out of a ‘sling’ of his own making.
    The throne speech is not adequate to topple this shithouse government as it is a ‘wish list’ and vauge. He wants an election ,he then should feel the wrath of pissd off voters and exposed for the tool he most certainly is.

  122. Sweet Jesus , The Tory’s are watching &o year old women collapse from standing in line for hours on end to TRY and get a Passport, AND THERE FINE WITH IT.
    They will not defeat the throne speech for the simple reason that is what Harper wants,fuck him and the horse he rode in on I say. He put himself in this situation and now wants to table a bogus throne speech to get him self out, some Truth in Government. He is moving us in the other direction.

  123. And here comes the doomsday cries once again. Get real, you nuts were doing that back in the 70s too, and there was nothing to worry about.

    They should not be marginalized, but they had nothing to lose in signing on, they agree, and others do the work for them.

  124. I have news for the Tory Party, Time, like Mother Nature waits for no one.
    Any money saved by their ass dragging, denials, etc, will be offset in disaster relief later on.
    Why should the non industrialized be marginalized and dismissed as having no say? Why should animals on the brink, and can least afford it bbare the cost a for more time? Surely they should have equal or greater say having not created the problem, not in Harpers incremental plan. It is Flawed from the get go.

  125. You show me a soldier in Afghanistan who opposes the mission, I have yet to meet one. My friend will be going back for his second tour of duty soon, and none of his fellow soldiers oppose it.

  126. Ignorance?…There are many who oppose the mission and have been there. Some of them are going back for their second and third tours.Some of them unfortunately are no longer able to do to death or injury…
    Who speaks for them, and who is ignorant of there plight?

  127. Mr Dion, please confront mr Harper on his Bilderberg membership and SPP.
    We Canadians want to remain Canadians and not join a North American Union.
    Wake up!! This is a agenda, we do not want.

  128. Activism doesn’t belong in the House of Commons, lobbyist and activists lobby the government, that’s their job. When you put an activist in the House of Commons, he/she doesn’t care about all sides of the issue, they only care about getting what they want. They cannot represent the people, they only represent special interests. Let the people with those interests lobby the government, and let the government respond after considering all sides of the issue.

  129. You Tories are not even true to your selves. You continue to fleece the Canaddian Taxpayer and spend like drunken sailors. Mr. Harper is so close to the center that he is fogging up Mr. Dion’s glasses. Give me a break. We are activists in that we are and always have been active.
    A hell of a lot more than I can say for a group of middle aged men that look, and act as if ready for the old age home,aka. Tory Party.

  130. The Grits don’t have principle, they just stand for whatever is to the left of the wherever the Tory’s principles stand. You cannot make a sound decision in government without weighing out the costs each decision. The Grits have lost all credibility by coming across as activists rather than lawmakers.

  131. “the Grit plan is to destroy our economy at any cost”. What colour is the sky in your world? DANGER, DANGER Will Robinson,Grit’s will Destroy.Grit’s will Destroy!lol

  132. The Tory plan is to make reasonable steps, the Grit plan is to destroy our economy at any cost.

    The founder of Greenpeace left the organization because it has become less about the environment and more about socialism. You nut jobs just want to dismantle our economy, and your governmently funded environmental activist groups have found the best way to do it.

    The Tory’s will address the environment for the RIGHT reasons.

  133. Your idea of real targets is having the taxpayers pay to retrofit all vehicles with fuel cells and to retrofit every home and business with $40-60 grand each in a cocktail of renewable energy sources.

  134. Hey it’s Harper’s deal that ASPIRES to be all touchey, feeley with RED
    Its a bloody scandal, all those countries (169+-)signing Kyoto,some with resources some with just air,it’s criminal I tell

  135. PPL who sign Kyoto:
    Leaders of countries with no resources.
    Leaders of countries who will receiving wealth sharing credits.
    Leaders who won’t be in office when the deadline comes.

    Leaders in the free world who aren’t communist-minded make targets without communist undertones.

  136. Well its almost official, With Harpers weak kneed approach ,We are becoming members of the illustrious 6 The APP….the Asia Pacific Polutters??? Screw the rest of the world we will make or own rules.

  137. More “needlepoint”for a pillow….
    Our Liberties are interwoven with our interests at home and abroad. These interests insure our Security, thus our Liberty.
    To waver is a dereliction to duty, something this Conservative “crowd of one” is Guilty of time and time again. Pointing a finger oesn’t absolve them of responsibility.

  138. The government should intervene as little as possible with the affairs as the people. Their only real purpose should be to defend the liberties of those who live there.

  139. If it’s not our job to overlay our template of values, you should tell the Liberals to stop doing it to our society whenever they’re in government. Oh, and what about that agency of their’s CIDA, yeah, another Liberal obession. Well, the Liberals sent us to Afghanistan, it’s a mess, not the Conservatives have been left to clean up that mess.

  140. All I’m saying is that on avg. there was 20 Billion dollars of foreign investment every six months of the last five or so years. This year alone saw 67 billion in the first six months. This Government refuses to recognise a problem as that may mean getting up of their hands and doing somethig about it.

  141. There are no true free markets as the Government introviens as it sees fit, setting interest rates etc. The Conservatives had/have the option of targeting resourse industry and make it less appealing to foreign takeover. The Government has the Freedom to protect the future of our children.This Government has choosen to not excercise that prerogative.

  142. You seem to think the Taliban fell from the sky, when in fact they are in and of that culture. It is not our job to overlay our template of values on the rest of the world. Where to next? perhaps Thiland where they prostitute nine year olds in the street. We are there to kill Osama and insure our own safety that is the only real right we have being there.Everything else is secondary. The road to hell is paved with good intensions.

  143. That depends on whether you have a problem with a free market. They’re not your companies, if you don’t like it start your own and don’t sell it, or sell it to someone who YOU find appropriate. You have that freedom.

  144. All I was saying is that much of it was bought before the Conservatives took power. I’m not denying that it was true. But none of them were anyone’s birthright, those who owned them sold them, go complain to them for not selling them to a lower bidder.

  145. It’s called “buying Canada”…Inco, Dafasco, Falconbridge, Labatt, Molsen, The Bay, even The Montreal Canadians?
    Foreign Resourse industries holding our children’s birthright.All for a quick buck.Say it isn’t so.

  146. I like Denmark, all 6 million of them, its good they can kick our ass. I bet it makes them feel good.Besides they will give us a deal when we have to buy the technology back,right?
    we ll would benefit from kyoto, not just the poor countries.

  147. It’s called investment into Canada, and where’s your proof about foreign Money in government coffers? That sounds like bribery, it’s taxation. Those Canadian companies were siezed long before the Torys too power.

  148. The Pakistan issue is clear, If NATO is not willing to Go Big(indications are they aren’t)then they should Go Home.For Canada to allow it’s soldiers to be paraded before an enemy they are prevented from closing with and destroying is ludicrous. It is shameful to be represented by politicians who would allow such a thing and be happy with the status qoe.

  149. The Tories are out to lunch on this policy and that of Israel too.They have no Mid East platform other than to simply vie for votes. In short, it’s like every other ill conceived platform they have.

  150. Sadly,The USA has sealed the fate of this mission by going into Iraq.Five years on and are we to sit on a border and literally get picked off one by one? Why did/do we back the Dictator next door in true US fashion?
    It’s like The Shaw of Iran” all over,he too used American weapons to “quell” his own people. Surely even Steven Harper can see how that turned out.

  151. Al-Qaeda’s stronghold isn’t in Afghanistan anymore, it’s contested territory and no islamic terrorist would want to situated there.
    Pakistan is fighting hard, unless you’re suggesting we get involved with another country’s internal politics as well. Both Pakistan and Afghanistan suffer much greater casualities than we ever could.

  152. Choice to work, for EITHER parent, choice of where to put a child to take care of it, putting money back in Canadian’s pockets, giving them the liberty to decide where it goes.

    Maternal instinct often keeps women home, and it’s still their choice. Don’t take your aggression out on everyone else because on average their are less career women than men.

  153. He went and saw the troops. I hope he updated them on he and L’il Peter Mackay’s progress on getting NATO into a troop rotation.
    I trust he told them about the progress with the pressure they have been appling on Pakistan to sort out it’s act or have it sorted for them. Or did he just go fishing and not cut bait?

  154. The first visit Harper did as PM was to go and see the troops in Afghanistan. When was the last time Paul Martin went over there? And Dion should keep his mouth shut about flip flopping since he’s done it more than any other elected politician.

  155. realvek, you’re absolutely right. I agree with everything you had to say. I have friends in the military and one was killed by a roadside bomb last year. They have seen the work done in Afghanistan and, both in life and death, they support the mission. Perhaps our Liberal counterparts should go over there and see the progress our brave men and women are making over there. God bless them all.

  156. Our PM’s BLISTERING reply…
    “Pakistan is an important ally in the fight against terror,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper A year and a half later…said “We’re all aware of the cross-border movement of insurgents between Pakistan and Afghanistan, and we know that Pakistan has increased its efforts in this regard and we’ll continue to encourage them to do so.”
    It’s been a year and a half, not one Alquida captured.
    Time for a change and time for answers.

  157. Remember this?
    Pakistan’s Dictator while on Canadian soil said ” Canadians should stop whining about losing a few soldiers in NATO operations in Afghanistan”, and saying Pakistan had suffered far greater losses in the war on terrorism….
    “We have suffered 500 casualties, Canadians may have suffered four or five,” he said in a CBC interview….
    BULLSHIT as he included his army’s deaths suffered killing his own separatists he labelled as terrorists.

  158. Choice?… to work or stay home as you can’t find a Day space Care after a promise of creating thousands of new ones.
    WOMEN, “They don’t speak for the Majority of Women” but stats still do and they still say it isn’t dad staying home with the kids.

    Wage Parody is manhating?I think not.

  159. Our military is training their military. We’re more than a backbone, we’re building infrastructure. And who is their leader a puppet for? Bush and oil? That’s the usual remark, when their really isn’t an oil industry.

  160. His child care policy offers CHOICE, the Liberal policy wants to shove the kids in the Liberal party’s created daycare where they can start early at becoming young liberals.

    Women’s programs? Have you ever heard these women talk? They’re the most extreme feminists we have. They don’t speak for the majority of women in this country.

    All he did was revoke funding from these man-hating activist groups.

  161. Nice sentiment,Do you do needlepoint?Perhaps you could sew that on a cushion?
    Where are the Afgan protesters? Surely any culture that desires freedom as much as their “puppet leader” would have us believe should step up?.We have a good military but suppling “backbone”is not the mandate here.Friend one day,foe the next/ it’s bullshit.

  162. Drive them where, Pakistan each week only to rest and come back to kill again? NATO needs its ass kicked as it too is happy with the status quo, then again why wouldn’t it Europe isn’t suffering the causualties Canada is. Perhaps they should be mede to allow their forces out after dark as we do? Who do we have that can apply that kind of pressure? Mr. Status Qoe” Harper?

  163. Rather Ironic that Mr. Harper wants to be seen as some sort of “Afghan womens freedom fighter” , trying to get them out of the house.
    Yet, his child care policy and budget cutting of womens programs in Canada(including adult literacy) are sending Canadian women back to that same “house” and out of our labour force, or is that the plan?

  164. He alone? Are you on crack? Why don’t you go tell that to the troops in Afghanistan, I dare you to. Actually, tell it to some of them who have returned home, just try it.

    NATO is there to drive out an oppressive regime, they are isolated, and they are losing ground. But the Afghans need our help, and if we turn our backs, everyone who gave their lives for these people will have died for nothing.

  165. “Canada is already helping to rebuild,”…. Are you interested in perception or fact? Omly $1 dollar in $10 goes toward rebuilding. Don’t be fooled by a Prime Minister who’s every second word on this issue is “schools” or “hospitals”,cause it just ain’t true.
    $1 in $10.

  166. Harper isn’t elected by Afgans. He has a duty to Canada, We help where we can, but if he thinks he and he alone can retool a culture ingrained with prejudice and hate in one generation then he is a fool. He is dismissing the struggle of our own Country’s ancestors.
    To that end the Taliban are not all foreign, they are Afgan to some degree this is a civilwar as much as a cultural one.
    we(NATO) are there to kill those who would kill use and that is job 1. Everything else is secondary.

  167. Dion’s position is one tiny step less for the war in A-stan that the Conservatives. He has no policy, and Harper flip flops? That’s what Dion’s been doing. Canada is already helping to rebuild, Dion’s on crack.

  168. The position of the Liberal party is they don’t have a policy. No combat mission in a war zone? I’m sure the Taliban are thrilled. Brilliant policy Dion.
    He hasn’t gone to Afghanistan because he is a coward.

  169. Dang Dion is a wreck. If he wants to keep your position as a leader in the greatest country in the world, he needs to be more aware of important issues in Canada. Boo Urns Dion!! Definately staying Conservative this year

  170. Visits to Afganland go through the CDS. The CDS is in the PM’s pocket.
    Of note; Mr. Dion didn’t go to the VIMY Ridge celebrations in France .Why, because the PM waited just one week before to invite him although the event was planned a year in advance.
    Something to think about.

  171. Sorry to liberal defenders (we now see that they are becoming fewer and fewer)–but; I had to send another note. How can anyone see this as anything but a sad attempt at trying to defend liberal hypocracy–I ask liberals to stand up for Canada and support the Conservatives!

  172. This is so very sad! Can some liberals please try to defend this guy? I remember the liberals laughing at someone crying (like a little boy) that, “It’s not fair!”. If liberals laugh at this man, shouldn’t all Canadians?

  173. He completely dropped the ball on that last question. Very similar to his responce to Igna in the liberal leader debates. When you trap this guy with a question, and he knows he is wrong, he pretty much whines and gets mad because he knows he is wrong but cannot possibly admit it. Not voting Lib while this tool is around.

  174. Perhaps Mr.Dion should go.Our media representatives would do Canadians a favour by striving to better inform them on the real considerations and events taking place there.Canada is part of an occupying force.Innocent civilians continue to die at the hands of the coalition forces.A corrupt puppet regime comprised of yesterday’s warlords and today’s self-serving profiteers ignore the very people NATO came to liberate and fight for.Hum!Maybe going there isn’t/wasn’t such a good idea after all.

  175. I don’t know how to feel about the end of this interview. I can see both sides, although Peter makes a valid point that if this is a central issue then priority should be put on travel to the region.

    Thanks for posting.

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