Harper addresses Australian Parliament on 9/11 anniversary

September 11, 2007 – Stephen Harper became the first Canadian Prime Minister to address the Australian Parliament on the sixth anniversary 9/11 attacks in 2001. Harper gave a wide ranging speech in which he highlighted Canada’s historical, economic and strategic relationship with Australia.

In his speech, Harper suggested he may push to abolish Canada’s Senate if he could not win support to elect Senators, as Australia has done.

Harper also called on Australia and Canada to work more actively internationally in support of democracy and human rights.

Our two countries genuinely aspire to the highest ideals of civilization, however imperfectly we sometimes achieve them … I believe Canada and Australia are uniquely able to serve as a force for positive change in this troubled world.

77 thoughts on “Harper addresses Australian Parliament on 9/11 anniversary

  1. Islam is a cult created by a psychopath. It cannot be reformed. It must be eradicated. Islam must be eradicated not because the Quran says Earth is flat or the shooting stars are missiles that Allah fires at the Jinns who climb the heaven to eavesdrop on the conversation of the exalted assembly. These stupid tales could even amuse us. Islam must go because it teaches hate, it orders killing of non-Muslims, it denigrates women and it violates the human rights.

  2. yeah, i see the world for what it is…filled with idiots like yourself….go sell yourself to the big corporation, so they can sell you for a dollar and get ass raped at the same time…….ur a delusional slave.

  3. I don’t quite follow you but w/e no need to argue over who’s first. Canada did have a wild west except we had a very well organised one with the Mounties and all. not fighting with the natives and crime was pretty much only robbers from the states

  4. oh real mature, “tithead” did you learn that one from your playschool friends. You are blinded by your rhetoric view the world away from your safety zone of Left-wing land and see the world for what it truely is.

  5. The 9/11 attacks took place in the United States, Canada can’t do an investigation because it is out of Canada’s jurisdiction we could ask the United States to hold an independent inquiry. Anyways like it or not we liberated two milllion people from an oppresive regime and replaced it with a yes flawed but democratic government we can’t abandon Afgahnistan because we can’t tough it out that’s not Canadian we liberated Holland and Belgium in WW2 and did things that not other country could,

  6. Yes, but I have yet to see Canadian Cowboys w/o a “Q” on their cards. Aussies share the “wild west” experience with US. They share the WWII invasions & dangers too. That is why I say the Aussies are 2ND child of England; family of “avengers”.

  7. dont throw your bullshit at me….Harper is a neo con and if he had a majority…his policies of eat the poor and give to the rich would become the offical charter of Canada …stop defending evil for few extra dollars from the oilfields….you tithead.

  8. Do you know what a Neo-Con is people through that title around like its on fire, do you realize that Barrack would be considered Neo-con by comparison to our parties Neo-Con is essentially progressive conservative. understand what you are sayi8ng before you say it spewing rhetoric at people just reflects poorly on your intelligence

  9. Who out there favors an Anglo Union? Think about it… Only the English speaking world stands for freedom in all its forms. We have all opposed tyranny, fascism, and evil over the light. We are all family. The US is the eldest man child of England, Australia second; Canada, and New Zealand our sisters.

  10. I wonder if for the seventh anniversary the government is finally going to tell us how gigantic skyscrapers can “collapse” at freefall rate (as the 9/11 whitewash commission and the N.I.S.T. both admitted) when anyone with common sense can figure out that the uppermost part of a building is not going to be able to “fall” into and THROUGH the remaining solid majority of said building at anything remotely resembling the rate of solid objects falling through air (barring the use of explosives i.e. a controlled demolition). Solids just cannot otherwise pass through other solids like that without something (explosives) rendering the remaining majority to such a non-resisting state. Think we’ll finally get an actual explanation? Nah, most Americans are far too dumb and detached and mentally castrated to even consider something like that anyway.

  11. Rob Duffy, Assistant to MP Libby Davies, has informed the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society that the petition read in Parliament regarding the demand for a Canadian Investigation into 9/11 will be handled by Canadian Minister Stockwell Day.
    WE have little faith in Stockwell Day. I will be calling him every day until we get an answer. I encourage all other Canadians – and Americans for that matter – to do the same:
    Stockwell Day:
    Phone: (613) 995-1702 Fax: (613) 995.1154

  12. can I borrow you a barf bag ?

    Canadians are historycal idiots !

    Canada should be called Newfieland :).

    Canadians don’t control their own democracy, the proof being they are at war for the US and the Zionists.

    Canada as no balls.

  13. Harper is a nice guy, he wants democracy and peace, he truly supports Kyoto even if it is the opposite of war and profit.

    I think you got me, I should vote for Stephen Harper ! This guy will say NO to Bush ! He stands for principles and values !

    Vote for Stephen Harper !

    Shall I get as much money as Mulroney or Peter McKay got for lying like that ?

  14. A war can not be legal if the reasons, the events and the motivations were all created by the government.

    You said 9/11 was such an event.

    Why else are we at war ? For the falacy about weapons of mass destruction ? To reconstruct with tanks ?

    Don’t tell me Canada took 3 or 4 years to decide a future date to end the war while it took only 4 days for Ottawa to agree on war then and 3 weeks for the UN, NATO then with all the politicians of Afghanistan to all agree.

    You liar disinform .

  15. But my grocery store owner wich has a master in political science claims that the Taliban would form a more legitimate government then this one.

    I wonder how much money the CIA makes with opium there. I’ll bet the money is used to finance the Talibans in Pakistan, a military regime that loves Washington.

    Officially it sounds nice, what it hides though makes Kissinger or Ariel Sharon look like your mother :).

    We are at war for cash and power, exactly following “The Protocols of Zion”.

  16. 9/11 was done with the US’s army explosive, a modified termite. Anyway Physics 101 alone is sufficient to prove it impossible.

    See “The Money Masters” on google the read The Protocols of Zion. Compare reality with these. Then just think about the Bible.

    Warning : very hard psychologically.

    But the incredible understandment you will get from it might save your life.

    I swear to God that since I read it I can predict the next political move. Iran might be attacked before the Olympics.

  17. 4 days after the controlled implosion of the twin towers (9/11).

    Quite fast hin ? Why were they arguing and negociating during 3 years about ending the war “next year” : to fool us into believing that all fuckin politicians dont want war.

    There is no opposition !

    We are there to cut Iran natural gaz reaching China, India and Asia. If it did they would be a self sustaining region not dealing with US money.

    Every country around Iran is in turmoil (CIA) to prepare a strike on Irak SOON.

  18. Harper has taken thousands of low income people off the tax role by reducing the personal amount to $9,600 from something like $8,800. He’s cut the sales tax by 2%, brought in a tax-free savings account, gives $100/month to parents per child under 5, tax credits for public transit, paid off $37 billion in debt, and transfered gas taxes to the cities. All that in 2 years.
    Record speaks for itself and its hardly one that resembles Republican Party principles…

  19. That’s not correct. This is how multilateral wars have been declared for the past 60 years. Surely you don’t think Canada should be unilaterally declaring war without the approval of the UN and our allies?

    The Afghanistan mission is the very definition of a legal war, no matter what you might think of the mission itself.

    I’m not being political, and I AM specifically talking about protecting Afghans. In fact Responsibility to Protect (R2P) is the chief reason for staying with the mission.

  20. Ya, but that isn’t a declaration of war. you people keep those aren’t declared wars.. talking about war in Afghanistan. Thats BS…What you should be talking about is how Canadian Soldiers are protecting the people of Afghanistan. They talk about a ‘war on terrorism’ but give me a war declared on terrorism. Its all the words of BS you spew. Your Political BS is tainting the heroic efforts of our soldiers.

  21. On October 7 2001 NATO invaded Afghanistan, with UN approval, to remove the Taliban from power. Four Afghan factions agreed to establish an interim government at a UN conference in Bonn. In December 2001 the UN authorized the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) to maintain security on behalf of the interim government.

  22. Harper made me proud of my government during this trip, as he has always done when he appears in public or at international venues. Whereas I really believe that that pinko-liberal-wimp Dion would cause devastating damage to Canadas international image.

  23. The war in Afghanistan is NOT illegal! You could reasonably claim the Iraq war is illegal, but NATO’s action in Afghanistan is under UN auspices and is as legal as wars ever get. You’re right that 9/11 was the immediate justification for the war, and you may even be right that Bin Laden had nothing to do with the attack. But UN and NATO members were calling for action in Afghanistan well before 9/11, citing a long list of legitimate reasons under the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) doctrine.

  24. PrimarySource888, I thank you for posting this video. Harper is exactly the kind of leader this country needs in this troubled time. No Liberal government would be able to handle the challenge of bringing Canada onto the world stage, and advancing freedom and democracy in troubled lands. Harper has done so remarkably. I voted for Harper last election, and he has more than earned my vote in the next election. God bless Canada.

  25. harper is a Zoinist whore. He is in the Bilderberg. He is one of their puppets. His rhetoric about 9/11 is prmoting the lies that muslims carried it out. The War on Terror is a lie. Israel were behind the attacks. And the threat of muslim enemies that does exist is because of our support of Israel and nothing else. And thats even in the 9/11 Commission but they redacted it and changed the reason to “because they hate us because of our freedoms” – if you believe that you’re mentally retarded.

  26. No the war in Afghanistan is illegal because its based on the justification that Osama did 9’/11. Condi rice claimed to have evidence of this that would be forth coming. We are still waiting for the evidence that Osama did 9/11. rather all of the evidence avilable in the public domain suggests the attack was false-flag by Israel.

  27. The truth is very important on this issue.
    It doesn’t matter who was in power at the time? In fact a new leader should be able to investigate the past and expose the truth.

    Another issue that urks me on Harper and his little Bilderbuggers meeting and the shroud of secrecy regarding major issues and not the nonsense we are fed and believe to be issues like abortion, marijuana, gay marriage, prostitution.. there are much more serious issues that they keep hidden.

  28. Well, we know now that 9/11 had nothing to do with Afganistan, but is that what we were told? We were told lots of lies after Sept.11th to get us all motivate and backing the “war on terror” and now Canadian troops have attacked/occupied/brought democracy (whatever you want to call it) to a country based on those lies.

  29. I agree we probably don’t know everything about 9/11, but do you really think Harper should launch some kind of investigation now, after 6 years? What exactly can Canada investigate anyway? I guess Cretien or Martin could have launched an investigation, but I still don’t see what this has to do with the war in Afghanistan – Afghanistan is not Iraq, the war is legal and supported by the UN and NATO. I think we’re doing good work there even in the context of the trumped up ‘war on terror’.

  30. Canada should have and should still do our own investigation into to horrific attacks on Sept 11/01, including the events leading up and following. Canada should have done its own and better research into the so called “war on terror” instead of following his idol George Bush. Survivors, Victims families, Rescue workers, Scientists, Engineers, concerned patriotic citizens, and many more WANT IT! It has everything to do with the TRUTH.

  31. Yeah nicely written speech.

    Harper is a liar… where’s the truth Harper? Wheres the investigation that the victims families and survivors want?? Pay your respects and investigate! The war is based on LIES and if your not furious your not paying attention.

  32. appreciate what? is it something new we have a stagnate senate. People deserve the governments they have being only a representation of the people. So what does that say about canadians? stagnating, dull, spineless and when it comes down to are just as fat, stupid languish in anything political i cant wait to move to australia!!!!!!

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