Stéphane Dion on Kyoto, Afghanistan and confidence votes

Stéphane Dion responded to speculation the government may prorogue the current session of parliament in order to set a new agenda with a Throne Speech this fall. Any progress on un-passed bills would be lost, unless the government took steps to reintroduce the bills into the new session.

Dion asked the government to carry forward Bill C-30, The Clean Air and Climate Change Act, should they decide to prorogue. Dion also re-stated his demand that the Canada immediately notify its NATO allies that it will end its combat mission in Afghanistan when it expires in 2009.

However, Dion would not commit to defeating the government over these issues, or to supporting a Bloc Québécois threat to bring down the government over Canada’s role in Afghanistan.

2 thoughts on “Stéphane Dion on Kyoto, Afghanistan and confidence votes

  1. Dion is such a hypocrite, he’s always accusing the Tories of being secretive and undemocratic, but then he basically decides whether Canada should stay in Afghanistan on his own and without participating in a democratic debate; meanwhile Harper is reaching out and looking for a consensus. The Liberals got Canada into Afghanistan without seeking the support of Parliament in the first place, and their unelected Senators are blocking a Senate reform bill democratically passed by the House of Commons. How can you be against an elected Senate, anyway? Meanwhile the Liberals are blocking efforts to close election financing loopholes and trying to govern from the opposition bench. They’re just a bunch of elitist bastards with no democratic instincts at all.

  2. By telling NATO allies the Canadian Mission will end, without a vote is Parliament on the issue is quite undemocratic! He also might not be able to read polls because they are behind the Conservatives andf Canadian support for the mission is still at a majority!

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