Harper, Bush and Calderon discuss the SPP, the Northwest Passage, Afghanistan and conspiracies

August 21, 2007 – President George W. Bush, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and Mexican President Felipe Calderon held a press conference to end this year’s Security and Prosperity Partnership meeting. The leaders answered questions about the SPP, conspiracy theories, Afghanistan, Canadian Arctic sovereignty and the Northwest Passage.

Harper, Bush, Calderon take questions

The SPP summit was held amid growing suspicions of a secret agenda, and accusations that police tried to incite violence by posing as protesters.

Union leader stops police provocateurs

Anti-globalization activists claim the SPP and other supra-national agreements threaten the sovereignty of Canada and other member states.


50 thoughts on “Harper, Bush and Calderon discuss the SPP, the Northwest Passage, Afghanistan and conspiracies

  1. I’m Mexican, and I really don’t want a Union with anyone, I know it’s not going to be a FUSION, is going to be a Union, like European. But I don’t want.. The gringos hate us, how could we share the life with that people?.. impossible.

  2. it’s funny how they’re talking about regulating market prices. Isn’t it against the capitalist mindset for the state to interfere with the markets?

  3. WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!Canadians Mexicans,Americans!!!WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!Are we as people so APATHETIC as to continue to allow these bastards to take everything of value away from us,from our children????How much further will we allow them to go with their plans before it is too late??? WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!

  4. FOOLS!!! Anyone who can listen to this SHIT! and not feel sick is mentally sick!These evil motherfuckers spell everything out in very simple terms they don’t event attempt to twist or conceal their dialogue.Just listen to the bush,he is so stupid he even states for all to hear, that they (u.s. administration)is doing and has done exactly what they accuse the so called “extremists and radicals”of doing!

  5. to mature up harper sounded the smartest out of all of them and, like he knows what hes talking about, when bush talks i feel as if hes always nervous and doesn’t know what to say.

  6. this video perfectly shows the leadership of george bush. He looks like a goof compared to the other two. Also its funny how Harper responds to the “conspiracy theories” questions. He makes them seem like crazy ideas. Super highways…possibly “inter-planetary”. Go look up Trans-Texas Corridor. It seems like a NAFTA Superhighway is in forward progress. Why would Harper be purposely deceiving? It pisses me off.

  7. jimmy forget 53rd state of USA.. I think you’re missing the grand picture here. NAU (North American Union) is something that free people from all three countries are worried about. There would no longer be USA or Canada or Mexico.. just a single body of government where we’d have little control of who is “elected” through our democratic process. The VeriChip is the means on which they will keep track of and control the people within. P.S. Give this clip a pause at 3:56.

  8. Lie the comments and the commitments of both Bush and Harper in regards to reconstruction and rebulding of Afghanistans institutions and supporting the people of that great nation who deserve and have earned the fruits of advancement to a ghigher level many times.

  9. CORPORATIONS HATE YOU!!! They believe in freedom and liberty for multinational corporations, and humans – well, they get the Patriot Act. The patriot act has demolished the bill of rights. Bush and Harper are not about freedom, they are about turning you into corporate serfs.

  10. Jellybeans my ass. NAFTA, CAFTA erase each nation’s environmental laws and regulations and leads to a “race to the bottom” where corporations can sue any governmental regulation that harms its profits. Well, kids, anything that keeps your water clean (and free) harms corporate profits. Same with mega-agribusiness, slave labor, impure food, etc.

  11. the issue is: when did you vote to end the constitution and let corporations meet in secret and rule your life? “it’s in our interest…” Bullshit, it’s in the interest of multinational global corporation’s interests – the Supercorridor is just a way to erase the US teamsters and the US port unions. This is corporate robbery.

  12. Why would I give a rat’s ass about the prosperity of “people that live close to America”?!?!?!? That’s why they call them COUNTRIES….they are separate entities. Trade with all, allie with none. How sad is it that when our president is trying to pull the wool over our collective eyes…it’s soooo obvious and his argument is sooooo unconvincing. Good lord I’m glad Maverick Bush doesn’t have a poker face.

  13. I don’t believe it is a conspiracy either. However he didn’t really answer the question or explain how it might affect national laws. Bureaucratic rules aren’t necessarily arbitrary. Anyway I didn’t expect a straight answer, I tend to look up the government papers not listen to the press conferences for actual information.

  14. No he answered that we need to streamline bureaucratic rules between the countries such as “jelly bean ingredients”. That’s what free trade is, not a vast conspiracy to give up monetary policy control of one’s own currency.

  15. its important! that the US obtain our water supply, and have free reign on our domestic resources. its important that they are allowed to do this. i love harper, but i dont agree with the security prosperity and i will do whatever i can to prevent it

  16. Bush is such an arse when speaking about the Canadian Arctic sovereignty… look at that smirk at the end too, I could kick him. “We believe that it’s an… international passageway” yeah fuck you buddy; We should draw a line through the states and make it an international passageway…

  17. Kudos for Canada! As an American I know that the US would have laid claim to the Northwest Passage if the Canadians had not beat us to it. Mr. Harper knows that Canada is in a position of power over the arctic issue and good for them for exploiting it.

  18. WTC 7, a 47 story building was not hit by a plane, yet collapses on itself a 5:20 pm est. sept 11.
    larry silverstein, the leaseholder of the wtc buildings, is on film saying they “pulled” building 7.
    LOOK IT UP! RIGHT THERE IN THE BOX! seconds away from the horrid truth! AMERICAN FACISIM! World TYRANNY! 100 yrs in the making!

  19. TRAITORS!!!!!!!!
    the death of nationalism!
    to “save” you from bin laden.
    9/11 was a coup, an inside job!
    Firefighter reporting secondary devices, describing flashes and pops in the building prior to the collapse. Watch the videos!

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