Canada and climate change at the 2007 G-8 meeting

May 28 to June 8, 2007 – Prime Minister Stephen Harper takes Canada’s climate change plan to the G-8 meeting in Berlin, saying it can be an example to other nations of how a country can reduce greenhouse gases outside the Kyoto framework.

Harper pressed for an inclusive approach that would allow nations currently without Kyoto targets, who together produce 70% of the world’s greenhouse gases, to participate in an international agreement in the post-Kyoto round of negotiations.

Liberal leader Stéphane Dion, NDP leader Jack Layton, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, environmentalist David Suzuki continue their opposition to the government’s plan, saying Canada must meet its Kyoto targets beginning 2008.

Leaders at the G-8 agreed for the first time to work toward absolute cuts to greenhouse gas emissions.

19 thoughts on “Canada and climate change at the 2007 G-8 meeting

  1. God bless stephen harper, he has a long road still ahead of him all because of those lousy liberals who practically left Canada in a limbo state. Kyoto was an honorable effort, but impossible due to the world’s past G8 government policies. Liberals promised to commit, then ignored their commitment and left the mess for the conservatives who were voted in because of Liberal inaction. Shame on the Liberal party as well as the NDP for their non-cooperation policy with government.

  2. His plan is not good enough- emmissions intensity? its time he takes it seriously, the recent budget shows how lightly he takes the greatest threat we face as a nation

  3. I agree the US should accept binding targets, but how is Harper dragging his feet?! He was right to hold out for an agreement where everyone gets binding targets, and he was right to sign a lesser agreement when it was clear that was the only agreement to be had.

    ‘Kyoto Phase 2’ will be the Bali agreement, and the latest deal is the groundwork for that. There aren’t any Bali targets yet, but Kyoto does say everyone must have binding targets, which is also Canada’s position, unlike the US.

  4. exactly, by meeting phase 2 of the kyoto targets harper and bush are only dragging their feet- of course you need china and india on board but that does not give us or the US legitimacy to delay the issue even further- time is not something we have on this issue

  5. Actually, none of that is true. Harper and Bush disagree. Harper says all countries should adopt binding targets, and Bush will only agree to non-binding targets. Its progress the US has agreed to reduce emissions at all.

    And Kyoto DOES NOT have targets for China, India, and other countries responsible for 70% of global emissions. Kyoto simply will not solve the problem, even if we could go back in time to 1996 and do things differently. We can only move forward, and we should do it together.

  6. thats what the original kyoto summit was designed to do. Kyoto targets would actually do what is needed to combat climate change. what harper and bush talk of is only a mediocre plan which allows china, USA, and other nations to do a half assed job at combatting climate change

  7. We’ve missed our Kyoto targets already. Besides, Kyoto is no Holy Grail when it imposes targets on countries responsible for just 30% of global emissions. Kyoto is a commitment by the first world to start reducing emissions before the developing world does, but shouldn’t we prefer an agreement where all countries have to reduce emissions?

  8. Stephane Dion is just a shit talker. Under Liberal rule, what did they do for climate change? They hosted the conference in Montreal, and finsihed. No country don’t wanna take because of business concern. And, developing countries are excluded from the Kyoto Protocol to reduce the emmission. China is the second largest that pollute the air, but not include to reduce. We need a fair binding resolution.

  9. What makes me sick? that Mulroney managed to allow someone to *Award* him a Greenest Prime Minister notoriety.

    sickening: I mean, in a vacuum, anything with mass takes up space…

    Spread Love…
    … but wear the Glove!

    BlueBerry Pick’n
    can be found @
    “Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced”

  10. Thanks for the video!

    Harper still doesn’t seem to understand that reducing GHG emissions would be good for the economy if it’s done right.

    Since Canada is legally bound by the international Kyoto agreement, the Harper government had better figure out fast how to make this work, and stop pointing fingers at the previous government, regardless of how poor a job they did.

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