Baird testifies to Senate on Kyoto Implementation Act

Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez and Environment Minister John Baird testify before the Senate environment committee considering Rodriguez’ private members bill C-28, the “Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act”.

The bill would force the government to meet Canada’s greenhouse gas emission targets under the Kyoto Protocol for the 2008-2012 commitment period.

The government opposed the bill, saying the Kyoto targets cannot be be met at this late stage without harming the economy.  However the bill passed the House of Commons in February with the support of all three opposition parties.

Baird tabled a report backed by prominent economists called the Cost of Kyoto Bill C-288 to Canadian Families and Business claiming that meeting Canada’s Kyoto targets would harm the economy and cause a recession.

4 thoughts on “Baird testifies to Senate on Kyoto Implementation Act

  1. Something weird about that Johnny-boys speech there. At around the 4th minute he says there isn’t any real economic benifit to turning green, but at the very end he says there are benefits to a green economy. Which is it??!
    But h2fcell is right. Why not take a day or 2 a week (at least) to bike to work, take the bus or subway? is it really THAT much of a ridiculous idea?

  2. Loss of revenue can make large companies, even the auto industries; change their “business model”. Sure the government can help with legislation to force them to put out new technology, but the true power is in our hands. Stop buying or leasing new gasoline powered cars for a year. Tell your friends and family to wait a year. See my vids.

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