Green – Liberal alliance in Central Nova

Green Party leader Elizabeth May and Liberal leader Stéphane Dion announced a deal between their parties to not run candidates against each other in their home ridings.

Dion supports including May in the televised leaders debate, and pledges to fight for her in Central Nova during the next election.

I will fight for 307 Liberals, plus Elizabeth May.
– Stéphane Dion

May says she supports Dion for Prime Minister in order to prevent Harper from being re-elected. She compares Stephen Harper to George Bush,vowing to avoid a scenario such as the last US Presidential election when Ralph Nader split the vote and helped re-elect George Bush.

NPD leader Jack Layton objects to the alliance, saying it is anti-democratic, while Conservative Monty Solberg says its a sign of weak leadership.

51 thoughts on “Green – Liberal alliance in Central Nova

  1. Jack Layton & Louise Lorefice want to give Central Nova electors the choice of voting NDP. By doing this, they’ve more than likely taken away our chance of getting Green Party leader Elizabeth May as our MP, by splitting up the left votes, and ensuring a stronger Conservative government with Peter MacKay as our MP. Thanks for respecting my choices, Jack Layton. Thanks a million.

  2. The conservatives have done a good job of running the country so I will vote for them.
    The green are just too crazy about global warming for me. Mankind totally accounts for about 3% of the total CO2 released and Canada’s portion is so small that even if we stopped everything forever, it would not register on the scale.
    With that in mind I find the green way over the top and could hurt the country.

  3. Or she is aware of just how bad the cons will be for this country, and is aware that splitting voters between liberals and green could let the cons back in. and she didn’t really attack layton but says he needs to look past parties to what will be best for canada in this case NOT letting the cons back in.

  4. May compares this to Ralph Nader and Al Gore versus George Bush. She then goes on to attack the NDP’s and Jack Layton. Who is she calling George Bush – Harper, Layton, or anyone who runs against? This alliance has only made the Green Party look as dirty as the Liberal Party.

  5. When he is campaigning, Harper is a candidate, not the Prime Minister. If he or any other candidate lies or promotes fraudulent policies they need to be called on it.

  6. The concept of the green party is out dated as the major parties all have green plans. Elizabeth May is the most ill mannered person I have ever seen on TV. Dion runs a close second to her.
    What we need is more respect for each other and not the name calling we hear from these two. We don’t use words like liar and fraud when we are talking about our Prime Minister, who ever he is. We must respect the office if not the man. The liberals are still the same old party that grabbed our money.

  7. Since there would be a higher chance of disagreement over unity, this would inevitably cause more non-confidence votes leading to more unwanted elections at the expense of the taxpayer. The best way for minority parties to be heard is to become more active. We should allow the media to give them the opportunity to get their message across so people know who they are and why they’re on the ballot.

  8. FringeNorth, I didn’t get a chance to respond to our debate. I come from a rural riding and proportional representation would fail us. First of all, our ridings would be forced to join a conglomerate riding which would be dominated by urban dwellers who don’t understand the necessities of rural life. Secondly, the idea of MMP would complicate the development of efficient government mandates. All parties would be pushing for their ideals and this would cause a lack of political consensus.

  9. How typical to have an individual make a statement without any credibility. You don’t know me so, in that regard, that makes you a judgemental prick based on the sentiment of your statement. If you want to debate, state your case. Let’s leave the name calling out and talk about the issues. IF you can’t do that, then don’t say anything at all. That is all.

  10. May is RIGHT! Just look at the electorial MAP! How many seats will go to the TRAIGHTOROUS OIL-AMERO sell-out of CANADA party, due to ELECTORIAL SPLITS!!! Liberals, Bloc, Green AND NDP are all essentially PRO-CANADA INDEPENDANCE, and ECO-conscious parties: with various stages of well thought-out programs, MANY IN PLACE! They should not COMPETE, but DESTROY the Texas oligarchy backing HARPER; ONCE & FOR ALL! GET HIP LAYTON- like Mayt says, we don’t need a Nader NOW!

  11. For starters the Liberals and the Bloc didn’t hold a joint press conference and brag about their alliance. Also the Liberals didn’t say they would fight for Duceppe in his riding, and Duceppe didn’t support Jean Chretien for Prime Minister.

    I like Elizabeth May, but she make a huge rookie mistake 18 months ago, and she has continued her error ever since by aligning herself with Dion.

    I’d be really pissed if I were a Green, she’s completely undermined the party’s independence and credibility.

  12. Why is this so hard to believe? The Liberals did not run a candidate against Harper in the bi-election that he won. It is a tradition not to run a candidate against the new leader of a party.

  13. counts towards party funding? you mean a whole $2? You could just take the hour it takes to vote, goto work, get $10 or whatever, donate it, and after taxes it becomes $20. Voting so you’re party get a whole $2 is completely pointless.

    And how exactly does proportional rep expand gov? We’d still have the same amount of seats. The electoral process is in no way connected with taxes, or bueraucrats (people are already conting votes, its called elections Canada).

  14. Exactly, the Liberals are trying to tarnish the Conservatives anyway they can whether it is demagoguery or partisan lies. I found it comical when they were trying to link the Mulroney-Schreiber case with Stephen Harper and the current minority government. The real question would be why are the Liberals trying to link this to the current minority government and why are they bringing this up now considering the fact they had knowledge of Schreiber’s dealings when they were in power? Coincidence?

  15. Proportional representation would only expand government, increase your tax rate to send more bureaucrats to parliament, and create an unbalanced mandate with no end in sight. Proportional representation has been given a bad rap within Europe. Regardless, our vote counts towards party funding within election results. You vote for the person you want and this strategic nonsense is just an excuse for the Liberals to garner Green and NDP votes. Paul Martin tried that and failed miserably.

  16. i have to point out that since McKay holds that seat, no liberals in central nova CURRENTLY have representation. If Canada had a system of proportional representation as it should, this wouldn’t have happend.

  17. The elimination of a Liberal candidate is not going to give the Green party any enormous advantage. Perhaps there will be some votes swayed to Ms. May’s advantage but it won’t help the Liberal party at all in the long run. To botton line it, no Liberal in Central Nova Scotia will have any direct representation. As much as I despise the Liberal party and their crimes, I believe they have put themselves in an unfair advantage and denied their Liberal supporters for a Liberal candidate.

  18. I would argue that it is indeed democratic. It is giving the Green Party an opportunity to gather a large portion of the Liberal votes in the Central Nova riding in order to see them represented in the House of Commons. Ms May will have a very difficult time against Peter McKay but this certainly helps…As for your comment about where Liberal voters will go in the riding, the balance should go with Ms May as Mr Dion has endorsed her candidancy…

  19. i use to be an NDP, but Layton turned me off them and May quickly converted me to Green. And there certainly is a lot of Green suport in Alberta, they’re just held back by a first past the post electorial system. Its amazing realy the rate at which the Greens are gaining popular suport

  20. This is a result of a first past the post system. It forces us as voters to vote stratigicaly, its only natural that partys begin to act stratigicaly. If we had a system of proportional representation (as the greens promote) then they wouldn’t have to resort to this

    it sounds undemocratic, and kind of is, but its the systems fault, not May or Dions

  21. jwlnler, I agree we won’t know how what all this means until the next election, but watch Question Period if you think Dion and the Liberals haven’t been harsh in their criticism!

    Unfortunately most of the criticism is based on intentional falsehoods and red herrings – They’re always telling us what Harper is thinking, or intending to do, instead of what he actually says and does. I’ve seen no evidence of a hidden agenda, yet the Liberals persist in making that claim to score cheap points.

  22. And hey, wasn’t Harper a little bit ‘weak on his feet’ when he was first elected leader of the new Conservative Party of Canada? Whereas Harper erred on the side of being too harsh and overcritical, Dion has erred on the side of giving the benefit of the doubt too much, and maybe not critical enough.

    Only time, and the next Federal Election will tell the true story!

  23. It’s pieceless that the former leader of the Canadian Alliance Reform Party (Stephen Harper) is now using the very tactics as leader that he said he’d never do: 1. micro-management of MP communications,etc..

  24. Now in terms of his leadership, he has a more ‘decentralized’ style of leadership: he lets individual MPs make up their own minds on issues around the caucus table, address the concerns of constituents,etc.. So if you think that ‘weak leadership’ is letting MPs have a voice, let me ask you this. What was one of the core principles of the Reform Party of Canada? It was allowing Individual MPs to stand up for their constituents, even if it conflicted with the party’s platform.

  25. In my opionion, I think what this deal shows is that Stephanie Dion is a humanitarian environmentalism, with him trying to push through environmental proposals while Environment Minister that PM’s Jean Chretien and Paul Martin wouldn’t support. Also, this shows that Elizabeth May knows that Stephanie Dion was a strong Environment Minister, and that he’s a strong Environmentalist.

  26. Stephane’Dion pretty much shot himself in the foot with this alliance. Who will the Liberals vote for when they don’t have a Liberal candidate in Central Nova Scotia? This is totally partisan and undemocratic.

  27. Actually the Greens do very well in Alberta – where I live – and many supporters are ex progressive conservatives who lost their party to Harper & MacKay.

    This move brings the Green Party positive attention and legitimacy that the Greens need in order to be really considered an option by many voters who might otherwise ignore the Greens.

    I agree that Layton is a strong leader, and I think May is also a strong leader.

  28. It didn’t ‘block democracy’. That’s a talking point of NPD supporters I’ve met – some of them reasonable, some of them not. There is such a thing as overly partisan.

    May & Dion are engaging in democratic nonpartisan politics. It’s the next logical step with our dysfunctional FPTP electoral system. Please go to my post at the link I provided in another comment for more info.

  29. You’re wrong, NDP don’t attack Elizabeth May, it attacked the alliance beetween Stephane Dion and her because it blocked democraty. The citizens who live in that circonscrption have to choose who they want and now they cannot vote for a liberal candidate. That’s not correct.

  30. The Green’s don’t draw support from the right for the simple reason that the right is ignorant to the fact that a party that cares about the environment could be fiscally stingy. I believe this move will help the NDP because the left is smart enough to either grapple the NDP for the environment or for sober, strong, clear leadership that Jack Layton provides.

  31. Um, I second your intended message. But I’ll re-phrase it. Goodness save Canada from the so-called green party! (You know if God didn’t save us from the Holocaust, I don’t think God’s going to save us from the green party. We’ve got to take charge ourselves!) :-)!

  32. That’s silly!

    May is progressive. Votes aren’t yours to be ‘stolen’. That possessive attitude is just what people dislike about politics. Votes are owned by the people who vote, and people are voting Green because they present real solution to our problems.

  33. Both Elizabeth May (current leader of the Green Party) and the former leader Jim Harris were actively and significantly involved in the conservative party in the not too distant past and you’re suggesting the NDP has stronger ties with conservative Stephen Harper? Of course Layton should like Harper more than May. At least Harper admits he is a conservative!

  34. This is exactly the difference. [FYI: Bush stole the election and/or Gore and Kerry lost! Don’t blame Nader!] Ralph Nader is a social democrat who stands up for his beliefs! Elizabeth May is a conservative posing as a “progressive” to steal votes away from true social democrats who have been advocating for the environment for years. Lefties please don’t fall for the Green trap, vote NDP! Spread peace and love! :-)!

  35. I think Layton likes the dysfunctional FPTP electoral system, and he would likely wish a Harper majority upon Canada.

    I used to like the NDP (sort of) but their attacks on the Greens and Elizabeth May are in poor taste. Layton seems to like Harper more than Elizabeth May.

    By the way, that quote of a ‘green party candidate’ was of someone who never has and never will run as a Green Party candidate.

  36. Ralph Nader was seen by many as helping to get Bush elected. May is stating that she wants to make sure this will not happen to the Green Party of Canada. In fact, the GPC draws a lot of support from the Right.

  37. Elizabeth May’s head just got a million times bigger. How can she compare herself to the Great Ralph Nader? Ralph Nader has been advocating on behalf the American people for decades! America is noticeably better b/c of Nader! May is nothing compared to Nader! Such a big ego is a disgrace for Canadians!

  38. A Backroom Deal cooked up by the leader of a failing former federal party and a group of fringe lunatics. God Save Canada from the so-called green party!

  39. I couldn’t agree more with those who call it a liberal response. While trying to avoid using the word ‘liberal’ in a pejorative sense, this is a very liberal thing to do, isn’t it? It’s astounding to see this. But I’ll be damned if this will re-elect a new liberal government.

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