‘Taming of the Queue’ healthcare waitimes guarantee

Stephen Harper and Tony Clement announce the government’s ‘Wait Times Guarantee’ promised in the last election.

10 thoughts on “‘Taming of the Queue’ healthcare waitimes guarantee

  1. people really look like limp dicks in the media. i really hope that patients actually believe that waiting is the problem because this looks like the government is trying to twist canadian’s minds.

  2. Of course they are an issue! Healthcare involves all of Canada and that includes all the provinces. The Conservatives have always had the view of a confederation government where the provinces take care of their own programs with federal funding provided. If the Liberals are so great, why didn’t they solve the wait time issue when they were in power?

  3. Why bring provincial politics in to this? they are a non issue,Don’t you remember Mr. Flarety declared all squabbles dead in his budget speech? Another Tory problem solver…or is he?

  4. It’s one thing to have things degrade over time. It’s quite another to Point out a short coming, say you will address it, then go on to do nothing with the guise that you did. Deceitful?….I think so.

  5. The Liberals were no better in their wait times guarantee. You take a look at the reptilian eater Dalton McGuinty. He broke every promise in the book he made for Ontario. Sorry to say, but the Liberals have no credibility other than their own partisan interests.

  6. PROMISE MADE 2006, PROMISE KEPT 2010??…( better than Greenhouse gas targets…maybe)
    Don’t preach about the Supreme Court of Canada to me. Mr Harper has already made his views known on The Supreme Court and they are not favorable, so much so he would like to pull a “Gonzalas” and replace them. (if he could)

  7. Not sure what Kevin Newman has to do with it. I’m not a Tory so its not MY Blue Book as you imply, but the promise was to: “Work with the provinces to develop a Patient Wait Times Guarantee to ensure that all Canadians receive essential medical treatment within clinically acceptable waiting times, or can be treated in another jurisdiction, as required by the Supreme Court of Canada’s Chaoulli decision and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.” Promise kept.

  8. Twisting the truth?
    Take it up with KEVIN NEWMAN and GLOBAL NEWS.
    Read your own BLUE BOOK and tell me who is twisting the truth,.

  9. You’re twisting the truth again Gillhoolee, the provinces choose the areas for these first guarantees, not the feds. The feds have signed agreements with all provinces and territories to honour wait times guarantees, they’re funding healthcare for patients on wait lists in other jurisdictions, and they’re investing in IT to better track, measure and respond. Sounds like progress to me.

  10. Watch as Tony Clement sucks the Oxygen from the room with Typical Tory Rhetoric. A big Hoopla about nothing.
    Example:Avg. wait time in New Brunswick : 4 weeks
    Tory Guarantee: 8 weeks
    Do they feel guilty drawing their pay?…They should!

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