Why did Liberals oppose the Anti-terrorism Act?

February 15 to 27, 2007 – The government lost their motion to extend measures of the Anti-Terrorism Act due to a sudden and unexplained change in the Liberal position.

There was speculation that Stéphane Dion’s sudden policy change was influenced by indo-Canadians in the Liberal Party led by Navdeep Bains, who delivered some 250 delegates to Dion at a crucial point in the 2006 Liberal leadership race.

Having won a Supreme Court challenge in 2003, the RCMP was proceeding with investigations into the Air India attack using the now expired “Investigative Hearings” provision of the Act.

In the House of Commons, the Liberals prevented Harper from reading a Vancouver Sun article reporting that Bains’ father-in-law is on a list of people the RCMP would like to question using the now expired “Investigative Hearings” provision.

Despite whipping the vote, 14 Liberal MPs did not vote along party lines. One Liberal MP broke ranks and voted with the government, one abstained, and twelve were absent from the House during the vote.

78 thoughts on “Why did Liberals oppose the Anti-terrorism Act?

  1. In all honesty the childish politics goes both ways. To me Harper is making up for a small penis, or he was bullied as a child lol. Stephan Dion was a big mistake, but that is what happens when you have 2 great Candidates (Ignatieff and Rae) splitting the vote. My biggest clue that Stephen Harper is a liar is that he broke one of his easiest, and basic policies upon running. A fixed election date was broken right away, sort of a slap in the Canadian’s face. Selling our sovereignty is not good.

  2. If these idiots would under-take serious open-minded investigations into who the REAL terrorists are in the world today they would realize that taking away privacy and rights from the citizens is the wrong approach. Ahhh, but yes they already know. You are all being duped … wake up. You want to learn who the REAL terrorists are and have always been? Copy and paste the YT links below:

  3. limiting freedoms and spying on Canadians – the spying is already happening they are already using facial recognition software at Casinos in Ontario – tracking our movements.

  4. arar was not held by the canadian govt at any time under a security certificate – the canadian govt involvement in arar case was limited to the providing of uncaveated, misleading information to the US government who then used their own immigration law to deport him to Syria

  5. That’s not true the ATA provisions didn’t limit freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief, expression, press, peaceful assembly, or association.

    The Supreme Court ruled the original law compromised our legal rights against self-incrimination. They recommended changes, the government accepted them, and the Liberals agreed until Dion suddenly took the position of Sikh activists in the Liberal Party who supported his leaderhsip campaign and now want shut down the Air India investigation.

  6. Cause anti-terror measure do fuck all? Oh wait, they DO limit the freedom of honest people… okay conservative fucks, look at it the same way you look at the gun registry… same shit

  7. Pull your head out of the sand people our your going to loose you CHARTER OF RIGHTS and FREEDOMS.He desperately wants a majority to pass legislation so that the NORTH AMERICAN UNION can be shoved down our throats uncontested Bush needs this to happen or he`ll be left all alone ……………..Research the N.A.U

  8. Any Party that protects the rights of an individual is a champion of my VOTE


    Wake up and look around I Don’t think anyone is in control here. I seen Harper ridiculing a reporter about a NAU super highway being constructed then a year later its reality.want proof? here try this link straight from the horses mouth.


    STOP LIEING TO ME HARPER and I know Martin started this whole NAFTA/NAU/SPP crap in 2005

    Get ready to dawn your new Radio Frequency National ID card/Drivers license

    Think I’m out to lunch? Research CFR/NAU/SPP members look at the Canadian members and there links to banks and national defense and environmental commissions even educational directors

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  9. ive watched cpac for the past year and a half. the liberal party is on a road to left wing, and ergo, irrelevant politics. stephane dion will be the poison pill that all liberal candidates will have to swallow. with his carbon tax and waffling on foreign policy that would only make jack layton happy. the liberal party will fall due to the higher intelligence of the voting public. good luck dion, you and the ndp can fight over the bleeding heart and tree hugger vote.

  10. The liberals say the conservatives didn’t look at the facts, when some air india families and the police in B.C. need and wanted those provisions to be extended, who are the ones ignoring the facts?

  11. That’s it! That’s the attitude that has created regional splits and kept the Liberals in power for so long!

    How insulting! The “crying” you ridicule was Lévesque having a nervous breakdown after being deliberately destroyed by Chretien and Trudeau. Sure they only got away with it because they are from Quebec, but that doesn’t make them good Prime Ministers, or even good people.

    Their actions and disrespect created today’s problems, blaming Lévesque and Quebecers is just revisionist bullshit.

  12. They didnt say, ”to hell with Quebec” Jean Chretien and Pierre Trudeau are from Quebec, so it doesnt make sense they would leave out there home province. Even back in 1971, approved constitutional changes including a veto for Quebec, but it was the Quebec premier that dropped the deal after. You are right, that Lévesque was not included again, but Quebec could of had there chance, if they didnt cry about it.

  13. You forget that the split on the right began with the Bloc, and then Reform happened partly because the West felt ignored as Mulroney seemed to focus on Quebec.

    As for the Night of the Long Knives, the betrayal was when Chretien invited every Premier to a secret midnight kitchen meeting where he struck a deal everyone knew would be unacceptable to Quebec. Trudeau and Chretien basically said “to hell with Quebec”. Instead of solving the problem they created an open wound.

  14. Not really. The reason why Chretien won three majoirty governments was that the right in Canada was not united. Canadians couldnt trust the Tories anymore, the NDP was unexperienced and Reform seemed to be apart of the religous right. Quebec was not really excluded. They had the right to sign on to the deal if they wanted.

  15. omg, this is freaking me out, this is just like what happened in America just before they lost all there rights😦, it also happened in the UK, this is just another step the the fat bankers plans to control the world.

    I for one will not stand by and lose my rights because of some false flag operations set up by a bunch of fat bankers that want to control the world.

  16. Anti-terrorism Act, is that anything like the Patriot Act in the States? Where they can enter anyone’s home and arrest them without a warrant and also give them no rights for a lawyer? or even to know why they were arrested? I would like someone to clarify that for me please

  17. French and English are both official languages in Canada, so anyone who wants to be Prime Minister needs to speak French. Dion has been criticized for his poor English, however.

    Anyway Canadians didn’t actually vote for Dion, the Liberal Party chose him after they lost the last election in a closed leadership convention with only about 5000 delegates.

    Most modern parties let all their members vote directly but the Liberals seem to think the old way results in better leaders. Not sure I agree.

  18. Do you canadians have a problem with a French speaking leader of the opposition? Obviously not if you voted him in I guess. Don’t take this as racist, im just from NZ and we only have one language in parliament. SO it seems a bit strange!

  19. You’re right the Liberals brought in the ATA under Chretien. The question is why did Dion suddenly change his position?

    And I can’t believe your comments about Chretien and Canadian unity … Chretien was Trudeau’s Constitutional Affairs minister in ’82 when they excluded Quebec from the constitution. Premier Lavesque was deeply betrayed and called it the “Night of the Long Knives”, and these Liberal majorities were possible because of the Bloc and the separatist rift Trudeau created.

  20. Also, the title of this video is wrong. Wasnt it the Liberals that brought in the Anti Terrorism Act? Jean Chrétien wasnt a good leader, i’ll admit. But he was much better then Brian Mulroney and Kim Campbell. While Québec ohmost left the Canadian Federation, he was sucessful after in changing the mines of the people of Québec. And Canadians were willing to give him three majority governments.

  21. The Supreme Court was not a backdoor war to allow same sex marriage, especially in a minority Parliament. Even if the Supreme Court ruled against it, the Bloc and the NDP would vote with the then liberal government.

  22. Not really like the Patriot Act at all, thankfully. There were really only two controversial provisions. ‘Investigative hearings’ forced people to testify under oath, and ‘preventative arrests’ let police detain people suspected of planning terrorist acts. I don’t like arrests based on suspicion either, but at least in this case they had to get various officials, judges and the Minister of Justice to agree first.

    I don’t think it was ever used, and anyway now both provisions have expired.

  23. Has anybody read our anti-terrorism laws? Is it not just the U.S. patriot act under another name? Is it not so far-reaching and vague that anyone who disagrees with the government could potentially be classified as a “terrorist”?

  24. I agree that eventually the Conservatives will become corrupt, should they acheive three majorities, but for right now, they would have to pull some “Jean Chretien” shit to lose my support; you know, use the RCMP as hired goons, steal money, obstruct justice, destroy the lives of those who oppose them, etc.

  25. I know all about the PC/CA merger, and what you call greed I call the realization that if they stayed separate organizations, the Liberals would be in power forever.
    Life throws curveballs, and those who adapt survive, those who don’t, well… They have museums full of their bones.

  26. First off, Harper wanted a free vote in the House of Commons for gay marriage, which is what Parliament is for. The Supreme Court was the backdoor way – no pun intended – for the Liberals to get the “gay” vote without angering their religious base.
    As for everything else you mentioned, small potatoes.
    Income Trusts had to sorted out for the good of the country as a whole, and for the most part didn’t really damage anyone.

  27. Peter Mckay when leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada had an agreement not to merge the PC and Canadian Alliance. Just for more information. The Conservative Party wasn’t created by angels, rather by McKay and Prentices greed

  28. I agree whole heartedly about that Jean Chrétien was a corrupt SOB and the Stephane Dion isn’t the best choice for Leader, but the Conservatives aren’t much better, they just haven’t had the time to be corrupt yet.

    Just so we are clear
    I worked on the Conservative campaign back in 2006 and I live close by to Stephen Harper (in Calgary).

    I want to thank you for this lively debate, It’s been the most fun that I have had in weeks. I hope that you don’t hold anything against me.

  29. How about this, how about the Conservatives trying to legislate away the right of Same Sex Marriage. How about the Conservative Member for Calgary West charged with rigging the nomination for Calgary West? How about the Conservatives renagging on their promise not to tax income trusts? How about Stockwell Day bribing the Member for Okanagan Coquihalla to resign? As the Conservatives violating election laws regarding Ads?

  30. You have a right to be ignorant, and I have a right to challenge you.

    Go on, defend your views. Tell me I’m wrong about the Liberals and why.

    Remember, I want facts. Statements are fine, but if they aren’t followed by action, then they are meaningless.

  31. The Liberals don’t protect anyone’s rights, other than their right to make a profit.
    The sooner you investigate the Liberals, the sooner you’ll see the light.
    BTW, what about native’s right to own property, and be considered persons under the Charter? Liberals don’t support that.
    Or allowing reserves to become municipalities with free elections? Liberals don’t support that.

  32. And don’t tell me what rights are protected under the Constitution, because the Liberals have been dismantling them systematically by using the Courts.
    Rights of victims? Liberals don’t support them.
    Right to hire the best qualified person? The Liberals don’t support that – you could be FORCED to hire someone with drug dependencies.

    The Conservatives have been MORE protective of Canadian rights than the Liberals have EVER been!
    Here’s an example; APEC Summit, Vancouver, Liberals sent the RCMP to crush a peaceful protest THEN laughed about it in the House of Commons.
    Here’s another; RCMP ordered to destroy Mr. Beaudoin’s life because he refused a loan Chretien wanted.

  34. Spread the word. Toronto, and Montreal are now havens for deception, infiltration, and Neo Facism of the growing ISLAMOFACISM groups that now live in our cities, work in our workplaces, and support the ignorant LIBERAL elites of the leftist parties. The left IS evovling into the new Nazism, Neo-Facism, The hatred for the West, Americans, Jews, homosexuals, Christians. DO NOT SUPPORT the Liberal shadow puppets of these NEO Facists that are infiltrating the Canadian Political system

  35. Liberals don’t want to loose votes from the growing liberal voting blocks of new Canadians that are more sympathetic towards the cause of Islam, hatred for Jews, hatred for Americans, the west, so they will not support anti-terrorism legislation. Liberals don’t want to jeopardize these new voters.

  36. Well since you know so much, then you would know about all the screaming that the Conservatives did during Paul Martins Government.

    PS: A Newspaper with a Conservative Bias isn’t a reliable source for information.

    Anti-Terrorism Act is an unconstitutional act and was disposed of justly by the Supreme Court.

  37. My GOD!!! Dion is such a hypocrite!!! The Liberals were the ones using fear tactics to sway the voters awat from the Conservatives. All allegations were based on PARTISAN REASONS and LIES. SHAME!!!

  38. Typical liberals just shout down the opposition and dont even let him speak. Typical liberal hypocrisy where they cry about free speech but always seem to want to take it away from someone else.

  39. I don’t know about Zundel, but you’re right about Arar. However the security certificates have been around for decades, and have nothing to do with the expired provisions in the Anti-Terrorism Act.

  40. I don’t know how people can support traitors, time to let another party have a chance, these clowns are all bought off, they should all be pilloried. For one, terrorist legislation should never have been enacted. All it has been used for is shipping a man to Syria for torture and to jail Ernst Zundel for nothing but writing books that certain Jews did not like, so he gets the security certificate.

  41. You have to give him credit for standing by his convictions. There were a dozen other Liberals who thought Dion was out to lunch, but they didn’t have the guts to show up and vote for the extension.

  42. How did Harper tarnish the MP’s reputation? The article was a statement of the fact and it didn’t indict the MP of any particular crime. If you actually read it, it just talks about the investigation and the link to the MP.

  43. Well first off I would like to adress the stupid comment that Ralph Goodale made about never minding the facts. That is exactly how the liberals are with facts and fiction. The liberals can ride around on poneys in fantasy land but that will not in any way help this country as a matter of fact it will hurt it.

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