Liberals shout down Harper over Air India allegations

February 21, 2007 – Liberal MPs feign indignation, demand an apology, and repeatedly shout down Stephen Harper when he tried to read from a newspaper article during Question Period.

The Vancouver Sun reported that the father-in-law of Mississauga-Brampton South Member of Parliament Navdeep Bains is on an RCMP list of potential witnesses who may be compelled to testify about the 1985 Air India bombing.

The RCMP’s ability to compel witnesses to testify provided under the Anti-terrorism Act was about to be renewed when the Liberal party suddenly changed their position and allowed the Act to expire.  There was speculation Dion’s sudden decision was influenced by indo-Canadians in the Liberal party led by Navdeep Bains, who delivered some 250 delegates to Dion at a crucial point in the 2006 Liberal leadership race.

28 thoughts on “Liberals shout down Harper over Air India allegations

  1. I love how the liberals blocked one of their own members from speaking for a few moments. Plus Miliken is a TERRIBLE speaker. The speaker is not supposed to simply skip a question and answer when things get rough, that is wrong and that is not the job of the speaker. He is supposed to force the opposition to SHUT UP and let the RIGHT HONORABLE PRIME MINISTER speak. This was disgraceful. Harper should have been allowed to speak and this immature show by the grits should have been condemned.


    CSIS should return all these terrorists to sender. We don’t need another Air India tragedy, MLAs/MPs beaten up by thugs and doda dealers. Don’t bring your ethnic hatreds and political baggage here.

    IMO, any holy book-clutching misogynist with a beard and a bag on their head should be denied entry into Canada, as a matter of policy. We have enough problems with seditious dirtbags like Mohammed Elmasry, Ali Hindy and Sayeed Sohawardy who need deporting. Ditto the Bountiful types.

  3. It’s because they know they can. In other countries there would be rioting in the streets, even if it cost them their lives. Here in Canada we just bend over and take it, and grumble a bit to our buddies at the office.

  4. Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame on the delinquents who each steal $155400.00 per year from the public purse. Only the most wicked narcissism can rationalize this self-issued salary.

  5. The Speaker really needs to take more control of the house he just stands there and keeps saying order, hell if it were me I’d start yelling at them telling them to grow up and let the PM finish.

  6. The Liberal Party is the worse thing to ever happen to Canada. The Liberal Party has attacked Stephen Harper in the same way with faceless allegations with the Cadman affair. It’s all hearsay and nothing different.

  7. I don’t think Canada’s ATA and the US Patriot Act can be compared that easily. The ATA was very limited, really only 2 areas where rights were restricted and then only under special circumstances with the specific consent of a judge and the Minister of Justice. And in the end there can be no secret charges and indefinite detention. The Patriot Act is much more draconian and wide-ranging.

  8. It sadly appears that Canadians suffer from the same liberal extremism as does America. Liberals here work daily to give the United States up to the UN, replace our Constitution with international law and open our borders to terrorists giving them free reign of our country. They continually take our security measures to court, sueing to dismantle them in the guise of equal rights for terrorists.

  9. I can’t believe how far the immaturity in there goes. Not only do they completely drown out the PM, but they won’t even let Ignatieff finish when he tries to make a statement, because they’re still too busy making noise. Crazy.

  10. Dude, I think you are retarded. Have you ever looked at the new “anti-terrorism act”. It is the first authoritarian act passed in canada in a long time. It is very similar to the U.S patriot act in nature and has many of the same clauses. The alligation made by harper was ludicrous, and based on a newspaper making inferatins on shaky information. Don’t believe everything you read or hear, think for yourself. The Conservative party is the worst thing that happened to Canada.

  11. every head of the liberal party has been prime minister of canada!this one will too.i really hope they don’t give into conservative aggression like we have here in the states.i hope bush as your guy can leave at the same timme.i want to see a noconfidience vote!

  12. Ahem, maybe you should take your own words as a hint, weak and spineless, that about sums up Liberals in Canada and the US.

    This clip illustrates how a radical far left Liberal, who’s Dad was implicated in the Air India disaster, can make the WHOLE Liberal party into accomplices. It doesn’t look good on them, it stinks to high heaven.

  13. you’ll notice the stark difference between…i guess you could call it “the maturity levels” between the Conservatives and the Liberals. Liberals, my God, you are grown men and women – conducting yourselves like children – in the federal parliament of one of the most exemplary countries in the world.

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