Liberals claim hidden agenda to appoint Conservative judges

February 13 to 15, 2007 – Liberals attack the government on changes to the judicial appointment committee, claiming the government wants to undermine the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as part of a hidden right-wing neo-conservative agenda.

Liberal MPs imply that police officers appointed to judicial selection committees would be biased and vote to select “right-wing” judges.

When will the Prime Minister stop trying to undermine the independence of the Judiciary?  When will he stop trying to impose his conservative ideology on the Canadian court system?

– Liberal MP Michael Ignatieff

12 thoughts on “Liberals claim hidden agenda to appoint Conservative judges

  1. Prime Minister Harper put them all in their place. This guy is a genius! Liberals want to get smart on crime hahahahah another buzz term. The constant fear mongering is hilarious. How do people believe the liberal bull?

  2. Dion: “Blah blah blah, i cant speak english, i want ur blood, when im PM im gonna send u to work in the weat fields, im gonna tax u for every co2 emission u make when u exhale, blah blah blah, hail stalin, blah blah blah, im a stupid socialist pig”

  3. I actually feel a bit sorry for Ignatieff, just look at his face when spews his filth he can barely contain his self-disgust. He probably wouldnt be a bad PM, this coming from a Conservative supporter.

  4. Harper, I am amazed how cool he seems to keep despite they things said.I think its funny how the liberals say we don’t need a right wing agenda but they want to push their own agenda. Sounds pretty hyperical typical liberal.

  5. People new that Stephen Harper was right wing and yet they elected him so obviously thats what they want. When will liberals realize that people want change and people no longer want our country governed by scandalizing liberals. They are the opposition yet they still think that their platform should be used.

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