Can Canada Meet its Kyoto Obligations?

February 5, 2007 – Stéphane Dion, Stephen Harper, Michael Ignatieff and John Baird in Question Period on the Opposition motion to force the government to honor its Kyoto Accord commitments, and whether Canada’s Kyoto targets can be met.

In 2008, I will be part of Kyoto but I will say to the world I don’t think I will make it.

– Stéphane Dion


8 thoughts on “Can Canada Meet its Kyoto Obligations?

  1. Gotta love how Dion completely ignored Harpers original comment that the Liberal government themselves admitted Kyoto targets were unobtainable right before they lost power. Now they change their tune when it proves to be something they can attack the Cons over. And in doing so they destroy a effective piece of environmental work like the clean air act. Lame.

  2. Its a little rich to say the Conservatives got us where we are today. Its true that they are responding to public pressure to act on the Environment, but would you rather they not listen? The Conservatives have everything to gain by accomplishing something on the Environment, and the Liberals have everything to lose if the Conservatives succeed. Its the Liberals that are holding up the process, and they’re doing it for purely political reasons.

  3. Wanna know why Canada hasn’t met their targets? The Conservatives continue to waste time bashing the Liberals on Kyoto which throws everything in a spin. The Conservatives have never taken the environment sersiously, they do now because the public demands it. The public must seek what’s beyonds the Conservative’s face. How they play the game, and play the ther parties. They’re lazy fat cats that need to be out.

  4. The liberals themselves admited just monthes ago that the kyoto targets could not be met… so why would they expect that a different government could meet them?? It’s pure politics like John Baird always seems to point out.

  5. Although I believe that our time is being wasted listeneing to this this flavour of the day bickering, I can’t help notice that conservatives still avoid answering questions by diverting opposition questions back to opposition. Akin to saying, “We know what you want us to admit to, but we won’t give you the satisfaction! We’ll just make fun of you instead! But there’s no way in hell we will answer your questions because people will see that our plan is not much different than yours was!”

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