The real environmental question, according to Rex Murphy

Once again, Rex Murphy hits the nail (almost) on the head:

Is the moral weight of our example worth the immediate real costs on our economy and our lifestyles … do we believe our moral leadership is worth the public and private costs of providing that leadership?

17 thoughts on “The real environmental question, according to Rex Murphy

  1. If the entire population of the world was wiped out today from this earth, we will still experience global warming….. Why…..

    It’s a natural cycle and we have little to do with it.

    Don’t wory about it and just relax…

  2. Maybe people love alarmist scenarios like Y2k and apocalyptic movies
    cause they’re 9-5 lives are so boring.

    To save the planet the whole system needs to come down so people can radically change how they think good living is, and have that living not supporting entities that pollute and ruin the bio-sphere

  3. Canada, the land of the north, so dependent on fossil fuels to keep warm for over 6 months a year Is expected to be the fall-guy. We are expected to have the global footprint of places like Brussels? I don’t know why we don’t give our head a shake.

    Because of the Cult of Climate Change. we have been the whipping boy on this. Americans want us to build more parks, protect more forest to assuage their conscience for their indulgences.

  4. I agree to some extent with you Rex. Costs to adapt to change are far smaller than those to make a meaninful change.

    Canada, one of least densly populated nations of the world, strewn out along the US border like beads, or babes huddling for warmth, is expected to devastate itself and show the world how to do it to their economies too.

  5. Rex,
    On election day I can easily rationalize my not going to the polls since my one vote won’t in itself make a difference. The same can be said for Canada’s decision to reduce or continue their current rate of CO2 emmissions. It is a matter of doing the right thing regardless of our total impact on the problem itself or our ability to influence other countries. Please don`t reduce the science behind Climate Change as a sidebar…it is significant and important. What is questionable is the economic impact which
    you state as fact.

  6. I disagree that there is a “public cost” associated with conserving energy – this is a common mantra spewed by the AGW denialists – that the economy will suffer if we try to cut CO2 emissions – total nonsense.

    Since when does not driving unnecessarily or not turning up the heat or hydro cost us more money?

    The true costs to society are incurred when we waste our limited resources carelessly and poison our planet. North Americans consume much more than they need to.

  7. This guy does have a point, I still say Rex Murphy is essential CBC’S version of CNN’S Jack Cafferty (essentialy Jack Cafferty on Barbituates and Amphetamines). If after watching Cafferty (youtube him) you still think Rex Murphy is interesting I will have to split the difference with Rex Murphy fans and you can be upgraded to really boring people who are too lazy to do a bit of research so instead you get it from this guy.

  8. I like this guy, he cuts through the crap. In Australia we’d have the same impact on global warming as Canada yet we’re told if we don’t follow the Al Gore party line we will perish in a slightly-warmer-than-hell on earth. Meanwhile Super-Polluters China and India have no responsibilities to slow down under the Kyoto protocol and we have to pay THEM because of our miniscule carbon emmissions.

    Armageddon Inc… Somethings not right here

  9. Rex isn’t quite right when he says that “millions of dollars were spent on a non-event” regarding Y2K. If the millions hadn’t been spent fixing computers to prevent the Y2K bug, then it would have been an event.

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