Dion attacks Harper at debut press conference

In his debut press conference newly elected Liberal leader Stéphane Dion describes Stephen Harper’s government as secretive, ideological, right-wing, and neo-conservative, claiming they have a hidden agenda.

Dion launches ad hominem attacks against Harper, encourages media bias against the Conservatives, and says he can’t support anything the government proposes.

Dion expects to defeat the government as early as February or March 2007.

159 thoughts on “Dion attacks Harper at debut press conference

  1. Sup prime’s are not a problem in Canada,a and financially Canada is the most stable country in the world right now according to CNN.

    0 bank failures so far but liberal fags who like to complain about everything will try to pretend that america’s problems are ours.

  2. You guys should be glad you had Harper on Fox Business, CNN, CNBC instead of Dion repersenting Canada. I know he is not perfect but better than Dion!

  3. Harper neo-cons walked Canada into a global mess by failing to heed the US mistakeseven when they were clearly pointed out. By bringing in our own subprimes turned housing markets into an unstable bubble. he overspent and burned through a precautionary surplus. THE CONS CUT “SALES TAXES” when income and business taxes were too high. Industry was ignored. A finance minister blabbered the currency around. In short, harper did nothing about the recession, because he was obsessed with Winning.

  4. WHAT?
    Listen, if those business taxes weren’t cut, MORE jobs would be lost.
    If you’re desperate enough to believe that the Liberals and NDP can protect your job, then you really are in bad shape and I feel sorry for you.

  5. 1 in 5 voted for the Cons.
    The Cons went from a $12 billion surplus to a deficit in less than 3 years. The wrong taxes were cut, gutting federal revenues, just when families and factories need serious help. And, Harper lied during an election campaign, to gain false support. Then, in the midst of an economic meltdown when gov’t’s around the world scramble to shore up their nations he does nothing except try to screw more power out of his political opponents.
    Throw the Con Bum Out.

  6. lol what a dummy.. all that money is coming from alberta oil nothing else.. plain and simple..alot of those come from employees of companys that actully fund money thats givin…like what do you not understand.. 60% of the people who didnt vote in canada support mainly the NDP or Liberals

  7. Sorry, but the facts are indisputable. Check the Elections Canada database for yourself, you can examine each and every donation, who gave it, when and where.

    Last year 160,000 people gave to the Tories, 55,000 gave to the NDP, and only 35,000 gave to the Liberals. The Tories simply have more grassroots support than the other parties. Its a hard reality for the other parties to accept, but it has been true for 5 years now.

  8. yeah sure..this is big government.. their is a million ways to go around the law.. harper is funded by big companys i dont care what you say.. its just fact, its how the world is run.. stop being a idiot..anyway .watch what harpers government will do to canadians.. you will all be doomed.. watch by 2012.. i will be gone to europe

  9. None of that is true.

    Political donations from corporations, trade unions and special interest groups are illegal. Only individuals can donate, and only up to $1100 per year.

    The Tories have more money because more Canadians give them money than all the other parties combined, fully 70% of all donations made to political parties last year. Only the Conservatives raise more money from private sources than they get from the government.

  10. do you know why the conservatives want to take out the tax dollers… BECUASE THEY GET MILLIONS FROM OIL COMPANYS AND BIG BUISNESS… if they take out the tax funding.. they will be in power for a long time… NDP gets no money from major companys at all.. and in canada people arent as amped about the government as they were in the US this election

  11. Its the social democrats that are trying to pull a fast one … They debated exactly these issues in the election and lost! They give the government their confidence when they passed the Throne Speech last week!

    This is just about political parties taking MY TAX DOLLARS without my consent – if they want our money we should give it to them voluntarily. Even OBAMA rejected public financing – it skews the process away from the will of the people.

  12. you know, it was bennett not pm mackenzie king who pushed for reform and social programs in the thirties?…Go look up the famous Nickel Speech by mackenzie King and you’ll see who was anti-reform. Plus do you know that under the liberals canada was the 2nd country to outright ban the deliverance of jehovah’s witness pamphlets? Second only to nazi germany, so once more go do some research before smearing the Tories.

  13. Uh huh. It is obvious that you have been deceived by the fearmongering tactics of a desperate party. Harper has done more good for this country in a minority situation then Paul Martin and Jean Cretien did in the last five years of a majority government.

  14. Stephen Harper’s a manipulative jerk. He’s got the image of a leader, and the brains, but clearly the only person he thinks about is himself. I just hope history repeats itself, and the conservatives fail (again) to allow the Liberals to resume. I do agree, however, that Stephane Dion is not a good leader, but his ideas (ie, carbon tax) are good. The liberal and conservative plans are just as expensive, but the liberal one is more economically and environmentally effective.

  15. blah blah blah…
    There is no hidden agenda, no Canadian “Patriot Act”, no concentration camps…
    The Liberals have proven over the past century that THEY are the party who will trample your rights… The APEC Inquiry, the Somalia Inquiry, the Gomery Commission, etc., they are ALL examples of how the LIBERALS trample our democracy.

  16. See CBC documentary “Canada Park” Dion knows it was built on a disputed levelled Palistinian village, the liberals are neocons too they are not allowed to care for the people at least where the buck stops.

  17. Ah I clicked the wrong thumb. Harper supporters are misguided about his measures and plans. He takes on these issues with the wrong attitude and wrong plans. His bills and solutions are half-assed and he does not seem to take suggestions from agencies or specialists. His idea of law and order is not likely to solve the problem. Locking people up is not good enough, they don’t even do shit in there. Make them slave workers if you want to lock em up!

  18. Whoa Wilbur! Take a chill pill ffs. Harper approved Bill C51, which would have all Americans and Canadians alike, unable to obtain legal access to many important alternative, nutritional supplements. This effectively limits people’s freedom to choose how they want to heal themselves or maintain/improve their health which is simply wrong. As adults, it’s our fundamental right to decide for ourselves what we wish to put into our bodies; this is why I despise Harper. Who’s the misinformed one now?

  19. Dion, you are not the primeminister. So stop trying to act like you are. Before you call the Conservatives “secretive”, perhaps you should examine your party’s secretive schemes regarding the Sponsorship Scandal and Mr. Chretien’s tendency to choke people who disagreed with him.

  20. Leftist dip-shit always say the SAME SHIT: ‘thenewsguy’ needs a f***ing kick in the teeth! SHUT-THE-F**K-UP you misinformed conspiracy bull-shit cumquat! The Conservative party is centre-right NOT neo-con right dip-shit! F**ck you too! Watch the news, read the paper and grow a pair!

  21. Stephen Harper is a retarded douche bag who deserves a good ass-kicking. He should be stripped of his Canadian citizenship and ostracized permanently with his elitist American mentality. F*ck him. We don’t need republican policies or a Bush-style agenda here, nor do we need an ignorant fool like Stephen Harper leading our country. Persona non grata ftw.

  22. Dude, are you hiding something? Are you a terrorist? What are you talking about? Stop smoking crack – it’s making you paranoid buddy. Mr. Harper is one who is a defender of freedom, human rights and fair treatment. Look at how he stands up to China. He will not pass draconian laws – but we definately do need more law and order.

  23. Dion must be on prozak or just really delusional. Either way he is not the most influential opposition leader in a generation and neither is he a hero – as he refers to himself.

  24. well as I see it you elect someone to speak for your riding in Ottawa and not to have your elected representative go to Ottawa and come back and tell you bullchit. You should vote in Parliament as your constituents want you to and not party loyalty

  25. Airybitizik u won`t be saying this when all u have let to wipe your butt with is the charter of rights and freedoms ..because thats about all it will be good for if Harper gets a majority you`ll see the passing of several laws similar to the Patriot act and the force feeding of the North American Union where you can get an all expense paid vacation at a FEMA sponsered detention camp , where u can breath in lots os poison gas

  26. Dion talk about hidden agenda and then later answers how the agenda was unmasked by his incompetent colleagues. Stop the fear mongering. Turning Canada into a welfare state is what Liberals do best in order to control the population and keep winning elections. Liberals always had a communist agenda. I’m tired of being taxed to death so liberals keep giving hand outs to lazy people (usually artists) that keep bitching to the media about how their existence and cause is so important to the country

  27. Stephen can’t even speak propor english and hes gonna run for Canada, which is mostly ENGLISH PEOPLE. Not damn french. This idiot should go run for Quebec or France or somthing. Does he realy think he has a chance. He looks like a fool.

  28. the liberal party is very much a corporate party. they’re foreign policy over the past three decades when in power proves that beyond anything reasonable, if you look at the facts. vote ndp.

  29. “Secrative”

    The Liberals want to open the door to American style lawsuits against every teenager who downloads an mp3.

    Both Harper and the Liberals are power hungry liars in the pocket of American interests.

    Oh, they’ll call thee new laws “fair and balanced”, but they aren’t.

  30. Well Garth was voted off the island by his own riding association. He probably deserved it, knowing Garth. Bill Casey voted his conscience on a budget but knew he would have to leave caucus if he broke ranks on a confidence vote. That’s normal and expected in our system.

    But Dion’s candidate just doesn’t support the Green Shaft, so he won’t be allowed to run despite being democratically selected by Liberals in his riding.

  31. No, the reference is in regards to:
    – Harper screening the speeches of Cabinet Ministers and caucus members
    – Harper booting members from the CONServative caucus for representing their riding – Garth Turner, Bill Casey, etc.

  32. You must be talking about Dion firing his candidate in Guelph because he disagrees with the Liberal Green Shaft plan. I guess democratically chosen candidates don’t have freedom of speech in the Liberal Party.

  33. Of course he has a secret agenda. Part of its contents are these: he plans to go shopping, he’s going to mail a parcel to a relative, he’s going to watch TV, and finally, he’s going to remember to have his drycleaning picked up.

    It’s a secret agenda because it’s no one else’s business, just like my secret agenda. If you want to know about my secret agenda, I’d be glad to answer questions.

  34. This government ignores the Canadian constitution,
    ignores the resolutions of the Canadian Parliament,
    ignores the recommendations of the Canadian Senate,
    ignores the decisions of the United Nations,
    ignores the expressed wishes of the Canadian people.

    To whom IS this government accountable?
    To George W. Bush, evidently.
    And that is unacceptable.

  35. The only thing, in substantial terms, that this minority gov’t has done, is the Afghanistan Mission. This is the only example I can think of where Parliament put stupid political differences aside and formulated a decent and proper policy.

    It is a shame that nothing else has materialized.

    This crap with Shreiber, the RCMP, was such a joke and waste of time.

    Really, I’m convinced, if you want something done, then don’t vote for either COns. or Libs in next election!

  36. Hellosharky:

    right on!

    every department and agency in Ottawa has policy gaps!

    It is Parliament’s fault, both Cons. & Libs. because, basically, forty years of Canadian policy pretty much came to end in the 2000’s.

    THe Cons. leadership & Libs. don’t want to do anything with policy ’til they have a majority because they are too caught up playing the game of Canadian Parliamentary Politics.

    Actually, minority gov’t would be best for creating policies for the next 25 years.

  37. quit evualating him with mainstream stereotypes you have acquired from the media. He is actually a very honest man, no bad history. This guy is trying to get rid of big business and corporate goverment. Just look at his beliefs! Get that bad taste of paul martin out of mouth, its a 180 degree turn now! Harper is just another corporate hack. He is not a torie, his party’s ideology died in the 90’s. PCs merged with Alliance, however they KEPT the name for notriety to keep their heritage voter base

  38. I can’t fuck’n stand him. He seams like like one of irritating flaky nerds who’s mere voice makes you wan’t to smack him upside the head. He reminds me of Milhouse from the Simpson’s.

  39. As a politician Harper is a COWARD. He attacks Dion instead of making policy. Who cares of Liberals? I want to see our country improve. Is Harper doing that? No. He’s just making more useless laws, passing the most silly bills, he’s got no real agenda whether it be corrupt or not. Look, he’s an economist. We should never expect much, so no agenda, but then i have to add… no NOTHING. We’ll look back and ask what the HELL was he doing in that office all those years?!!

  40. ya god i wish we had a Ron Paul to save us. the closest thing weve got might be the Canadian Action Party. They seem ok, but have no chance of winning.

    judging from the comments on here, looks like people are figuring out what is going on. i try and tell people, who arent total hammerheads, about the NAU, SPP, etc. the problem is most Canadians are brainwashed idiots who think they live in a free country.

    Sadly, i think were fucked. Im moving to greener pastures.

  41. Fuck!

    I know you’re right bro, how the hell do we as people stop something like this?

    The americans have their “Ron Paul Revolution” we need something similar

  42. It is hard to understand how, with all of the information out there, that there are still sky fairy death cult worshippers in civilized society. Can they not read? Are they suffering from some sort of frontal lobe disorder? Do they not see the obvious rip off and con job of religion? Are they morons?

  43. of course he has a hidden agenda. its the same one the Liberals have. that is to set up the North American Union and keep the troops in afghanistan no matter what the people say.

    Hey Dion, learn how to speak english.

  44. First, while no doubt global warming exists, there’s still conflicting scientific evidence how much is caused by man. Second, oil is Alberta’s resource, much like lumber is BC’s, or nickel was Sudbury’s. The fact is Canada’s economy depends on resources, and must sell them, oil, water, or lumber. There’s nothing wrong w/free trade, and while I agree labor and environmental issues are important, from an econ major’s perspective it’s extremely bad policy to tie these things to trade agreements.

  45. I think anybody knows that Canada and the U.S. require each other for trade. Both liberal and conservative gov’s of Canada have nurtured that connection. But how does that equate to Harper doing what’s best for this country? If he is, his idea of “best” is shortsighted as it involves economics in a vacuum (which is truly not the way economics works). So denying global warming science so that Alberta mazimize canadian revenue is “economics in a vacuum”, which is NOT good for this country.

  46. I heartily agree. It boggles my mind that there’s still people so deluded who would endorse either wing at this stage of the game. We’ve been sold out, time and time again. Our interests don’t seem to count at all anymore. Political criminals never get convicted unless the hierarchy decides it due time for an example. No politician listens to the people. They keep their freinds close, and their enemies closer. That’s how the road to riches works. We’re the blind supporters. No faith, whatsoever.

  47. What’s wrong with closer ties to the US? You realize how important trade with the US is for us? We are 2 interdependent countries, and always will be because of our geography. Stop with the knee-jerk anti-American sentiment and realize that Harper’s doing what’s best for this country.

  48. thesource1981, I’m brainwashed and a stupid **** eh? I love the U.S.? Well, should I hate the U.S.? Is that a Liberal thing? The U.S. is our neighbour & friend, we do more business with them than anyone else, we need them as much as they need us. Tell me why I should hate the U.S.? A fanatical Christian **** eh? Wow… what if I was a non-fanatical Christian, or do you just hate Christians in general? =)

  49. Other than the fact that he’s buddied with Bush, attended a Bilberburg meeting, broken promises & declared that we the people don’t care? Well, right there he proves he’s out of touch with his roots. Picked up and thrown in with a self-proclaimed dictator for Oil to support our neighbor’s failing economy. What exatly does a blind Conservative need, to see that this is the road to HELL? As far as I’m concerned that’s two parties for the trashbin.
    I have NO CONFIDENCE in either them.

  50. I appreciate your attempt in fairness. But I have to say that your comment that the Harper gov is doing “quite the opposite” could lead to me listing the examples in several posts. The examples are in the mainstream media, there are no secrets. On this I will give credit though. The Harper govenernment is doing what it said it would do (generally), nobody should be surprised. But it is the wrong way to go. Not because it is not “liberal” or not “socialist” but just wrong from any stance.

  51. To be fair I don’t think Cretien was ever personally charged with a crime, but Judge Gomery determined his party and members of his government broke election finance laws, Jean Brault, Jean Lafleur and Chuck Guité all pleaded guilty to over 40 counts of defrauding the Canadian government, and there is still over $100 million the Liberal Party has never paid returned to the taxpayers.

    On the other hand, I don’t think Harper’s government is doing any of the things you mention, quite the opposite.

  52. Yes you’re right. There is no law against dicriminating against sexual orientation, regulating morality, denying climate change science, protecting the oil industry, selling Canadian sovereignty, or arming space but that doesn’t make them right. What law did Chretien break btw?

  53. That there are people that believe the current conservative government is anything other than self serving, close minded, and dangerous to this country is FAR beyond comprehension. I like to allow for differences of opinion, but when it gets far beyond reason, I cannot. Comparing Harper to Chretien and having Harper come out clean is like comparing George W. Bush to Bill Clinton and having Bush come out clean. It boggles the mind.

  54. You’re brainwashed. I guess you’d rather have Chretien and company lie, cheat and steal from Canadians again? The Harper gov’t atleast listens to the people, and they work with other parties, Harper appointed a former Liberal deputy PM head of the Afghanastan committee. LIEberals have screwed this country up, it’s ONLY NOW getting back on track… I want a Gov’t I can trust not a bunch of Liberal Criminals! Look at the facts, stop being blind!!!

  55. Even if this is the case im sure both parties are involved. Politic is kinds like the Mafia and the Mob there both after the same thing but still fighting for the number one spot.

    so called “global warming” has been around for YEARS. the plain is the better ALL man kind not just the west.

    I do not “totaly” agree with this but we are deffinetly in for some interesting times.

  56. Even China does NOT have to enforce emmissions reductions!!! Harper is a traitor that is not interested in the interests of Canada. Conservatives are endorsers of the Free Market agenda and are true Nationalists. Harper is neither of those!!!

  57. No, he is not even a true Conservative. He is a schill of the Global Internationalists. He will try to kill the ecconomy of Alberta by passing Emissions Reductions!!!

  58. The Harper government is interested in serving only the interests of the religous right and big money.If you live anywhere outside Alberta you have plenty to fear.This tyrant as already censored the press making it so he as no accountability for his actions.Only persons of antiquated thinking and the unintelligent would ever vote this dangerous dictator back into power.

  59. I just watched your video and I agree The Harper gov’t is so secretive so controling. I wrote to the Minister Public Safety twice my MP Hedy Fry wrote 3 times he totally ignored every letter. It was about my being in a CSIS computer Bank that houses subversive groups. I am almost 70 years old am not a threat to public safety. We wanted the Minister to review the 7 Blacked out pages I received from the CSIS

  60. Only $7 billion to deal with us natives?
    I know whats going on harper but money is not going to fix it this time.
    You this government is comitting Genocide in the province of alberta. You don’t want to force the natives because we are part of the U.N now and we can ask for help from any nation in the world. I want you to keep that in mind when you just decide something with out asking!

  61. Harper is going down. Scumbag Mulroney will take him with him. Most Canadians hate Harper anyway – unless they’re right-wing, brain-dead scum-sucking asshole American wannabe’s.

  62. You’re a complete ass.
    The only facists in Canada are the Liberals. They are the ones who use the RCMP to pepperspray peaceful protestors at APEC in 1998 and then laugh about it in the House of Commons.

  63. Harper is a traitor and a Neo-Conservative scum bag. Here’s a guy who says we should have followed America into their illegal war with Iraq. If you want to see Canada start down the same road that America is on, if you want to see fascism in Canada, vote for Harper.

  64. The NAU / SPP etc has been done for years in secrecy. Research it. All PM’s have hidden agendas, and its getting into bed with the USA. Time to stand up as a country and tell the world, we are CANADIAN, not the USA’s little brother.

  65. Plus Harper is not living in secrecy, he is trying to reduce the ability for a scandal to occure like the one that Gomery and the Liberals pulled off a few years ago. As for the WIMP post above, I support the claim by stating that he isn’t very intellectual and must rely on his WEAK cacus to make him a guideline so he doesn’t embarass his (LIEbral) spelt this way on purpose just in case you libs don’t get it) party even more.

  66. The Conservatives (former Reform Party) have to be taken out of power. We are being sold out to the Americans and he is for the North American Union. They have to go. The Liberals are no better. Who do we have left? NDP, Green…. I say let’s start a new party here in Canada. One for the people, not for corporate interests.
    truthaboutall dot blogspot dot com

  67. The Conservatives are going to win the next federal elections for two reasons. The First is that they are the best for the job in the century we live in and the second is that Stephan Dion is un-electable. He simply is a whimp. He would be a terrible PM. Besides its because of the Liberals this country has gone down the drain.

  68. Thank God for Stephen harper and the Conservative Gov. These spineless liberal “she-men” need to be shipped out of the country. I really cant wait to see this idiot Dion go toe to toe with harper debate night on National TV (next election).. Stephen Harper will eat him alive =D

  69. What is going on about this North American Union? Why must we hear from the Americans that the next meeting is in CANADA? Don’t we have a say anymore or are we like the rest of Harpers Cabinet,to be seen and not heard?

  70. You must be one of the brainwashed ones that continues to vote Liberal if you’re buying into this “secretive government” crap. I’ll bet you love the CBC’s ‘unbiased’ reporting as well, eh? It must really make you smile as a Liberal supporter. Dion is a pathetic choice by the Liberals, and is going down big time is this is the best he can offer with his mangled English.

  71. do the liberals want to get elected by bringing ideas to the table that are designed to improve the country, or just trash the prime minister and scare everyone into voting for them. you notice dion uses hidden agenda, secret right wing this and that,but goes into no details. Never has, never will.

  72. Some say that they think Dion’s an honest man. Seeing junk like this ‘news conference’ of his shows that he’s full of fear-mongering and lies just like his Liberal predecesors Martin and Chretien. He calls the PM a bully – I’ll bet this weakling is still holding grudges from his school days where he was probably the laughing stock of the class, and saw everyone who criticized him as a bully. He’s going down, big time.

  73. what? how can someone fail to hit a home run on a underhanded lob of a question from the media criticizing the prime minister for his dealings with the media? he sounds like a 9/11 truther.
    sorry mr. dion, back to the ivory tower with you.

  74. Support for Israel, hidden. Support for Canada’s military, hidden. Senate Reform, hidden. Strengthening the justice system, hidden. The media and the House of Commons are strange places to hide ideas, Monsieur Dion. Be careful about how many times you repeat a big lie, it only worked for Paul Martin once.

  75. montrealman, why can’t you express an opinion without swearing and sounding like a reject from the Jerry Springer show? Calm down and make rational points.

  76. I do believe that the Conservatives have a right-wing “hidden agenda” and are merely waiting to be re-elected with a majority of votes. Of course this would be good for the country since the Liberals and their vermin friends turned it into a shit hole. I have long hoped that one day champagne-sipping socialist traitors like Chretien and Martin would face justice and be severely punished for their crimes.

  77. I was under the impression that no one could be worse than Mulrony,(GST,FREE TRADE,MEECH,DISTINCT SOCIETY,3MILLION LAW SUIT,ROLL THE DICE)remember? But unfortunatly I was wrong.Harper(BUSHSUCKING,WAR,BODYBAGS,BAN THE PRESS,KOYOTO,CUTS,LYING,FEAR MONGERING)to mention a few of his personality traits,remember…and vote!

  78. Oh and BTW, I do not want him as a prime minister, I’m just pissed that you say he’s from France, I live in Quebec, and I know he actually was BORN and RAISED here…

  79. france is a country u moron he has a citizenship of france, under French law, for which Dion is a French citizen it’s illegal for him (treason) to hold Political or Military Office for a foreign country. Doesn’t matter the country and doesn’t matter if they have dual citizenship (and it shouldn’t, you’re a traitor if you are of one land and work for anothers political or military benefit which could clearly be a conflict of interest to the mother country

  80. he didnt say that… he said that Dion is a French citizen as well as a Canadian citizen. and yes, it really is unethical to run for the top leadership spot on a country, while still holding citizenship with another country.. It could become a conflict of interest, if we are making deals with france…

  81. I’m wondering if the Conservative supporters stop and contemplate why a vast majority of people still support the Liberals even with the Sponsorship Scandal. Do you believe we were happy that our tax dollars were used to line the pockets of corrupt people?

  82. You must be one of the brainwashed ones that continues to vote Liberal if you’re buying into this “secretive government” crap. I’ll bet you love the CBC’s ‘unbiased’ reporting as well, eh? It must really make you smile as a Liberal supporter. Dion is a pathetic choice by the Liberals, and is going down big time is this is the best he can offer with his mangled English.

  83. The soldiers with guns ad was an unfortunate distortion. However, BOTH sides must be accountable for mistakes. I rarely hear a neocon reject the nonsense that Paul Martin supports child pornography. Harper’s agenda is not so much hidden as it is reprehensible. Increased income tax for the poor, fighting for a warlord government which has drastically increased opium production, claiming Israel’s atrocities are a “measured response”, the pending “Defense of Religion Act”. It goes on and on.

  84. do the liberals want to get elected by bringing ideas to the table that are designed to improve the country, or just trash the prime minister and scare everyone into voting for them. you notice dion uses hidden agenda, secret right wing this and that,but goes into no details. Never has, never will.

  85. Some say that they think Dion’s an honest man. Seeing junk like this ‘news conference’ of his shows that he’s full of fear-mongering and lies just like his Liberal predecesors Martin and Chretien. He calls the PM a bully – I’ll bet this weakling is still holding grudges from his school days where he was probably the laughing stock of the class, and saw everyone who criticized him as a bully. He’s going down, big time.

  86. Support for Israel, hidden. Support for Canada’s military, hidden. Senate Reform, hidden. Strengthening the justice system, hidden. The media and the House of Commons are strange places to hide ideas, Monsieur Dion. Be careful about how many times you repeat a big lie, it only worked for Paul Martin once.

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