Canadian Parliament recognizes Québécois Nation

Stephen Harper answers questions regarding his motion to recognize the Québécois “as a nation in a united Canada”.  The House of Commons unanimously supported Harper’s motion.

We often forget it was French-speaking Canadians that founded Canada, it was French-speaking Canadians who were the first people to call themselves Canadians, the first group of people who had a vision of a country from coast to coast.

This is an important opportunity to reconcile ourselves to that reality. It is important for national unity … it forces the Bloc and the Parti Québécois to admit that what they are arguing for is not recognition or acceptance of Quebec … far from it. It is simply a question of independence, of creating an independent country.

– Stephen Harper

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263 thoughts on “Canadian Parliament recognizes Québécois Nation

  1. good… call the Qc a nation… then what? mostly an empty gift… can’t beleve this guy is prime minister of Canada…

    On nomme le québec Nation… mais sa reste un cadeau vide, c’est juste en gros pour dire VOGEUL ON SAIS QUE VOUS EXISTEZ… Stephen Harper devrait pas etre en politique… c un crétin…

  2. Maybe we should reconize that canada did a lot for quebec but i will never forget that the grc conspirated against us. hOWEVER, decentralization of the powers is a better solution than the separation.

  3. The Quebecers are no more distinct…no more of a “nation” than the First “Nations” and the Metis “Nation” other than they are European and actually have even LESS of a right to a land in Canada, or anywhere in the Americas for that matter. The whining of the Separatists in this country is an embarrassment.

  4. Mr. Harper might also have mentioned that if French-speaking Canadians had not resisted the American incursion into Quebec in 1775, Quebec and perhaps all of present-day Canada would have been incorporated into the U. S. A.

  5. tu préfères voter pour Ignatieff ? Je le verrais très bien chez les conservateur personnellement , il appui même la guerre en Afghanistan . Mais de toute facon , le fait est qu’il a passé 34 ans a l’extérieur du pays , fait en sorte que selon moi , il n’a pas sa place comme premier ministre du Canada .

  6. quebec a WHAT?? NATION
    quebec has become a joke around the world
    just make sure you don’t ask a bus driver for any directions or the time you might get arrested

  7. nation quebecoise ahahhaha fais moi rire il s’en caliss comme tu dis de mes idées de nous, mais bon j’admet que Dion n’est pas mieux, mais Dion n’est plus la !!!

  8. et d’habitude tu votes pour quoi ? j’catch pas trop la ta facon vraiment conne de penser .
    criss , je crois que , ( dans un contexte ou tu n’es pas un pro-souverainiste ) tu votes pour un premier ministre pour , ses idées , ses projets , ses tendances . Et dans ce cas la , tu n’aurais pas eu ta foutu nation avec Dion . Arrete de chialer la , et profites dont du fais que tu l’as eu , ta nation québécoise .

  9. so Canada is not a nation? it has many cultures.. A Nation is a people that shares a common history, culture, language. etc. This describes Québec, much more than Canada.

  10. hahahahah quite funny. We Were here before you. You’ve tried to assimilate us, get rid of us, whatever. We ARE STILL HERE and that is what irks you. Sit back baby, we’re here. and here we will stay.

  11. Three hundred years ago we came, and we have remained … And we have held fast, so that, it may be, many centuries hence the world will look upon us and say:–These people are of a race that knows not how to perish … We are a testimony. (Louis Hémon, in Maria Chapdelaine, 1913).

  12. @UnitedEmpireLoyalist – You are blocked from making any more comments on my videos – the use of the word ‘nigger’ and characterization of ethnic groups as ‘garbage’ crosses the line for civilized pubic debate, and may be construed as hate speech.

  13. Read your dam history. The First King of both England and Scotland was the Scottish King James VI/I and it was his great grandaughter Queen I who united the Kingdoms of England and Scotland together. Both English and Scots united to form the Kingdom of Great Britian in 1707. In fact the last true English King was King Richard III and he was killed by the Welshman King Henry VII who’s son King Henry VIII united both the Kingdom of England and Principality of Wales to form the Kingdom of England.

  14. Canada never had African Slaves in huge plantations like the Southern States of the United States and for that main reason dont belong in Canada. Only such countries in the Americas like America, Brazil, etc where slaves made vst fortunes for the country and for the Landowners do Blacks have a right to live. The Normans were not French but Scandinavian Vikings who settled Northern France, Norman is the Frenchified version of Norsman. Canada is being ruined by Multi-Culturalism and PC’ isms.

  15. Quebec is a Province and not a Nation of Canada. You bastards should know that it was the British and not the French who created the Province of Quebec in 1763, Quebecois are just another Nationality of Canada just like German or Chinese Canadians. I sya that it is you and your pathetic ingrate people should leave Canada and not ours, You people have done nothing positive for Canada and have only ruined it from the get go. The only good thing about a Quebecois is being servents of Anglo Canada.

  16. you can take all your papers and wipe your arse with ’em! no one cares about your treaties, hypocrite…
    the irish kicked you out!
    the hindus kicked you out!
    the yanks kicked you out!
    the scots kicked you out! (almost)
    the English are “Yesterday’s Man”.

  17. my goodness! another anglo racist supremist creature! and as you whine – everyone prefers garbage to the “civilised and cultured” British! LOL! can you imagine what they were like before the French Normans civiized them? and cultured? LOL! just like a colony in a petri dish! perhaps you should go to Haiti! you are quite the Hater! LOL!

  18. funny fellow, my ancestors came to Quebec in 1563 while yours lived in british squalor. Quebec is a nation. no one cares what you “consider”. it’s a good thing that you’re nobody of importance. by your words, anglos have the same status in Canada as newly arrived Chinese immigrants giving you a “Nationality” of British Canadians. so how can you speak with authourity? take a boat back to Angleland (Eurabia), i’m sure they’d be happy to see the likes of you! you could get in the line with Timster!

  19. Quebec is not a “Country” but a Province of Canada, nothing more and nothing less. I am prepared to call the Quebecois a Nationality and not a Nation of Canada. Quebec belongs to Canada BTW of the Treaty of Paris (1763) in which the French ceaded New France (Canada) to the British to retain there Islands in the West Indies. The British then established both English and French as Official Languages of Canada and Quebec BTW of the Constitution Act of 1867. English must be restored in Quebec ASAP.

  20. The Province of Quebec is being taken over by French Speaking Sand Nigger Arab Muslims and Nigger Black Haitians because they speak French. Apparantly the Quebecois prefere these garbage then the civilised and cultured British, Australian, New Zealanders, Anglo Africans and Anglo Canadians because they speak English. We have a fucking Haitian Governor General who should be deporated back to Haiti where she belongs. There is no connection between Canada and Haiti and we dont want one.

  21. You Quebecois are the ones whould should be sent back to France and or to Louisiana where the British deporated the Acadians in the 1750’s. The British gave your ancestors 18 months to leave and unfortanly they stayed and have been the Cancer and Gangrene of Canada ever since causing nothing but trouble. The British Canadians are responsible for the Hydro Power of Quebec and not you pathetic Cheese Eating Surender Monkeys. One day Quebec will become English and there is nothing you can do.

  22. you said ” Canada is a distinct culture (?) not just french but many cultures (?) and he who says we deserve to be independent is ignorant and should be jailed.” did you come to my country to tell us what to do? to jail Quebecois? the country is already built. we don’t need your “advice”, mister man. why don’t you just be happy that you abandoned your own countrymen to partake in what our pioneer ancestors built?

  23. The British and the Loyalist’s where to kind and tollerant of the French Canadian Population of Canada, they did not deport the whole lot and if they did, Canada would be a much better place. I regret the French never siezed control over the Portuguese Colonly of Brazil and siezed if for France, becuase Brazil woul have been the perfect place to dump the trash of Colonial Canada. The Loyalists were not “Freeloeaders” in fact many of them were the richest of the British Americans.

  24. judging by your channel, you are not even Canadian! LOL! why are you getting involved in Canadian affairs? if you believe that the land belongs to the Native Peoples, then why don’t you give back the land that you are on right now? you’re squatting on it aren’t you? hypocrite…

  25. Quebec doesn’t need you, you need Quebec to get to the Atlantic Ocean and for electricity so that you don’t freeze in the dark because you are incompetent and cannot develop your own hydro power. YOU ARE THE REFUGEES WHO SHOULD BE SENT BACK!

  26. hey, didn’t American kick you UEL bastards out back in 1776? George Washington chased you up to the border kilingl you as traitors and bastard spawn of king george who stole the farms from French farmers, deported them from their homes and gave it to you freeloaders. you’re nothing but American traitors who were evicted for treachery.

  27. You are right that the Quebecois were in Canada before the British Canadians but that does not mean Shit. Under French control Canada was a struggling fur colony that was a backwater and the Cities of Quebec and Montreal were little more then large Camps unlike the Cities of Boston, New York and Philadelphia in the British Colonies. The British transformed Quebec and Montreal from large backwater camps to glitering and the richest cities in the British Empire after London and other UK Cities.

  28. why should the Quebecois leave? they were here before you by 150 yrs! anyway, your lily-white anglo population is approaching zero since you lost interest in procreation. not surprising. you’ve been replaced by immigrants, so quit your whining! (like Monty Python’s knight who kept hurling insults after he was cut to pieces, LOL!) (in case you’re deaf, i’ll repeat it for you – “you have been replaced by immigrants”. look at the numbers! U.E.L. soon to be replaced by W.H.O.! poor little anglo…

  29. If you wan’t to leave Canada, we are not stopping you. Canada with the help of the British Commonwealth will give you some money for you to start a new life in France, the United States or anywhere you want to go. BTW Quebec is a part of Canada, so if you want to leave Canada, you will have to leave Quebec also and we are not giving it you a bunch of ungrateful crybabies who pathetic and need spanking. Just be thankfull that you speak your dam language and move on with your life and behave.

  30. Quebec is not a “Nation” but only a Province and nothing more and nothing less. The Quebecois I consider a “Nationality” just like German and Chinese Canadians. The Province of Quebec was not created by the French but by the British, Province of Quebec (1763-1791) and (1867- Present Day). If the Quebecois are unhappy living in Canada (Quebec is a part of Canada) they are free to leave on the next airplane and head east to France or South to the United States or wherever, they won’t be missed.

  31. And should I mention Majority of Quebec if its land should ever be divided the Native Indians should have it not Quebecois, they are the true owners of the lands and they themselves I have been told rather never separate from Canada.

  32. Very True, I can recognize Quebec as a nation but for those who want to Separate from Canada Personally to me is committing Treason against their country of Canada, Canada is a distinct culture as it is not just french but many cultures and if he who says we deserve to be independent is just ignorant and should be put in jail.

  33. Ce nest plus le rejet (sauf des conservateurs). Ce nest plus la crainte. Cest lindifférence. Le Canada ne suscite plus de sentiment fort. Cest ce qui tue à petit feu, chez les Québécois, lidée canadienne.

  34. La lente décanadianisation du Québec. Plus le Québec souvre au monde, moins le poids relatif du Canada ne compte dans cette ouverture. Plus le Québec est branché, moins le branchement canadien ne semble le plus intéressant, et en rien le plus essentiel. Plus on débat de changement climatique, de réforme du capitalisme, dOGM, de pandémie, moins la part canadienne de ces débats nest déterminante.

  35. Et le pays du Québec pourrais être bien meilleur. Ce n’est pas une question de haine de ressentiment qui va briser le Canada. C’est l’indifférence mutuelle. Plus le Québec s’ouvre sur le monde, moins l’apport canadien dans les débats est important.

  36. Native americans founded canada, The french were pretty much murders of the peaceful natives on whose land they tried to make a colony of france. In fact the Inuit (the people) the survivors of the last great ice age survived by eating walrus and whale blubber, Stephen harper is a puppet of the american equivelent of AIPAC, pretty much after the breakup of north america

  37. Ok… and what’s your point? We don’t fucking care about who created Québec! We just want to leave Canada in order to choose what is right or wrong for our NATION!!

  38. In what do we depend on the rest of the country… half of Canada’s exportations are shipped by the St-Laurent River! Just imagine all the taxes you’ll have to pay for each shippement if we separate😛 Ask yourself the question, why do Canada want us to stay in the country if we’re so unethical!!

  39. If Quebec was an indpendent country, what advantage would they have? They depend on the rest of the country. Most Quebecers have no work ethic; Lucien Bouchard even complained about that a few years ago.

  40. Ok, i’ll get a fact : Quebec, since it’s foundation, a french majority. Even today. We always been the majority. We speak french and we will do everything to keep french here. Tell me what is our advantage to be assimilated? If Quebec ahve to be assimilated, what about the first nations or other countries in the world?

  41. Is it just because we were conquered that we are obligated to speak english? It’s stupid because if you want assimilation. Like if french was nothing and english was power and everybody on earth was supposed to speak it as a mother tongue laguage. It’s a little bit imperialist don’t you think? Everywhere we can go, language minority are protected (like in Louisiana for exemple) Anyways colonial times are passed and today we are in the modern world.

  42. The French may have founded Canada but they did not create the modern day Dominion of Canada and even it’s Province of Quebec. Take for example, the Spanish founded Hispanola but the French created out of Hispanola after they conquered it St Domingue (Hati&Domincan Republic). Likewise the Spanish founded Santiago but the British conquered it and renamed it Jamaica. likewise France founded New France but the British conquered it and then created modern Canada and it’s Province of Quebec.

  43. Non of the Provinces that came together as a Dominion in the 19th Century were French. The Province of Quebec and the remaining Provinces were British Colonies for 104 years from the time of the Conquest in 1763 to the Act of the Union in 1867. Get you facts straight.

  44. lol you pussies make laugh alot!
    no way of separation
    since the begining were together, lets remain together.
    fuck separatist, fuck anglo canadians racist towars quebec
    long live a strong, united, free and Bilingual Canada!!

  45. Crois le ou non, j’etais le plus separatiste Quebecois que tu puisse connaitre! J’e detestais les anglais comme tu peux pas t’imaginer. Et la Reine d’Angleterre, je la maudissais. Mais tou ca a change au fil des annees, je me suis rendu compte que le Canada, et le Canada je dis bien, peu importe la langue que tu parles, est un sacre bon et beau pays. Je sais, je l’ai visite d’un ocean a l’autre. Je te le jure Carlaiving, y-as des pays bien pire que le Canada.

  46. Je te felicite, je suis fier pour toi. Tu dois avoir rencontre beaucoup de gens sympatique en ontario egalement, et de t’appercevoir que ce sonts des gens bel et bien comme nous.

  47. Et rien de ce que j’ai vu, entendu ou appris durant ces expériences n’a modifié le moindrement mes convictions selon lesquelles nous sommes un peuple distinct du Canada. Le fait que nous soyons assujetis sans notre accord à la constitution canadienne de 1982 n’y change RIEN (ou si, ça démontre empiriquement que nous ne pourrons pas nous épanouir comme peuple au sein du Canada)

  48. Assez. En ce cas, je me permets de t’informer que je suis toujours aux études, et que j’ai étudié en Ontario pour la dernière année de mon baccalauréat. Par ailleurs, j’ai travaillé pendant 6 mois en Ontario pour un stage académique et autant à l’IPE. Je travaille présentement à temps partiel au gouvernement fédéral par ailleurs.

  49. Un sophisme, ou argument à logique fallacieuse, est un raisonnement qui apparaît comme rigoureux et logique, mais qui en réalité n’est pas valide (à ne pas confondre avec vrai). Le sophisme repose sur le moteur du syllogisme, ou de l’enthymème (avec un argument éludé). L’adjectif fallacieux désigne ce qui est trompeur ou mensonger. La logique désigne en rhétorique lart de construire un discours cohérent.


  50. The sooner that the Quebecois are assimiliated into Anglo-Canadian Culture and the Province of Quebec is Anglicised the better. The French Language in Quebec must die out by using similiar laws like Bill 22 and Bill 101 on the Quebeocis themselves and have the English Language imposed on them. The British allowing the French Canadians to keep their language was a mistake that has caused major problems in Canada, but its not too to late to do this and it will be done.

  51. Je melanges rien du tout, le probleme est que tu as ete eduquer au Quebec et n’as pas recu la bonne eneignement, celle qui dit la verite du Canada. Et je dois dire que ton argument entiere est egalement base sur ce sophisme carlairving.

    Le concept est tres facile a comprendre pourtant. Tu devrais retourner au etudes, c’est a dire aux bonnes etudes, sur le cote de l’Ontario.

  52. Canada was only formed as a dominion in the 19th century as an act of union between four provinces. Before it was an assembly of different provinces, some of which were British and some were French.

  53. The First Nations have the right to be free.
    The French-canadians have the right to be free (and must remember that one of the main reasons why they still exist is the support of their Native allies).

  54. Of course there is racism. It is important to to identify whos taking advantage of it and who is affiliated to who. You make me laugh when you talk about medias, education system, finance, liguistic laws and companies. Ask yourself WHO IS DECIDING, WHO IS OWNING, WHO IS MANIPULATING, WHO IS INVESTING, WHO IS HAVING A GARRISON MENTALITY, WHO IS TRYING TO RESIST ASSIMILATION AND WHO IS DEPRESSED.

  55. lassiecox: concerning the First Nations, you seem to forget that the ‘Law on ‘Indians”, the reservation system, then the genocide (murders, contamination, rape, beating, assimilation, intimidation, depossession) and residential schools system were decided by the anglo-canadian federal government. You also seem to be forgetting when Amherst aproved the exchange of infected (with small pocks) blankets to the Native nations allied to French and French-canadians. Bacteriological genocide.

  56. lassiecox: you could start by reading ‘THE BLACK BOOK OF ENGLISH CANADA’, by Normand Lester (translation by Ray Conlogue). Take some notes and make sure to verify each and every source and archive.

  57. lassiecox: If it’s not too hard for you, you could make efforts to inform youself about who did what, who owns who and what, who mixed with who, who didn’t, who is dominating who and who is using who to do what… you could also fight your intellectual lazyness and try to find when it hapened. There is ignorance in every ‘ethno-cultural’ group and this ignorance is cultivated and stimulated. Why don’t you try to get rid of a part of your ignorance? Cause it’s harder than spreading hate?

  58. lassiecox: I’m not sure if you are ignorant, naive, racist or unhonest. You have no idea about the history, sociology, demography, economics, ethnography, politics and legistlations of your own continent! You are regurgitating the same redondant biased mantras than the racist anglo-canadian (and collaborators) colonial establishment!

  59. Go to france with your quebecois, its like ebonyx in the american ghettos, or the haitian french, or the vietnamese french, or the rewandianese etc. to communicate you have to go through a lotta sign language, Its too convoluted for words. Your all just a bunch of puppets dancing to the tune of an orthodox fiddle, leading you quietly off into the distance nearer and nearer to your end. You closed the anglo public schools, all but those in the secular communities. How many years until they win?

  60. the italians=350,000, greeks 150,000, the anglos in 1977 were about equal in number to the french, in montreal, then various parti quebecois gouvernment agencies in tandem with the orthodoxy got rid of more than 500,000 anglos, destroying their lives and businesses. From where I stand, an independent observer, There are a lot of unsettled accounts out their, not the elitest who rule, but the little people, and they will bring you down. They are stronger and have minds bigger than a coke bottle.

  61. What you don’t see is the money behind the french newsmedia, universite du montreal, The political aspect, Isn’t even french. Its the NYC crowd, wanting the real estate, who have designed a new quebec constitution that will give them access to the geophysical assets. Lived there for 22 years, You should see the settlements flooding in from NYC, secular communities, invading quebec and eastern canada. They have 5.7 kids per family, The quebecois 1.7. The anglos 1.9. The future is clear land theft

  62. exactly, French and english are both equal in the canadian constitution, the only thing distinctly going on with the quebecois is the defranchising of the native americans and the outright theft of their lands, to get to the assets. Its an expansion of NYC and their population explosion whereby one sector have 5.7 children and are the upper class citizens, who already own or control the mining companies who shared their shares with the quebec government to get to the copper ore bodies-theives

  63. you forget the genocide against the 10,000 tribes whose lands you stole and murdered them. The only real holocaust in this world headed to a one world order with a special peoples controlling the economy and using the world as a human garden, the servants, hirelings, outright slaves who perform the actual work which they are incapable of with their fleets of lawyers and puppet politicians will lead to one place ” War ” we will not march over the cliff when their overbreeding takes our spaces

  64. The federal gouvernment to defend the ethnic cleansing was lacking because the lobbiest efforts overcame the governments responsibility to serve and protect its citizens. The efforts of degaulle and the russians to create a petite cube de la nord seems to be lost in harpers consideration. The first peoples were the native americans, not the french. The constitution of nouvelle quebec is to federalize the native american lands to steal the copper orebodies. Harper is a puppet, for the orthodoxy

  65. Speaking of the ONU (United Nations)
    The ONU would not kick Canada’s ass if they went against the Quebecois seperatists because the ONU have shown themselvs impotent in the past, They could not stop the Rwanda Genocide, can not stop what is going on in Dafur, cant protect Congoliese civilians from Rebels from Rwanda, Uganda, ETC. The OAU would mearly issue meaninless treats which they would not carry out. Look at Iraq, the OAU threatend Saddam Hussein but did nothing. OAU will not punish Canada

  66. The Quebecois will not fight for their independence. Quebec will only get independce if the win a war for it which they would loose. The Confederates were brave to fight for their independence from the United States but Quebecois are a cowardly people who would immediatly surrender in the face of Canadian Troops comming at them. Quebecois know that if they did a Fort Sumpter on Canada, Canadian Troops would be in Montreal and Quebec City with in a matter of days to crush and humiliate them,

  67. This should be the Language Policy of Canada and its Provinces and Territories.

    Official Language(s) of the Dominion of Canada.
    English, French

    Official Language(s) of the Provinces of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia and the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

    Official Language(s) of the Provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec.
    English, French

  68. Constitution Act 1867 (Part 1)

    Use of English and French Languages

    Either the English or the French Language may be used by any Person in the Debates of the Houses of Parliament of Canada and of the Houses of Legislature of Quebec: and both those Languages shall be used in the respective Records and Journels of those Houses.

    End of Part 1

  69. Constitution Act 1867 (Part 2)

    Use of English and French Languages

    and either of those Languages may be used by any Person or in any Pleading or Process in or issuing from any Court of Canada established under this Act, and in or from all or any of the Courts of Quebec.

    The Acts of the Parliament of Canada and of the Legislature of Quebec shall be printed and published in both those Languages.

    End of Part 2

  70. I totaly agree with you. I do beleive that the Canadian Army should be sent to Quebec to dismantle the fascist language laws, language police, restore English as rightfull co-official language, restore English on Quebec signs as same size of that of French, ban the PQ and other seperatist orginisations, deport all Quebecois nationalist from Canada including Quebec, restore the historical Anglo-Quebec population to 25% of the population of Quebec, ETC. Canada must act tought on Quebec.

  71. While saying this I have to disagree with French Language Laws you should not keep soething alive against the will of the people if the Quebecois want to be French then they will be French whether or not they are forced to.
    I think it’s important for every Canadian to learn the basics of French because it’s a beautiful language. But I dont think forcing people to speak spell and put on their signs solves anything. If Quebecois can thrive without it’s protective laws then it is truely distinct.

  72. Do any of you, think that we can keep Quebec a part of our nation by screaming obscenties and making asses out of yourselves. The way to keep Quebec is to remind them of the history we share, it was the Quebecois that first used the name of our great nation as their name the Canadiens, it was they who fought against the first American Invasion (not 1812 but the US revolution) they are the founders of our nation and I thank you Quebecois,
    Nous sommes tous Canadians


    If you pequistes try anything stupid again, THE CANADIAN GOV’ T WILL SEND IN THE AEMY AGAIN. AND FINISH THE JOB THIS TIME.

    Perhaps one day we shall meet on the field of battle.

  74. Qu’est ce-que vous voulez dire exactement. Si vous aimez l’anglais, vous pouvez déménager aux Etats-unis. Il semble que quelqu’un ait trop de temps pour dire des absurdités

  75. Hmmm… Québec have 7 millions citizens. Do you really think that compagnies and other country will spit on that capital markets???
    Economy Journal had ranked Québec independant in the 30 (of 192) best economy in the worlds. In equality with Denemark!

    Come on, you can do better…

  76. Quebecois are too fucking scared to fight for their dam freedom, hell even the Confederacy fired the first shot (Fort Sumpter) and fought but failed to win their freedom. Quebecois on the other had are a bunch of cowards who dont have a stomach for a fight to which they would get their asses kicked and this would be the final nail in the coffen of the French Language in Quebec.

    Canada should send in the Army to Quebec to make English the sole Language in Quebec and to ban French in Quebec.

  77. You Quebecois are the loosers not me. The British humiliated your ancestors in the French and Indian War and conquered you. You like or not are defeated people and should accept you place. The only thing keeping your dam language alive is your language laws, police and the appeasing and traitor Anglo- Canadian politicans. One day French will die out in Quebec and English will be supreme, if you dont like it you are free to leave Canada including Quebec.


  78. With in a century the French Language will be dead in the Province of Quebec.
    French Canadians will be assimilated from uncivilised French Canadians into civilised Anglo-Canadians.

    In 1 Century the Province of Quebec will be no differant from such provinces as Albeta and Ontario because English will be the sole language in Quebec and French would have died out.
    French Canadians are a people with no Literature and no History

    French Canadian are natural born loser

  79. You have no right to say that, You go back to France. Read you dam history, the British won the French and Indian War and the French lost, so that makes all of Canada including Quebec, British and later Anglo Canadian territory. Quebec belongs to the Anglo-Canadians/Quebecers and if you dont like it then tough luck. I support flooding Quebec with Anglophones to make the Quebecois a minority in Quebec and make Quebec a Province that will be no differant then Alberta or Ontario.
    anglicise Quebec

  80. you can always dream, England is virtually dead and will not help you, neither anglo-saxon America under Obama, and if you anglos do that, France is just not far away with nukes to blow all anglo out. France protects Quebec as a nation within a nation. Quebec is the economic engine of Canada, and Canada will do everything to respect and keep them with Canada.

  81. “British Imperialist”, what british imperialism ? we all know Britain is soon no more with the European Union led btw by France and Germany, and it was British imperialism against Europe that provoked WW1 because Europe was friendly to America(which Britain was against), now Britain lost all their colonies and are dependant of Europe, the Queen of England is virtually powerless, and maybe Britain is soon an islamic sharia land, so you can always dream about your British Imperialism.

  82. The land called Quebec does not belong to the Quebecois but to Canada. I do rember that the British beat the French on the Plains of Abraham and in the French and Indian War to claim what is modern day Canada for the British and later Canada. The French had the choice between retaining New France and the French West Indies in the Treaty of Paris and they chose the French West Indies.
    I say its time for Canada to evict these Quebecois squaters from Quebec and flood it with Anglo-Canadians.

  83. The British North American Act of 1867 states that English and French are Canada’s National Languages and English and French are Quebec’s Provincial Langages. All Laws in Quebec making French the sole offical language are illegal and should be dismantled. Stephen Harper is a traitor to Canada for selling out to Quebec by declaring it a Nation. Quebec is not a nation but a Province of Canada.
    Its time to act tought on the Quebecois like Israel is now doing to the Palastinians in Gaza.

  84. I live in the US and I am sad that Louisiana’s culture was eaten up many years ago;it has made this country that more monotonous. It would’ve been so interesting to go to Louisiana and experience a Francophone territory with Anglo/Hispanic/African elements than just another state with a dying culture. I think Québec should retain their culture and like the bastard Harper said, be a, “nation within a nation”. Québecois have the mentality that their land is a nation, let them be free.

  85. Actually, I think Quebec will do fine on its own unless its neighbors, mainly the United States becomes hostile towards it, i.e. stop trading with it. But why would the United States do that? Trade is trade, and the US won’t be Anglo Canada’s “hitman”. Especially when Anglo-Canadians are more antagonistic to the US then the Quebecois. As long as the fundamentals do not change and Quebec remains friendly with the US, business will be as usual. Hey, they may even get wealthier.

  86. Harper?this man take my life,and you speak french?go to see on you tube, Chantal Montreal july 10,and you can see the mother of the world,i’m a live on Québec city,my message and you anderstand I dont speak french,Mary

  87. Hey Pal at least Assimulation is so much better then Extermination. Assimulation I do support of the Quebecois like many French Louisianas were assimulated by the Anglo-Americans after the Lousiana purchase. Like would be so much easier in Canada is the Quebecois assimulated with the Anglo-Canadians. Quebec would become to Canada what Lousiana is to America, an English speaking place with a French Atmostphere. You are lucky that the British were intent on assimulation and not extermination.

  88. “Anglo’s” aka the rest of Canada just want Quebec to quit bitching, if they separated they’d be the shittiest country on earth, dirt poor. They’d come crawling back in shame within a decade. So shut the fuck up already and just make some cheese or something. Nobody cares.

  89. allez chier les caves blokes le Quebec chie sur vos face vos ancetres votre sous culture et jamais de ma vie jai vu un anglais battre un quebecois et ca arrivera pas de mon vivant les larves humaines vous allez vous incliner tot ou tard devant votre maitre et son nom est quebecois

  90. No!! we dont want people like that think that british r better dan frenchies. Now u see why quebec wants seperate. No one is better than other. we r all equalls n we dont wannna have a separition beteewn french and english. and for ur informantion frenchs arrived 1st in hole Canada and we r proud 2 b a bilingual country

  91. Canada should just give the ungrateful frogs an ultimatum.
    Accept that Quebec belongs to Canada, Accept that Quebec should have English as an Offical or Co-Offical Language and that they should be gratefull that the Anglos gave them such rights as Language, Church, Culutre or get the FUCK out of Canada (Including Quebec)and go to French Guiana and Suriname where they can set up a State for exiled Quebecois Nationalists.
    The British beat the French fair and Square for Quebec.

  92. lol. Personally, I don’t think Gilles Duceppe is that bad of a leader, but he’s a separatist. This man was running for Prime Minister of CANADA, while he’s saying that he has “a distaste for English-Canadians”. So yes, he is a moron in a way. A lot of people say that the Bloc is basically the Liberals, but with the separatism. I voted conservative the past 2 elections (too young to vote before that), and I always loved Harper.

  93. Only few person still voted for Gille Duceppe and the partie Québécois,after 18 years of waste of money (300 Million Dollar) for 1000 cheap promises and only two were accepted in 18 years.

    Gille Duceppe is a moron and in 1995 during the referendum 48% of Quebecois voted for “yes” for separation and today in 2008 only 20% still wanted separation and this 20% is only stupid alcoholic people….I’m proud to be french canadian and i’m very proud to be canadian.

  94. Quebec separatism started 30-35 years ago. Quebecors did not only feel ignored, but that they were strong enough to have their own nation. Don’t forget the October Crises man. French killed English people because they wanted to separate, and the Army was called in. I live in Outremont, but when I walk through Gouin (or any other French area’s), I’ve been called “Muduis anglais”. A lot of separatists have done worse things that English people. We should all just get along.

  95. yes but did you speak french…we’re a minority in canada and MANY english canadian hate french and called “Frog” or whatever insult like that.

    We’re still like a subhuman in english canadian eyes…

  96. It just pisses me off so much because I live in Montreal and I love it. Quebec is a very important Canadian province and I would hate to see it separate from Canada. The Quebecois were recognized as a nation by Stephen Harper. It’s not like we’re still brushing them off. Quebec is my home, but Canada is my country and I don’t want to see it separate.

  97. Separatist have reason mate..i’m french canadian and the 1755 is a miserable past of canada, and in 1800-1900 Alberta to Ontario/New-Brunswick abolish french…that take 100 years before canada said “egality” in 1981

  98. If Harper had any spine, he’d kick the separatist Quebecois people out of Canada and hang Gilles Duceppe as a traitor. What a pack of lies you people tell yourselves. Your culture is not in peril, it is alive and well. It is bullying all of Canada and you know it. Get some dignity and stop holding out your hand. Show you can stand on your own two feet and support yourselves and then maybe we will finally muster up some respect for you.

  99. Arrêtez de vous traitez de noms, les Anglais sont des si, les français sont des ça, c’est toujours pareil. Depuis 5 ans que je regarde des vidéos sur youtube, je pense que je n’ai jamais vu une réponse par vidéo. Que des blablas, pipi caca !

  100. ! J’ai jamais vu un Québécois répondre ce qu’il ou elle pense, ce qui les fâchent dans tout ça. C’est triste. Si ma blonde dormais pas en ce moment j’en ferais un caliss de vidéo pour chacun de ceux de Stephen Harper que j’ai visionné ce soir. Come on..! Un peu de nerf. Des textes ça vaut rien. Y faut voir la passion dans vos visages et entendre le fougue rugir dans vos coeur.

  101. . Montrez vous la face et dites c’que vous avez à dire brillants citoyens, c’est comme ça que l’on éveille une nation et que l’on construit… un pays. Dès demain je m’y met, pas nécessaire de me répondre que j’suis comme tous les autres car c’est c’que tout le monde fait ici semble t-il. On cherche des failles dans les textes des autres et on crtique. Pathétique.

  102. no. quebec is a province. a beautiful province. its part of canada. we have millions of doccuments claiming quebec. so they wont be separating. and even if quebec separated,do oyu know how much crisis it would cause canada and quebec? quebec would lose all of its monney that it gets from canada,would lose everything from canada, it would have to make a new money system and everything. so save yourself the hastle and dont allow quebec to seperate. we would still be bilingual.

  103. What a joke that Quebecers in droves(my home province) have bought into this NATION idea when it doesn’t mean anything at all. RIEN!!
    Alot of Quebecers are easily fooled and now vote conservative. Pourquoi? Je ne sais pas!

  104. 1st: I didn’t read all of the commentaries, but I’m sure there are some ignorant ones here and there.

    2nd: “Quebecrulez”, “halifaxmtl666”, and “tubesteak101”: you pathetic, ignorant, racist pieces of shit can choke already.

    And all of the other morons who posted something either against a race, a group, or a nation can go fuck themselves.

    Oh, et je ris des cons qui s’imaginent qu’ils peuvent juger de la colonne (“spleen”) d’un individu en l’identifiant à un groupe. Gang de caves.

  105. Exactly! You couldnt say better!

    and its also why they want to much to keep Quebec in … because without it, they are not a “bilingue country”.. no identity, they are just USA little bro ..

  106. Bonne idée, le Québec aura plus à co-habiter avec des sous-classes de francophone comme les Acadiens (parlant aussi bien francais qu`un Japonnais dyslexique) ou les “so-called” Franco-Ontariens.

    J`ai rien à dire contre les “rednecks”, le Canada est leur pays, pas celui du Québec et encore moins des Canadien-francais (Redneck parlant le francais) hors Québec.

  107. Too bad no one shot Trudeau when the old fool was alive.
    A gay dream to live in a federation LOL

    les fédéralistes parle comme si ils vivent sur une autre planete.

    Ces faciles de savoir si tu est en presence d’un Federaraliste….Sa sent la marde.
    Sa pu le poison.

    Its easy to know if a Federalist il close by it smells like shit with a touch of fish.

    purely digusting.

    I have more respect for a cockroach than a Canadian lease the cockroach has a spleen..

  108. Too bad no one shot Levesque in the face while the old drunk was alive.
    A drunker’s dream to separate LOL

    les separatistes parle comme si ils vivent sur une autre planete.

    Ces faciles de savoir si tu est en presence d’un Separatiste….Sa sent la marde.
    Sa pu le poisson.

    Its easy to know if a Separatist is close by it smells like shit with a touch of fish.

    purely disgusting.

    I have more respect for a cockroach than a Quebec lease the cockroach has a spleen..

  109. les anglais parle beaucoup quand il sont derriere leur ecran dordi mais queand i sont dans ta face i se calme en crisse

  110. il rit des québecois en disant que le quebec forme une nation a l’intérieur du canada. juridiquement a l international ca ne veut rien dire!!! le canada isole le quebec du reste du monde

  111. Les Canadiens devrait le faire sa réveillerais probablement les Québécois pour finalement se séparer de ce pays de fascisme anti-diplomatique appelé le Canada..

  112. Peut-être que le Québec devrait séparer!
    N’est-ce pas une bonne idée? Vous pouvez établir votre propre pays et de cette façon – une bonne Canadiens n’auront pas à écouter plus de votre gémir! C’mon Québécois … quitter notre pays! Le plus tôt sera le mieux! Et ne laissez pas la porte avez-vous sur l’âne en voie de disparition.

  113. You’re pathetic! But maybe not forever….

    I can give you some french lesson if you want… for free! Then you will be able to communicate with some fellow quebecois who is a part of your country and learn the means of the word ; Respect!

    What do you think?

  114. The Dominion of Canada was not founded by the French but was founded by the British. Before Canada was New France which was conquered by Generals Amherst (Montreal 1760) and Wolfe (1759) on the Plains of Abraham. Like it or not Quebecois the British defeated the French during the French and Indian War and so to the victor goes the spoils, I can assure you if the French had one their would be no English in Canada today. British are too tollerant with Quebecois.

    Quebec belongs to ANGLO-CANADA.

  115. The English Language should be forced upon these miserable Quebecois like they are forcing French on Anglo-Quebecers. The Quebecois are a disgusting bunch of ungratefull frogs because Canada allows them to enact such facist langauge laws like forcing people to print bigger French words on signs then Englis. The Carrot has failed and its time to use the stick. The Quebecois have a choice either they can live in an Anglophone country or they can leave to France, Belgiuim or Switzerland.

  116. Not all French speaking Canadians are from Quebec anyway, alot are from Ontario New Brunswick Manitoba and other parts of Canada and not all English speaking Canadians are from the English speak parts of Canada either, there are alot of English speaking Canadians that are from Montreal.

  117. As a Canadian living in Sweden also, I have to agree with your comment (men svenska är svårt!). Speaking the language in the country/region you are in allows you to learn something you won’t learn otherwise, culture (which is priceless).

  118. yep and thats wat quebecers are afraid of being surrounded by english countries they fear their ppl would learn english and not wanting to speak french n e more being independent would give it more control to preserve their culture

  119. I dont guys its complicated. Canada was founded by french quebecois. They discover west canada and settle down there before the english. The problem with english canada is that they dont have any soul as a nation. They didnt create their own culture, like frecnch quebecois did. Therefore, its hard to understand what quebec wants when you dont even know who you are yourself. Its sad we could have been the beat country in the world culturally we have alot of talents here.

  120. Well if it was indeed placed incorrectly, it must be your fault not the website’s. Anyway, I’m not trying to sound like a racist, but the fact is that a lot of people in our society still are. The ideal world in their point of view would obviously be that the other races stay in their countries, but we all know that it’s not possible *cough* Bush *cough* (for example).

  121. Before replying to a comment in french, you should learn it first,`cause if you knew french… YOU WOULDN’T HAVE ANSWERED THAT, MORON. Ànyway, who am I to stop you from making a fool of yourself😛.

  122. If you learn a 2nd or 2rd or more languages it also opens you the door of other cultures as well. I live in Sweden now and learned the Swedish language… while most of my friends (english people) still doesnt want to learn it because most understand them… They are closing their mind and perception to the only thing they’ve learned instead of opening their mind to something new and different: Another culture. That is why they should learn french…

  123. Fact is, Way more of the Country is Anglophone so obviously more people will stick to English…weather its right or wrong, Why would a farmer in the praries learn french if they are to never speak it?

  124. Like i said previously, there is unilingual english speakers within my family and they got serve in english in Paspebiac & even at “St-Ambroise” ! And this was not tourist places.

    I’m not saying that everyone will or do speak english but most of them are able to stand a basic english conversation. Which is not the case with most english Canadians. That is a fact.

  125. You may have a difficult time getting served in English in many parts of Quebec, just as you may have some difficulty being served in french in British Columbia. I think this is a big problem.

  126. I think the design of our political system actually makes “pitching a bigger tent” impossible. The design is based on the polarization of the votes, which is why politicians and political parties systematically plot their courses on the basis of how to make the other guy look bad, and how to make self look good. It’s not about finding good, sustainable solutions to the problems of governance and the problems of the country. Yes, we are lucky to not be a military dictatorship. But do we have good and effective governance? No, we do not.

    What does effective governance look like? Well, it’s a cybernetic problem – it’s about how to manage complexity effectively. Were we to design this thing called government from scratch, I would bet everything I own that it would not look at all like what we have today.

    The assumptions behind the current governance system are over 300 years old, and these include that most of the population is uneducated and that a select few are more competent to make governance decisions. It was formed to wrestle control away from the English monarchy (our form of government originated in Westminster). The world was simple then, that form of government was possibly effective then. Effectiveness, in those days, was about diluting the power of the monarchy and transferring it to the lords. Ultimately, having the lords make decisions about the governance of the county would be more effective and less arbitrary than having a consanguine monarch act out his/her whims.

    This devolution of control, from the monarch to the lords was a good thing, back then. But it was only a step in the right direction. Today, 97%+ of the population is functionally literate. We are all lords, in a sense, capable of taking decisions for ourselves about how we want to run our lives. Most of us are specialists in our own fields, and competent generalists in other fields. We can analyze problems and make decisions.

    Democracy 300 years ago was about governance on the basis of the will of the governing lords, who were the property owners. This is not democracy in today’s terms. To have a democracy today, we need a governance process that enables the will of the people to be known and exercised in the decision making process of government, and a mechanism for the government to be accountable for ensuing the will of the people is adhered to in the day to days running of the country.

    It is not true that voting is an exercise of democracy because it does not ensure that the will of the people will be heard. Once a member of parliament has been elected, s/he becomes subject to a number of constraints that preclude him/her from actually abiding by the will of the people. The first and foremost is the party line, where members must vote along with the chief. But the most obvious gap is that citizens have no way of influencing the policy decisions once they have elected a party to power. Worse, the governing party actually has little influence on what the government itself does. I see the elected parties and the games they play as the marketing arm of the self-serving government machine. While these parties play out their fights and politics to keep us captivated, we have hundreds of thousands of government workers systematically encroaching upon on our freedoms, designing laws and making regulations that consolidate the power of government, siphon an ever increasing portion of paychecks into tax dollars, and spend these without accountability.

    I believe we are ripe now for a second devolution of power, from the “lords”, to the people. I am talking here about a form of direct democracy whereby the people is empowered to participate in the reflection about our problem situations as a country, debate alternative courses of action, and select the best, most sustainable ones. After all, we, the citizens, are the ones who must fund the consequences.

    In the past, such ideas would have been hard to implement, but today, with the Internet and other communication technologies, they are clearly possible.

    Some problems need to be solved at a local level because they are local in nature. Others are regional, and yet others are national. Few are truly national, because most decision making at a national level, when applied regionally and locally, is found to be lacking. The form, the structure, of governance should follow from, or enable, the function of governance. If local problems are resolved at a regional level, or regional problems escalated to the national level, this disconnect in terms of time, distance and relevance increases – the outcome, the decisions handed down will tend to be increasingly irrelevant and out of touch. That is why very few federal laws effectively deal with the issues they were created to resolve.

    Quebec is a region. So is BC, as well as the other provinces. These regions have sub-regions. Some of these sub-regions are geographical, others are conceptual – such as “farming” and “transport”. But most have geographical properties.

    When Harper says that Quebec is a nation, he is saying nothing at all, because he does not speak to how the governance of that region will be enhanced. He supposes that “Canada is united”. What does that mean? – that we do not have a civil war? Canada is united by imposition, because there is nothing in the national governance process that actually fosters a unity of thought and consideration, at the level of the citizens, across Canada.

    What Harper is reciting is yet another political jingle that is devoid of real meaning, designed to sound as if he is taking a dramatic stance, but which echoes in own emptiness. Harper is a politician. He doesn’t do governance. He is the head of the marketing arm of government. His job is to sell that the system works, so we keep on voting (for whom is actually not relevant) so we continue transferring our right is self-determinism to the government, so as to preserve its power over us.

    If we all stopped voting, the system would break down, we would then have a chance of designing an effective governance system that finally works for the interests of us, the citizens, our children and our children’s children.

  127. Moi, thank you for your comment. I agree that politics which focuses on regional, cultural or economic divisions is destructive to our democracy and should be avoided.

    We’re very lucky in Canada to have a true multi-party system, even if these factions tend to organize along regional lines. Any political party that wants to govern must unify and form a coalition, and this is cause for hope.

    Unfortunately, some political parties choose to polarize the debate in a deliberate attempt to bifurcate the electorate and consolidate their core support. But the smart political parties seek ways to pitch a bigger tent.

  128. I am bilingual. I lived in Quebec for 40+ years, now live in BC. I was born in Europe. I voted for separation at the time. Not sure I would again now. Here is why.

    I know how it felt to be a francophone in the 60s and 70s where the economy was controlled by the English bosses at the top, where you only got good jobs if you could speak English. On the Quebec license plates are the words “Je me souviens” – I remember. There is deep resentment for how we, the white n!gg#rs of America, were treated. Finally, we built French universities, and started creating French institutions, took control of some of the economic and cultural levers that belonged to us. It had to be wrestled away from the dominant English. You get the picture.

    Politically, the Federal incursion into provincial areas of jurisdiction was particularly insulting. Worse, we felt that having the feds dictate policies that affected the content of CBC programming, where the Ministry of Communications (fed) had jurisdiction to impose its views on Quebec cultural programming was an abomination. The efforts of the feds to infiltrate provincial areas of competence has never relented since, using tax payer money as a means to leverage such incursions, and the greed of politicians as an enabler.

    I voted for separation in small part because of the above. But mostly because at the time, both the feds and the provincial governments were running huge deficits, and I felt the country was being grossly mismanaged. I figured that by reducing the size of the problem (eliminating the fed through separation and having a smaller country to manage) perhaps we could do a better job of it.

    Today, in hindsight and as I observe the nature of government, be it at a provincial or federal level, I now see that separation would not have changed the problem of bad governance.

    Whereas the Parti Québécois touted itself to be the party of the people of Quebec, it ultimately became a political party like any other, desperate for power. That is the nature of government, independent of the ideology, even the country. Government is a system that first serves itself and has as its first and prime mission to survive in and of itself. The rest is cosmetic.

    When I was a kid, I saw a bunch of boys catch two cats and string them up on a clothes line by the tails. The cats battled each other for hours until an adult, horrified, put an end to it. The cats focused the anger of their loss of freedom and their pain onto each other, and they were from that point on ready to fight to the death to free themselves by fighting the other cat. They were fighting an illusion.

    Similarly, I believe, the fight for separation along linguistic lines is an illusion. It’s not about language. It’s about control, and the fear of the loss of control. French quebecers culturally, have little wish to be controlled, and little wish to be controlled by others. I know this is stereotyping, but I think this is generally true. The English seem to want to have a strong federal government – to have a firm hand at the stern – perhaps they basically want to be controlled. The fight for separation ultimately about that.

    The fight is about the nature and intent of the governance system – government. The French want to be governed for and by themselves. The English basically want the same thing. Two cats on the clothes line fighting the wrong fight.

    The good fight would look like this: redefining our governance model so that
    1. issues and problems are resolved closest to the point where they occur, as locally as possible
    2. the members of parliament collaborate to understand the issues from all perspectives, and collaborate to define rich and workable solutions to these problems
    3. the citizens of the country are able to get involved in this thinking process, and actually influence it by somehow participating in the debate and exploration of alternative solutions and policies

    Basically, if we actually lived in a democracy, we wouldn’t be having this particular discussion thread. We do not live in a real democracy because when we vote, we transfer our sovereign right to self-determinism to the government, and from this point on, lose complete control on the decision making, with no governmental accountability in regards to what it actually does. While we may “punish” the government by electing a different party at the next election, this has very little real impact in terms of what government does. Government, first and foremost, exists to sustain itself. That is the nature of the beast.

    If we reengineered our governance structure to allow the above three points to happen, we would basically have to change it completely, and revise the assumption of an illiterate population upon which this structure was based when it was invented 300+ years ago.

    I think the fight for separation is wrong headed. We must fight for democracy in Quebec and in Canada.

  129. Que tu es naif. Tu connais pas toute la vérité, pis ca parait. Le parti libéral a fait voter du monde mort contre la sauveraineté (tu as bien entendu, ils ont utilisés le droit de vote de personnes censées être mortes), ils ont donner leur visa a du monde qui n’auraient pas été sposé l’avoir encore (dans le simple but qu’ils votent contre encore une fois), ils on menacer les importés qu’ils perdraient leur visa et seraient surement expulsés du Québec si la sauveraineté gagnerait, etc, ect, etc.

  130. C’est drôle, quand on prétend qu’un résultant de 50% +1 est valide, on dit que c’est la démocratie. Mais si certains groupes culturels ou linguistiques votent majoritairement dans un sens, dans ce cas là fuck la démocratie et privons leur de leur droit.

    Après tout, tout ce que tu veux c’est ton nanane, fuck the rest.

  131. I do not believe there is will in the USA to split the country. Now if this is what the Québécois want, this already means your comparison does not apply.

    What does it take to “deserve a country”? Why does Canada deserves to be one and Québec for example, doesn’t?

    In a democratic world, it all depends to what the people want. As long as they prefer to stay in Canada, they will, once they decide they’d rather be on their own, they should be.

  132. Once again it is in the skin of a tourist.
    If you live there you’ll see things aren’t that nice and easy

    I never been able to get serve in french in Toronto.

    There is unilingual english speakers within my family and they got serve in english in Paspebiac & even at “St-Ambroise” ! And this was not tourist place.
    It is a fact that most english people (1st language) don’t speak a 2nd or 3rd language.

    Sad but true

  133. I’ve been to all 3 countries you mentioned. Actually I just returned from Switzerland. I did try to speak French in the German part (near Austria) and guess what? – I got full service in French. Voila.

    Off course not all Swiss are bi/tri lingual. That is normal. It’s the elites that make the country, and they are the ones that benefit from bilingualism. I can’t imagine a Redneck from wherever speaking a foreign language.

    No offence, but Saskatoon is the middle of nowhere. But Montreal…

  134. It’s also the same thing for Quebec.Canada says it’s a bilingual country which is not. try go get serve in French in Saskatoon “we dont speak french” or speak english. But why do english people get serve in english in Quebec when it’s officialy a unilingual french province? (The only province with a bilingual status in Canada is New-Brunswick).
    By the way, if the first Nation are reconized why “Quebecers” (French canadian) couldn’t ?
    It’s sad but nobody seems to care about the 1st nation…

  135. Have you ever lived in Switzerland, Belgium or UK ? You would realized that in these country the people who are more in numbers want to decide and rule over the other. This is human nature. Try to go in Switzerland in the german speaking part and try to speak Italian… they just don’t give a shit of italian-swiss even if they live in the same country and have a official status.

  136. OMG…are you serious? Every country has a multicultural society. Should the USA split into different mini countries or any country for that matter that has many cultures. Gimme a fricken break.

    Quebecers need to get their heads out of their asses and deal with the fact that they dont deserve to be their own country just because they speak, think and live French.

  137. Those who voted against it are not even real québecois. (outsiders with a CANADIAN visa, the english residing in Québec, ect.) In other words, pretty much the entire population of Montréal+Québec. They shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

  138. Bull shit. And Switzerland? That is 4 nations. German, French, Italian and Romansh.
    Belgium? French and Flemish.
    The Scots… Most want Britain🙂
    Kosovo and Tibet were and are oppressed by their states (Serbia and China). No one is Oppressing Quebec, nor Acadia, nor Flanders and Wallonie.
    Canada will centralize, and Canadians will mix.

  139. IT’s the destiny and the normality for a nation to be fully sovereign, look the Scot’s the Kossovo, Tibet,and all the 200 something nation at the u.n. Even Belgium.Meech was the honorable compromise, even in Canada eventually the so called first nation will evebtually in the Nunavut ask for more autonomy.You can’t built a centralized federation with different nation,without hurting one.
    Canada Was a Confederation, which evoluate toward a Federation, against Québec will, that’s why…

  140. Pearson, Lester Nobel Price.
    Premier ministre du Canada (1963-1968)
    « Bien que le Québec soit une province faisant partie de la Confédération nationale, il est plus qu’une province, en ce sens qu’il est la patrie d’un peuple : il constitue très nettement une nation dans une nation. »

    By the way The Québecois did’nt wait for them to know that they are a nation…They know it.
    That’s why they name themself Québecois.
    Harper just admit accurate and historical Fact.

  141. le Québec envoit 69 milliards par année au Canada pour avoir le droit de le demander et le prévilège de se faire dire non. le canada dit protéger les minorités mais il ne protège que notre minorisation, notre lente assimilation.

    et concernant la langue, des juges de votre cours suprême ont plus de pouvoir que le premier ministre du Québec, et ils font tous pour abolir le français au Québec.

  142. Quebec gets its oil from Algeria its lumber from itself, its electricity from itself, its taxes from itself (provincial). The federal taxes comes from everyone including itself. Quebec provides more federal taxes to Ottawa than the rest of Canada combined (excluding Ontario). Do you really think that 1 million Albertans can provide for 7.5 million quebecers? Please tell me you are not that naive.

  143. My comment meant, why would one of two economic center of a country go bankrupt if it would separate? Canada would beg to have Quebec sign a NAFTA-type of agreement with, just as much as Quebec would beg for it. To think the economy will suffer is so ridiculous, it is laughable. The economy is the one thing that probably won’t be affected by secession. Quebec, been an economic center of Canada obviously means that it contributes more money to Canada than the other way around.

  144. If Communist mainland China can create a free Special Administrative Region (Hong Kong) utilising two systems, one government, then Canada and Quebec can create a mututally beneficial recognition. This would allow Quebecers their cultural and geographic acknowledgement while remaining committed to a united, diverse Canada of English speakers, Quebecois, and First Nations citizens, among others contributing to Canada’s success and prosperity.

  145. Moi je suis italien donc j’ai pas d’interets personnels en cette question, mais je pense que le Québec a le droit d’etre un pays libre et indépendent et j’éspère qu’il peut le devenir à bref.

  146. Quebec is without doubt different from the rest of Canada . But that is not a reason to separate I live in Quebec and if Quebec would be to separate I would be deeply tempted to move somewhere else !

  147. Our country is meerly a drug barony its time we change that and kick out the big 5 that the royal family controls to launder their drug profits. If its not so why are we in afghanistan protecting their opium profits
    Why does the CIA kill benazir Bhutto that would have closed the north border of packistan currently being used to transport the opium out of Afghanistan?

  148. Cesses de me harceler sexuellement sur Youtube sal petit cochon d’indépendantiste en chaleur. Je sais que je suis séduisant, mais je préfére les femmes comparativement à toi. Rien contre toi en passant. ^^

  149. I normally can’t stand Harpo but he is on it here, However…Fringenorth u got a HUGE point like how about my oriental family who have been in Canada for over a hundred years and will recieve no recognition oh wait we got put into internment camps, thanks Canada! Hey Quebec you LOST the 7 years war get over it all ready we let u keep your language and faith AND smear your language on everything and force anglos of all stripes to learn french too what more do u want???

  150. he said the “quebecois” were a nation, not “quebecers”

    Quebec has more than one nation in it, they have no right to seperate. Goto Montreal and see how many anglos there are, or go to the north and see how many aborigionals there are

  151. its imposible, we have no national idenity. no amount of hockey or beer comercials will create one.

    Quebecios, Acadieans, Metis, Aborigional Groups, Newfoundlanders, Maritimes, Westerners, and your basic central anglos

    we’re diverse, deal with it

  152. Divide and conquer – if there is a separation in canada it will be the next gold rush for the usa. it will be even easier for the US to have its way with us. bad for both english and french

  153. Look at the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. This tendency for the mosaic of cultures segregate into small territories. Many decades from now Quebec will in fact become it’s own separate
    autonomous region and country. I’d also put money on B.C. an Alberta.

  154. a “Nation within a United Canada” has the right to borrow their own credit from the Bank of Canada, a private corporation that “nationalized” in 1938, but not the International Bankers.That way when the parti quebecois go bankrupt we still own Canada in their default. Its all about money and who owes what of course.

  155. Voila comment faire pour pouvoir gagner un autre mandat au prochaine élection. Il a gangé beaucoup de territoire au quebec et en fesant sa il va surment en avoir plus au prochaine. Juste a cause de ce beau ti lichage de fesse,et sans oublier les ti bonus du bubget qu on a recus. Bravo Mr Harper, tres b ien jouer

  156. The amending formula makes it nearly impossible to make a single change, especially if only one province or special interest benefits, making it a big can of worms. I wouldn’t expect this government to go there until they have a stronger mandate on other constitutional issues like Senate Reform.

  157. 2/2
    J’ai vécu assez longtemps dans cette province pour me rendre compte qu’il n’y que des québecois qui se font enculer par d’autres québecois.

    Landry, Duceppe, Bouchard, Parizeau, c’est que de la petite frappe qui s’en met plein les poches.
    Aucun d’eux n’a fait quoi que ce soit de significatif pour les québecois. Ils sont là, en train de parler de souveraineté sur un air de violon désaccorder.

    Pitoyable, pathétique, c’est vraiment triste

  158. 1/2
    This kind of speech at the time of the 1st referendum and the parti-quebecois & block-qebecois were not even going to exist today.

    And of course, the separatists never gonna admit, only 35% (around) of the population of quebec voted “yes” at the 2nd referendum.

  159. If we stay within Canada we can be dictated what to do by the majority of anglophones (like what happened during “la nuit des longs couteaux”). If we leave we have more control over the future of our culture.

  160. Idealy, yes a seperate country.
    Our goal isn’t to destroy a country but to create our own.
    Most Canadians are not bilingual and the cultural differences between anglo and french-canadians are big enough to warrant having two different countries.

  161. What is the ultimate goal of the Quebecois, a separate country?
    I never have understood this, as a casual foreign observer.
    It would destroy Canada, is that the goal?
    A nation is defined by language, borders and culture. Canadians learn French and English, the borders aren’t questioned, therefore the culture might be the real issue. Is/are the culture(s) that disparate a break must occur? Or am I totally misunderstanding?

  162. Inextricably linked my ass!

    Yé pas mal arrogant le maudit. Y’a rien que fait ça parce que le bloc l’a mit dans le spot light pis y’avait pu le choix.
    Hypocrite !

  163. What about modifying the constitution on the base of this recognition ? Isn’t it the next step ? Or is it simply an illusion maintained by the present gouvernement ?

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