The Greenest Prime Minister

Brian Mulroney was given ‘The Greenest Prime Minister’ award for his government’s various environmental initiatives between 1984 and 1993.

Mulroney is introduced at a dinner in his honor by Canadian comedy television personality Rick Mercer, Elizabeth May (now leader of the Green Party), Premier Jean Charest and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Rick Mercer’s Introduction

Rick Mercer introduces Brian Mulroney as ‘The Greenest Prime Minister’ at an award dinner honoring his environmental achievements.

The environment has to be the ultimate non-partisan issue. For too long its been perceived as an issue of the left, and that certainly cannot continue to be. There’s just so many unfortunate stereotypes … On one hand you have the stereotype of a conservative who is strict and unforgiving. And then you have the stereotype of an environmentalist which is … nuts. But it turns out, when you merge these two stereotypes you end up with the Right Honourable Brian Mulroney.

Elizabeth May’s Introduction
Elizabeth May, then Executive Director of the Sierra Club and now leader of the Green Party of Canada, introduces Brian Mulroney.

Jean Charest’s Introduction
Jean Charest, former Mulroney Environment Minister, now Premier of Quebec, introduces Brian Mulroney.

Because of Brian Mulroney, the world got the best of Canada. And the world deserves the best of Canada again.

Stephen Harper’s Introduction
Prime Minister Harper introduces Brian Mulroney.

When Mr. Mulroney left public office in 1993, few would have predicted … that all these years later Mr. Mulroney would be honoured by he environmental movement, at head table with Sheila Copps, and introduced by a former lieutenant of the Reform party.

Brian Mulroney Accepts
Prime Minister Brian Mulroney accepts his award.

It doesn’t really matter what the process is, so long as the problem is addressed by firm national leadership. Where political will prevails, solutions will follow … So whether in the Kyoto framework or by some other means, Canada nevertheless must begin urgently reducing its own GHG [greenhouse gas] emissions.

34 thoughts on “The Greenest Prime Minister

  1. typical–history chooses to nominate a man for his wonderful accomplishments on the environment and for foreign policy–and people out and say he’s terrible…liberal propoganda…maybe, you should look at issues of the environment and foreign relations as non-partisan.

  2. I have read both his memoirs and Newman’s book. I am also aware of how viciously he has been portrayed in the media. Given the stark juxtaposition between the two sources, I am inclined to believe that though he may well have been as vindictive and ego blown as he says he is–he still received a shitty deal from a country who was in the tank thanks to Trudeau.

  3. nice to see there are some Canadians worth staying in this country with. What a bunch of miserable S.O.B haters eh?

    Take off, hoseheads. You all have a lot to be thankful for; Brian deserves a lot more than this. I’m thinking you were the people that brought us Jean Crouton, and flash in the pan Martin, and that very charismatic Dion, what a bunch of losers that lot is.

  4. You are a true Canadian hero sir, hope the uneducated, and politically slanted (to use it lightly) don’t push you to think more like a liberal. Don’t forget to litigate again when this airbus scandal is over…you deserve 10 mil for what you’ve done for us.

    Thank you Brian, you rock…

  5. Sorry but that’s absolutely false. In fact Schreiber made a point of saying his business with Mulroney had NOTHING to do with Airbus, and the RCMP cleared Mulroney of any wrong doing over a decade ago. But don’t let the established facts get in the way of your hate fest.

  6. When they first coined his name Mr Baloney I believed it affected his psyche so profoundly that he became his name sake. I so enjoyed watching him today – WOW! The ONLY thing that would have given this man ANY dignity back was if he were to stand up at the hearing and confess to all and apologies….envelopes stuffed with cash?? OMG…is he part of some drug cartel?

  7. Yeldbar4
    All First Ministers spend the taxpayers money with great abandon and their friends and minions concoct covert and elaborate schemes to siphon off the treasury. Tory or Grit the great robberies go on.

  8. acuteegotist
    I see that you indicate your age at 23 years.
    You must be the proud owner of Mulroney’s newly published memoirs and under the false impression that what you read is factual.
    Mulroney, based on audio tapes made by Peter C Newman, portrays himself as a vindictive,
    ego blown and a compulsive liar who is obsessed with Trudeau.

  9. Actually acuteegotist, I have reviewed the record and will modify my furniture remark.
    Tthe truth is that before they left they tried to saddle the taxpayer with their furnishings for a tidy $150,000. Because of a great public uproar over the matter the deal was scrapped and the furniture was later donated.
    They obviously had second thoughts about their intentions and tried to stem the public rage.

  10. You might want to review the history books before make such error ridden comments. When Mulroney came to office the government had been so badly bankrupted by Trudeau that 24 sussex had been left in a state of disrepair. The Mulroney paid for some 200,000 in repairs with his own money. The furniture they took, they paid for, with their money, earned prior to Brian holding elected office. Get your facts straight.

  11. Hi Yeldarb4
    I want to say that my denouncement of Mulroney does not in any way intimate an endorsement for his Liberal predessor. Mulroney in true neocon style provided the means for the ultimate erosion of Canada’s unique and hard fought social programs. He is clearly troubled by his historic legacy and will pull out all the stops in an effort to spin and revise his record while PM. He seems dedicated to this project in his final years.

  12. You’re right Mulroney was one of the “most elegant and charming Prime Ministers on the take, ever.” Jean Chretien wasn’t elegant or charming, just the biggest crook we ever had as PM, ever.

  13. One of the most elegant and charming Prime Ministers on the take, ever. I remember when he left office the greedy bastard and his wife Mila tried to take the furnishings the Canadian taxpayer had provided them while in office. Such huberis.

  14. Hopefully every Prime Minister has some form of positive contribution to contribute to the well being of the country, however, on balance this country is poorer for Mulroney’s time in office. The election which followed his early departure punished the party with almost complete annhilation (2 elected PCs only)
    primarily for his treasonous passage of NAFTA.

  15. The biggest CON MEN are always “great charmers”. That is how they get away with the crimes they commit.
    There is no doubt that Brian was king of the Irish blarney and a real charmer.

  16. The Greenest Prime Minister in Canadian History could apply to the money he was able to come away with following his timely retirement (rats are always first to leave a sinking ship)as prime minister of Canada. It is rumoured that although he was not a wealthy man when first elected he left a multi millionaire and continues to receive indirect payoffs from over a dozen corporations that he assisted when in office by serving on their various boards of directors, with generous yearly honourariums.

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